Best Of VA Missed Connections August 4 – August 10

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Welcome to another week of Missed Connections, where I begin with a confession: I read these things all the time, but I’ve never posted one, so I have no idea how it works. So, asking for a friend: do you get bombarded with spam when you post a Missed Connection on Craigslist? Considering how many people are out here requiring extensive subject-line identity proofs, I feel like you might, but can there really be that many potential catfishes out there?

Whatever the answer, I know there are a lot of entertaining posts to read this week, and that’s really why we’re all here, isn’t it? So strap in and get ready for tales of motorcycle dances, coffee baths for cars, work flirtations at Target and Papa John’s, backyard barbecue meet-cutes, and a whole lot more.

By the way, to all of you using Craigslist to holler at trans girls: your ability to look past society’s prejudices is… admirable, I suppose. But if you really want to impress us, talk to us in person. Preferably in front of your friends. Nobody wants to be your dirty little secret.

Put yourself out there, Virginia.

The Graduate (City)

We parked in the same place. We went up together. You decided to roll. No worries there but hit me up.

Chipotle (Colonial Heights)

You, a very attractive woman, were picking up your order about 4:15 today. I was in the middle of ordering. I kept looking at you and I know you knew it. You left right after I did, and passed me down the road. I just couldn’t get up the nerve to say anything. These days it’s so hard. If you’re guy and say something to a women, regardless of how nice, you’re an asshole. Or at least it seems that way.

I’d really like to talk to you and maybe get to know you.

If by some impossible chance you see this, please tell me about our encounter? What you were wearing, what I look like, the kind of car you drive…. something so I know it is really you and not some CL scammer weirdo.


That is what you used to call me.

My name is Damien though. We met on cl. You and I were attached, and were going to meet up.

I changed my mind. We never met.

You worked at Burger King, to make some money because he was doing nothing to help with income. This was very long ago. I forgot your name but I was thinkng about you. I do remember you had blonde hair. I used to have long hair, but cut it over time.

If you see this, contact me.

We will actually meet up this time.

Book shopping at Goodwill (Richmond)

You’re way hot. I should have spoken. Floundered in my mask instead. Ugh. I want to take you out somewhere.

Nurse flying home from France (Richmond)

We met at O’Hare waiting for our flight to Richmond. I was in row 1 on that flight. You were intoxicatingly cute. I’d love to spend an evening or 2 with you while I’m in town.

If you’re interested, contact me here. Tell me what row you sat in so I know it’s you.

I know this is a long shot, but it would be great to connect with you.

Waiters (New Kent)

The 2 cute waiters at the Italian restaurant in Providence Forge. Always have a smile and are very attentive. Always dressed nice and those jeans…Wow! Would like to get to know you better. They have waited on us several times. I’m local to New Kent. Anyone know these guys?

Saw you on 64, motorcycle dance (64 East)

So, this is the guy on the Victory motorycle jammin out between Charlottesville and Richmond. Hopefully lookin to find the cutie I ended up dancing for all the way down 64E, sorry I had no way to talk to ya, but I hope you enjoyed the show lol. What color was my helmet?

Did you pour coffee on my car?

Why though?

Gym Hello (Williamsburg)

You: Older gent in locker room getting dressed who gestured “hello…”
Me: Mid aged guy washing my hands, embarrassed that I’d get caught staring! LOL
I know it’s a long shot… But I’d be very receptive to your introduction next time.

latitude climber with beautiful eyes (Chesapeake)

i get lost in them. not gonna lie.

Bojangles Window attendant (Salem)

I pulled up in black Nissan ordered chicken sandwich. We joked about you being out of everything and made eye contact several times while I was waiting. Hope you see this, would love to connect.

Memories (DC)


I remember being snowed in; I remember being on rafts on the Rappahannock. I miss tracking frisbees. I miss old Brompton street, sleeping on the high hill impermissibly. If I come back, will you be there?

I already knew you were transgender (Roanoke)

but you are so pretty and sweet – now will you email me or send me your number?

Saturday Night at Creek Bottom (Galax)

I was near your family and your embarrassment was so cute! I loved your hair & shirt, your smile made me glow 🥰 Tried to sneak you my number but I don’t know if you saw it. I’m daydreaming about exchanging music, touching your face, laughing at your jokes. There are no attractive or smart men in this town, Greensboro native, please find me!

White woman with dreads at target (Front Royal)

Looking for the white woman with glasses and black hair (in dreads) that frequents the Front royal Target.
You often wear a simple black dress, and despite being attractive you give off low maintenance vibes.
I am a team member there and we’ve had brief conversations, once about how you used to live in NY before all the hipsters took over.
I obviously can’t risk my livelihood by asking you out at work, but if you happen upon this post, hmu.

Sheila who came to Papa Johns

You came in maybe 3 times while I was working. I think you came in mostly on Saturdays around lunch time. I finally worked up the courage to ask you out but you were worried about the covid situation and responded saying you knew where to find me if that changed. I quit at the end of January but my friend was working and said you came by and asked for me yesterday (Aug 7). I would love to talk to you again!

Jen .. yes you (Sterling)

You called me stupid. I yelled at you. I miss you. I know you miss seeing me.
I’m doing really well .. new Jeep .. lots o’ money .. living in an apartment in Lowe’s Island.
I wish I was living w/ you.
Send me a note.

Dark blonde with 2 kids Friday Backyard Grill, Chantilly (Chantilly)

Yesterday, Friday, Aug 6th between 4.30 and 5pm in the afternoon.
My open Convertible was parked at the parking lot across from the Backyard Grill in Chantilly. I was about to get into my car.
You drove up in your ruby SUV. I saw you watching me (or my car, or the two of us???) with a great smile on your face. You didn’t stop looking at me, (my car, us) as you turn right, not even when you turn left again. You parked your car and left your car with two kids. You are a beautiful dark blonde lady, classy dressed. You crossed the street to visit Backyard Grill. I tried one more time to catch a glimpse of you, but with no luck.
I would love to get to know you. Discretion guaranteed in case there is a hubby who may not know about this…..
Please be prepared that I will ask about the make of your SUV after you answered.

Mt pleasant explorer for awesome guide (Mount Pleasant)

I asked you on the street about where to find a colorful house and you thought about it and suggested Lamont street.

You? You were a cute gal in gym shorts, white athletic socks that were so bad ass, clear framed glasses with the cutest of black dogs. (Maybe 5’7″+ ish?)

Me? I was in an dude in a shirt and tie, baseball cap, and nerdy mask. I was totally digging you.

When you suggested two places to go for food / drink (thanks for the suggestions), I thought I should ask you to join but I got nervous. I’m kicking myself because you were so nice, had a rad dog, and referred to the area as the last hold out for punk and crunchy and that’s why you are staying in the area.

Let me know where you suggested or maybe what we talked about?

Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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