Best Of VA Missed Connections: July 7 – July 13

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It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time once again to review the past week of wackiness via the ever-faithful Missed Connections! This week, we will learn that some Home Depot encounters are more pleasant than others, and that, even if you’re not road-raging, cars can be dangerous.

We’ll also get a pretty obvious reference to the Fifty Shades series, married dudes shooting their shot with married women, mixed-drink propositions, and all the little restaurant meet-cutes that keep us coming back to Craigslist, week after week.

One thing we must ponder, though — why sully a detailed missed connection you’ve written up to try and snag the beer-bellied hunk of your dreams with a last-paragraph shoutout to anyone else of a similar type who might be reading? It just screams desperation, y’all. And it certainly isn’t flattering to the guy you were just trying to pick up on.

Get your act together, Virginia.

Road Rager (Richmond)

To the Road Rager in the little blue car. You took a big chance chasing a car around. Get some anger management help before you get hurt. You were lucky.

Home Depot – Run over by truck (Colonial Heights)

Home Depot parking lot, Colonial Heights, today (Sunday) around 12:00, a truck backing out of a space almost ran you over.

You were a cute gal with dark hair. We spoke briefly. I’d like to talk you some more.

What did we say to each other?

You offered me a cart at Home Depot today (Christiansburg)

We both went for the same cart today at Home Depot and you offered it to me.

I thought you seemed kind–and cute!

If you are single and want to see what I look like without a mask, end me an email and we can meet for coffee or lunch.

If you respond, describe what you look like and about what time it was, so I know it’s you.


Book written by E.L James

If any southern girl is into this type of lifestyle is out here then lets meet up and see what sorts of fun we can get into.

Waiter at PLT (Kemps River)

This is to the very fine looking young man working last Thursday at Park Lane Tavern. You have black hair and are sporting what has the potential to be a fantastic handlebar moustache. I (wm) was sitting in a booth late afternoon with an older woman. You didn’t wait on us but brought our food out. You must have caught me checking you out because you were looking over at me for a bit but I found it hard to return the stare. I came in today for lunch but unfortunately you were not there. Just wanted you to know you made eating there more enjoyable and my new favorite place!

Priscilla (Rva)

Invite me over to take a bath,I want to show you how happy you can make me!

Blues night dude

Younger dude who was staring hard at this older dude (me). Do we know each other or did you want to meet?

Rum for your Seagrams? (Hampton/Yorktown)

7-11, longest check out line ever. Allowed us to check each other out and I hope you liked what you saw as much as I sure did. Thank you for the beautiful smiles in line and the precious smile in your mirror as you backed out. You should have come and said hello at the gas pump I don’t bite.

Trackside Grill (Ashland)

Pleasantly surprised that you recognized me. First time ive been able to see you w/o your mask. i wouos be interested in meeting you for a drink sometime.

What’s my favorite sandwich order?

Danny at the gay beach (Alexandria)

Danny, we met last weekend at the gay beach. We were both hanging out in the water and I approached you. You were big, beefy, with a beautiful beer belly and amazing pink nipples. Your smile is a winner and you have great blue eyes.

I was the white guy, brown hair blue eyes, tattoo, blue and red shorts.

We chatted for a bit about sports and DC. Before I could chat you up again, I lost sight of you and you had left. I thought there was some interest, maybe not. Get in touch if so.

If anyone else who fits the bill is reading this and wants to get in touch, cool. Just please don’t reach out with one line. Send an actual email please with pictures. Helps weed out the unserious.

Blonde in all black (Hogs Head Cafe (West end))

I was sitting in back with a group of guys. I caught your eyes a few different times. Even with your mask on I could tell you are super cute! Wasn’t sure if you were just being a Server or you were interested? Didn’t know how to approach you in a work situation.
Want to grab a drink?

Mike with vintage car (richmond)

use to help a young guy Mike who had a vintage car in his grandfathers business garage downtown we had a unique way to fund the project hit me up will help again.

We forgot to exchange numbers (Virginia Beach)

You: tall, blonde, muscular with tattoos , you were wearing red collared shirt and black pants
Me: asian transgirl, i was wearing a tube top with high rise jeans.
We were at central 111
We were talking about places to visit in Philly, but my friends were already leaving and i forgot to give my number when u went to the restroom.
I hope u see this. Cos that was definitely a missed connection.

Nice looking woman at Walmart on 17 (Fredericksburg)

We made eye contact while you were sitting in the passenger seat of your white pickup. I believe you may have been with your husband as I was with my wife. I know this is a shot in the dark but would enjoy the opportunity to shop alone with you and enjoy a conversation.

guys can relate, too (Main Street)

here’s to a bigger, bolder connection

Photo by Florian Rieder on Unsplash

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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