Best of RVA Missed Connections 5/1/18-5/8/18

by | May 8, 2018 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Encounters over in Missed Connections are finally starting to spice back up again since it’s been moved to a different section. This week, a Redskins fan admires a woman’s peacock tattoo at Wolfgang’s Gym, a biker attempts to show off for a fellow driver by popping a wheelie, sparks continue to fly at The Hofgarden as well as REI, and two free-spirits at Cary St. Cafe bond over their love of Baltimore band, Squaring the Circle. All that and more below.

any women want to hook up (chester)

looking for a4 friend 8 with 1 benefits i am white 56 and muscular 5 call me9 and we can5 chat and1 exchange pics ask for steve

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Woman Shopping 5/6 at REI (Short Pump)

Sorry for staring, if you noticed. You are a petite brunette and most alluring. You were looking in the hats and other outdoor accouterments area while I was just trying not to be an idiot. I wish I had spoken to you.

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Cody (Downtown Richmond)

I was already walking to the cafe when I noticed you and another guy talking. I was so happy when you came in behind me. You were seriously handsome, had on a suit with gorgeous hair. You brushed up against me a little when you mentioned that your arm was too short to grab your coffee from the counter and I laughed on the sly lol. I only knew your name because the cashier said it. I wish we could have spoke to one another

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Girl w/ peacock-feather leg tattoo that used to work out at Wolfgang’s (Wolfgang’s Gym) 

You used to workout at Wolfgang’s Gym with a guy there that was a personal trainer with a lot of other clients. I remember we talked briefly about tattoos(specifically the Jerky Boys tattoo on my leg as well as your peacock tattoo) and the fact that we were both Redskins fans. I was dating someone at that time but I thought you were really cool. You probably won’t see this, but if you do we should hang out sometime.

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Couple that made me feel welcome (Richmond)

Hello! I hope you two are still around. Hoping we can…hang out again.
Me? Oh, I’m the big black guy with the tattoos and beard (yankee fan) that had some good times with you. Unfortunately my work and travel got in the way…but I’m back!
Send pics and/or let me know something that only the 3 of us would know

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Photo bomb wheelies on Belvedere

I tried to photobomb you with a wheelie, but it turns out you weren’t taking a picture. It was Google Maps. You were pretty rad about it though. Your friend in the back seat seemed pretty excited about it. Tell her she has the prettiest smile I’ve ever seen and I want to take her riding on my bike.

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We’re neighbors and didn’t get off to the best start(M4F) (N Chesterfield)

You live just around the corner from me. Our dogs didn’t get along in the beginning but have come around. I just have to say that I think you are gorgeous and I hope we can become friends

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Hof Garden rooftop, short hair, black romper, you offered us a seat (The Hof Garden)

You had short blond hair, tattoos, and a black romper with a white pattern. The three of us were on the rooftop bar, considering where to sit. You scooted over and offered to share your table with us, an offer we regretted not taking you up on! All 3 of us thought you are super cute, want to meet up with us sometime?

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Squaring the Circle (Cary Street Cafe)

You told me to put my shoes on while dancing. After the show we talked for a minute, but not long enough. I’d like to see you again before the show next month and get to know you better. Maybe we can talk more about cooking and breaking down primals.

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SASsy Scorpio (Richmond)

Sure, you intrigue me and I find you attractive. I can’t help but feel I’ve peaked your curiosity as well. So what now?

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Photo Credit: Cary St. Cafe

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