Best of RVA Missed Connections 6/12/18-6/19/18

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It’s a hot one out there Richmond, and the people of RVA Missed Connections are cranking the heat up, even more, this week. Sparks fly at Bev’s Homemade Ice Cream, a man is falling over himself to get next to the “goddess” at Boulevard, Burgers, & Brews, and two music lovers flirt outside The National after the Cold War Kids concert. oh, and the usual Dairy Queen love connection. All that and more below.

Young Asian male (Midlothian)

Like to find James, young Asian man I met a few years ago. Love to catch up with you and see how you are doing. I believe he lived off of Lucks Lane.

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Bev’s – Visiting from out of town (Carytown)

I got you in to the best ice cream place in town. Let me show you around the rest of town.

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Goddess at Boulevard Burgers & Beer (Scott’s Addition)

Saturday Evening 7ish. You were with your family, I was with coworkers. We were facing each other somewhat, at adjacent tables outside.
You are the most resplendent woman I have ever seen. Words do Your beauty no justice.

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The National Thursday 6/14 m4m (Downtown)

Friend and I were having a smoke break during Cold War Kids. You came out, and I couldn’t tell if you were trying to talk to us or someone else. But it sounded like you said “hey guys, how’s it going?” Or something along those lines.
We are so socially awkward, but I wish now we had chatted a bit. You: slim, short hair, blue shirt, khaki type shorts, cute AF. A few minutes later, your taller, muscular friend came out to join you. If this sounds familiar, and you’d like to follow up on that conversation, hit me up here! Thanks!

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Older woman at my grocery store (Short pump) 

I’m a cashier at a grocery store and you commented me on my body and how I was in good shape. You had to run because I had a line but I loved talking to you and would love to chat more. Tell me what gym I said I went to so I know it’s you. I saw you drive off and you were in a white Mini Cooper I believe.

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I gave you My Chips as a thank you. (Main Street) 

You were with your two buddies , I was with my two friends. I asked you for some, you let me have a taste. I said thanks with a bag of chips.

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Dairy Queen – Innsbrook

You were with a friend and her son as we sat outside. The conversation was general among our 2 parties but I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Maybe it was the glasses or the way you carry yourself but I just want you to know you certainly caught my attention. And I noticed you weren’t wearing a ring. Just sayin…

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Chick Fil A Broad Street by Sam Ash

This morning around 9:15. You were working there. You were sitting at a table eating on break when I first came in and when I was about to leave you were behind the counter again. You have blonde hair and glasses. I was wearing a blue shirt and a tie, and a black hat. Want to get coffee sometime or something?

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Beautiful lady, nice car (Midlothian)

We spoke as we were gassing up about cars and gas mileage. I enjoyed our brief time together and would like to speak with you again. Tell me what you were driving. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Photo By: Boulevard, Burgers & Brew

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