Best of RVA Missed Connections: June 20 – June 26

by | Jun 26, 2018 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Apparently there are some gorgeous mega babes in Richmond just walking around, smoking, and doing their jobs without anyone’s permission. Rude. Also, if you’re planning on stealing shit from people in the West End, get ready to meet some serious saucy sarcasm. Contrary to popular belief, West Enders can throw shade. (Also West Enders, be on the lookout, I think y’all have a stalker in your midst. Avoid the Short Pump Walmart.) We’ve also got some body positivity flying around this week, so shoutout to all the thick ladies killing it out there.

VCU school of dentistry (VCU)

I have no idea what your name is but you work at the check in desk for VCU dentistry and you’re are a gorgeous man. Not expecting this to go anywhere but damn I love checking in for my dental work. Would be amazing if you saw this and emailed.

You are tall white dark hair and were wearing a black polo.

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Nice looking woman, in White Jeans, Blondish hair! (Walmart/Short Pump)

I am not sure you will see this, but hope so! You were in Walmart in Short Pump, you had on white pants and a Black top, I could not take my eyes off you, we kinda bumped into each other 3 times, at first when I came in the store, and then the baby’s clothes, and you then came over to the Movies section and Tv area, but I would love to talk to you and meet you if you are interested? Please reply back and I will send my phone number, this was around 12 noon honey, hope you see this! It was on Sunday, the 17th !

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Blonde boy at Ipanema karaoke night

You are a mega babe. We talked for a minute but I was meeting a “friend” (tinder date). Smoked a cigarette in the rain. Told jokes. You smoke American spirits. Your name is Daniel but you prefer to be called something else I can’t remember. Come find meeee.

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Older lady from goochland (Louisa)

We met at gas station while back I took you to my place an you blew my mind you mid 50s. Me early 40s. You were married. Love to do it again send pic

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Dear future doctor. A few weeks ago, I left my power wheels jeep outside Crestview Elem. School. By the time I came back, you had stolen THREE batteries and took the front of it apart. I know, you were probably going to bible study, from your life changing meeting at Starbucks, to protest against being forced to not study in high school, and the batteries ended up with you. If you could find it in your perpetual victim-hood heart, to return the batteries, I know I can find it in my heart to forgive you.

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To the woman with the big butt that walks through the neighborhood (Mechanicsville)

You show it off. And have every right to!

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Woodfin boys (Chik Fil A)

Yo. You two were hot as hell! A red beard and a blackbeard. Too bad I had just finished eating, cause that’s one sandwich I would love to get a taste of.  I smell an HVAC “emergency” on the horizon.

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Doc in a box (Chesterfield)

I brought two sick kids to a local walk-in clinic. We got lucky, it was early and the place was empty, we got you. You were witty, engaging, and i honestly had a bit of trouble looking away. We talked all through two exams and you would come back to chat whilst tests were running. I even found out about your childhood hobby of beanie babies. It was really nice, making you laugh like that, your bright, shining eyes and easy manner. I would love the opportunity to make you laugh some more, sometime. Perhaps you would tell me what the girls were sick with, if you remember, so I know it’s you.

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Photo: Ipanema Facebook

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