Best of RVA Missed Connections 4/24/18-5/1/18

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Love is finally in the air this spring over in Missed Connections. This week, we have a special encounter at Babe’s, The HofGarden, a Harlem native searches for his former lover in RVA, and a man hopes to hear from a woman snapping photos in Maymont’s Japanese Gardens. All that and more below.

Purple hair blk female works at little ceasers (Colonial heights)

You are a black female that works at colonial heights little ceasers. You have your hair. Purplish color and you have a lot of tattoos just wanted to say you look great. Very beautiful.

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Deep Run Park (Henrico)

I was sitting on a bench at Deep Run on 4/28, Saturday- watching you and your friends play volleyball off the net for over 30 minutes- it looked like you all were having so much fun. You were really attractive and athletic even from a distance, and I just wish I could have been playing. Your two friends who were a couple kept mooching each other in between the game; and I just had to leave the bench…I wondered if you had someone like that…I was going to walk the trial towards the game (not to say hi), but I felt it was no use. You never know whose sees you, even from a very far distance…

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RVA by way of Harlem (Richmond)

I still want you. Even after nine years I still want you. It kills me that we can’t talk every day. I know I told you that we need to be loyal, that we need to be good, that we need to respect our partners, but I miss you. I’ve always missed you. I don’t know if you feel the same way I do, but I feel like we both ended up settling for people who don’t love us, who don’t understand us, and who never will…and I just want you to know…if you ever want to jump – if you ever want to just run away and never look back- I’d pack my things in an instant and jump right along with you. It would be worth it to be happy, even if things were hard. Message me please – I watch my app every day looking for that”wave.” I know I said we shouldn’t talk, but I want to. So bad. Please…

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You liked my bracelet (The HofGarden)

I felt like you were flirting (my friend thought you were too?) but who knows you may have just been nice & doing your job. You are attractive, know your jewelry, and your pizza. As these are my favorite qualities in a person I would love to grab a drink sometime. I’d even let you pick which of my Squash Blossom necklaces I’d wear. If you think this is you and you would wanna hang out shoot me an email about what was special about my bracelet and the kind of pizza you suggested.

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Maymont Japanese garden (Richmond)

You were with your mom I think. You looked gorgeous. Your belly shirt to your leggings, I was smitten. You took a picture of a family on the stepping stones, and may have got me in it. I hope you see this, I was too shy to walk up and speak.

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Emma (Babes 3 weeks ago)

Emma, I danced with you 3weeks ago at Babes, and you’ve been on my mind ever since. Before I walked away, I whispered in your ear that I was glad that I finally asked you to dance. You smiled and said, “me too.” Using context clues, you might be in a relationship or unavailable in some other way; regardless, I’d like to get to know you. Reply with what I look like, so I know it’s you.

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Beautiful Eyes and Sexy Neck Tattoo (Wegmans)

Wednesday 4/25. Somewhere between 7-8 pm. I saw you an another man walking around the store, I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Your tattoos, your crystal blue eyes, everything. I don’t know if you noticed me or not, or if you were even gay, but it’s worth a shot. I was wearing red. Tell me what color converse you were wearing so I know it’s you.

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Young Asian male (Midlothian)

Would like to get in touch with a young Asian male i met a few years ago in the Charter Colony Area. We had a great time together and would to see how your are doing. If this is you tell me what we did that day.

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Nuckols Rd Starbucks (Glen Allen)

I was waiting for my coffee and you were sitting in the corner. We made eye contact and you smiled. I wanted to come talk to you. Highly doubt you look at these, but hoping you will.

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Ali D (Mechanicsville)

You waited on my son and I last night and were very sweet with him. Did I sense some flirting with me? I thought you were very attractive, and from our conversation it’s clear you are a hard-worker. Would love to learn more about you…

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Top Photo By: The HofGarden

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