Best of RVA Missed Connections: October 31 – November 6

by | Nov 6, 2018 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

The weather is turning chilly here in Richmond, and it’s the perfect time to find a sweetheart and curl up by a warm fire. But only if you promise to be careful — if you roll into the fire while you’re testing out jiu jitsu techniques on each other, we won’t be held responsible.

This week also brings us some beachgoers who aren’t sure whether to dress for winter or for summer — a problem we can all relate to lately, I’m sure. Don’t forget the dominatrixes in Volkswagens, the ghosts who stuck around after Halloween, and the nuns who might not want to be nuns anymore. They’re all here in Missed Connections this week, and they just might be looking for you! Especially if you’re that guy. You know, THAT guy.

Dive in, Richmond.

Looking for Jiu Jitsu Girl

Is there a Jiu Jitsu girl our there willing to grapple with an untrained but very fit strong male? Let’s roll! I’m in Virginia Beach.

Shoes off under your desk (JCC)

You sat in your all glass cubicle working at your computer, you had your shoes off and were using your toes to play with your shoes, one of your coworkers was assisting me in the main area..every so often you peeked and me from around your PC monitor.. just wanted to say thanks for the show ❤

Please ignore the map, it is not correct…

VW DOMINATRIX (Over by chezterfield town center)

We were driving around the parking lot. I thought u were HOT! little did i know! I pulled over and so did you. I WAS NOT PREPAIRED, FOR WHAT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN! You got out of your car in public and started walking my way. I froze up like…….well like a scared underserving pig. I had no idea you were dressed like that…. full on Dominatrix! A LEATHER WHIP AND EVERYTHING! IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR U EVER SENCE. PLEASE TRAIN ME, HOW EVER YOU SEE FIT!

Stars (Front Royal)

I am in the shadow that creeps across your wall
And in the fingers of the wind as it tangles up your hair
I am in the corner of the eye of the stranger lurking by; I am Ghost.
I am in the shriek that shatters your sleep
And in the dance of the branches of the dying autumn trees;
I am in the silence and in the shouting, too;
I am Ghost.
I am in the tears weeping on your window
And reflected in the puddle in a fold between the ripples;
I am in the lonliness as she reaches for the phone,
And in the empty house, that aches for a family who will never return;
I am Ghost.
I am in the echo of hollow laughter gone;
I am in the rip in the wallpaper and the old patterns peeking through
And in the yellowed newspapers stacked up in the hall;
I am Ghost.
I am in the invitation forgotten in the drawer
And in the legs of the spiter who lives beside the light;
I am in the rusty ring on the claw-footed tub.
I am Ghost.

Girl damn I miss you.
Your essence.
Your being.

Gabby, the Francophile (Richmond)

Did you ever get that drink?

stuarts draft nun (22911)

I once met a nun from stuarts draft at a store near crozet her name is Kim, she told me she was tired of being a nun. I really wanted to help her but lost her contact info. Would like to reconnect.

Gold chain at wawa (Staples)

Purchased your gold chain from you recently. We met a wawa in the pouring rain. You had someone with you, not sure if they were a friend or significant other. You seemed cool, maybe even someone who I could explore new friendship possibilities with. Im just curious.. if that may be a possibility?
Tell me how I was not alone either for our exchange. That should be super easy for you.

Kroger (Daleville)

Ann in Drug GM, we spoke in the parking lot, you have the handcuffs and whip…

…I have the nipple electrodes and stimulators…

Let’s have some fun.

To that guy (Richmond)

Hey! I’m pretty sure I’m the guy you were looking for before, but for some reason craigslist isn’t letting me respond to your ad. Any way, you were under 40, and you were the “top” guy looking for “the guy”.. I hope this isn’t too vague. Get in touch.

Wards corner taco bell (Norfolk)

Hey, i walked in with an older gentalman Saturday night, Nov 3, & we ordered a taco pack & I a 7 layer. You were working, asked if i wanted a cup & gave me one. Not knowing where it came from, you said “I have it to you”. Then you took your break & we just kept looking at each other while i waited for our food. I think you’re beautiful & would like to get to know you more.

Older guy walking (Track)

Wow! I was amazed at what I saw this morning. You were an older gentleman and you were walking at the park in Midlothian near AMFAM. I walked passed you on the path and when I did I saw your sausage and every conture. Very nice! I’m glad my husband decided to stay home this morning. I hope to see that again sometime in the future. P.S. I went home and took it out on my husband. I know he appreciated what you did for him and ME.

You were dressed for winter, I for summer (North beach near ?60?)

You were bundled up and I was not. My dog took to you quickly. We briefly discussed your profession and an upcoming festival. I hope to see you there for those 2 birthday drinks mr. Scorpio! I should’ve given you my number on the beach today. You seem super chill & can fulfill your doggy desires while playing with mine and I’ll be the bonus. 😉 Hope to see you tomorrow…ill be looking for those dreads. I was a couple of blocks off, I’m on 28th. Hope to See you on 24th tomorrow!


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