Best Of VA Missed Connections April 28 – May 4

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Welcome to another week of Missed Connections, where things are getting intriguing! Honestly, during the pandemic, it’s been all I could do to find enough decent MCs to fill up a weekly article. However, this week shows signs of hope — I was actually able to narrow it down to the best ones. Maybe this means we’re all getting out of our houses, finally? Could there be light at the end of this quarantine tunnel?

Maybe so, but first, we need to get through this week. To make that easier for you, I have a variety of hijinks to share, most importantly the tale of some Robinson St. driver who considered hitting a cute pedestrian to get his attention. Let me tell y’all, this never ends well, so be like this anonymous Craigslist poster and refrain.

We’ve got plenty more where that wild tale came from, and a gothic goddess working in the checkout line at a small-town Food Lion is just the tip of the iceberg. Stick around for that, as well as friendly bus drivers, vaccination sweethearts, horse trainers with “bikini area” tattoos, and plenty more!

Get out there, Virginia.

how was your day (Richmond)

sweet skin on my arms
off to dreams of you
of you with me

sheldon from the big bang theory (n robinson st)

You were wearing a blue button up shirt and you didn’t look both ways before crossing the street.. I wish I had hit you maybe than I would’ve had a chance to get your number he-h. You were kinda tall maybe 5’1. You looked like Sheldon from the big bang theory.. I could feel something special, an energy coming from your black dress pants. Let me know if this was you..

Parking lot smile (Richmond, VA)

Kevin, your smile sweet, a ripened plum
Perhaps you were buying a fruit tree to grow yourself

You pulled up next to mine in your black car

I felt your radiance under the Saturday Sun
Thank you

Seeking info on the Gothic goddess at the Moneta Foodlion

I’m outspoken, normally the dominant person in the room.
But I can’t hardly speak when I’m in your checkout line.
Someone help me meet her.

Where she at right now??

I seen her last night and she looking very devious
; those intentions on her mind, I read her like a book, she wanted some lit attention

Where she at

Horse Trainer in Madison, VA (Fredericksburg)

It’s been a few years now, I think this summer will be exactly two years. We spent a lot of time emailing, long lovely emails. Your husband had passed a year or so prior to us talking. We were supposed to meet for a beer or two, and take it from there. We continued to communicate after that night, you even got a tattoo in your “bikini area” with the nick name you gave me. You’re a horse trainer and farm hand in Madison, at least you were at the time. We need to grab a beer out near Gordon Road. Summer is coming.

Girl in green leggings working at Colonial Heights Home Depot (Colonial Heights)

You went into work around 4pm yesterday, you had on green leggins cant remember shirt color. Not trying to connect just wanted to tell you girl you are killing it.

Gorgeous woman at YMCA this morning (Petersburg)

It was 9am-ish and you were at the squat rack when I can in. You had on a plum colored tank top and black tights. I kept stealing glances. When you were leaving I tried to catch up to you to talk to you but I didn’t think running after you would be a good look. Perhaps, you’ll see this. Me: tall guy, mesh cap, gray T-shirt.

King George Food Lion and then again at Vinny’s Pizza (King George)

We smiled at each other at the King George Food Lion on the evening of April 28th. Then we saw each other in passing again at Vinny’s Pizza. You suggested we must be stalking each other! No idea who you are or if your single, but you were really attractive and I would love to get to know you! I hope this message finds you well.


York co. Bus driver (Williamsburg)

You drive a school bus for York county. Every morning you pass me as I enjoy my coffee outside. We both wave to each other and I see a big smile behind your mask. You are very cute.

Vaccine nurse connection (Herndon)

You were my vaccine nurse Thursday afternoon in Herndon. Dose #1. I’m WM you are WF.

You were so wonderful and kind as you talked me through it. We talked about you being a vaccine activist and you were very inspiring. You gently rolled up my sleeve and even rolled it back down afterward.

Did you sense our connection? Send me a note about the color of my shirt or other unique detail. Let’s meet for coffee sometime.

Blonde in black skirt and heels

I’ve noticed you in the parking lot, and in the building where we work. You have long very blonde hair, and are absolutely beautiful. Every time I’ve seen you you’ve had on a black skirt and heels, and wow you look incredible. We’ve been in a meeting together before and I believe your name starts with M?

Walked right past you yesterday and I believe I caught a smile!

Top Photo by Cas Holmes on Unsplash.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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