Best of VA Missed Connections: June 23 – June 29

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Welcome to Missed Connections, where the heat of the late-June days is reflected by the content of the posting happening. At least it is this week. That said, it is Craigslist, so things always come out a little weird. And sometimes, more than a little creepy.

For example, there’s the guy posting about his threesome experience in a way that makes the story pretty much impossible to believe. As for the guys who met up in the garage to “move a large pipe” and laugh together about how wives don’t like to do things… well, there’s a lot to unpack here. And this time that’s NOT a metaphor for some sexual act.

This also seems to be the week for posts from women trying to sell their dirty laundry. We always hear about this kind of thing happening elsewhere in the world (the notorious urban legend about the used-panty vending machines in Japan, for example), but is there a market for this kind of thing here in Virginia? Multiple Craigslist posters are about to find out!

Make that money, Virginia.

Who is “he” and what did he say? (Byrd Park)

“That’s what he said” was tagged on an electric box near near the sidewalk surrounding Byrd Park Lake and I want to know who “he” is and what he said.

Looking for Danny from Mechanicsville (Mechanicsville)

Hey, Your phone is going directly to voicemail. Please don’t pay attention to what Steve’s posting about me on CasNight. It’s all lies! He’s just jealous that we hit it off. I’m still at Super 8 so come by so we can talk about this. Jen

36f buy my smelly socks 🙂 (Richmond)

I walk around all day in the heat and by the time I get home, I kick my shoes off, and my socks are stuck to my feet with sweat!

Dirty Laundry (Henrico)

I’m a lady looking to share some worn and loved clothing items. Serious inquiries only!

helped you out (midlothian)

I lost your contact I stopped by your garage one evening and saw you struggling to move a large pipe. I offered to help you get the job done quick. you thanked me and we laughed how wives don’t like lifting things. anyway I’m around if you remember me and willing to swing by I’m thinking it needs to rest of the other side now. lol

Me and a buddy took you back to my place (MECHANICSVILLE)

A few months back me and my friend met you at Midway in Mechanicsville. We took you back to my place and my friend and I finished ourselves all over your buxom chest. I lost your number. You were blond, mid 20s, curves for days. Please reach out. We want to do it again.

you missed your drink(shake) (herndon)

I delivered your food yesterday night but I forgot your drink and I said I will bring it back to you and I left without asking you your Apt#, then I brought the drink but I didn’t remember your apt. #. Your name starts with “J”. We had some conversation about your apt. gate entrance and you came bar foot to receive your Uber eats delivery food. If you see this message, please email me I will buy you your shake.

Hot Guys At Walmart (powhatan)

you guys were at subway, one had a mohawk both super hot, we made eye contact and smiled. me in blue shirt latin guy wanting to make a sandwich with both of you.

cuteness at check out counter

to the cuteness who commented on my hair at the liquor store
i thought there was some electricity there
and didnt get a chance to say much since i was working

maybe you’ll see this and i could comment
on what i liked about you -> in person ?

Mellow Mushroom (Fred)

You worked the pick-up window today. We chatted for a minute while I waited for the rest of my order. I mentioned that there were a ton of people that worked there. I thought you were very attractive!! Describe what I look like in your reply if your interested too!!

You: Tall Blond F in Blue Shorts (Walmart, Haymarket)

Me: Suave male in Panama hat.

I wasn’t sure if you were being coy or just not interested. I regret not asking you out for an ice cream or drink.

Just respond with the thing you noticed most about me (other than the hat).

Mr. E.

Ashley-Madison Missed Connection (Hampton/Virginia Beach)

It’s been maybe 10 or 11 years ago now, but I met a gorgeous Latina via A-M. She came from Hampton to my house in Va Beach. I am now living in Norfolk. She was driving a dark blue or black Chevy Traverse. I saw her only that one time as she got cold feet and never got back with me. I would dearly love to rekindle that flame. If you see this, and yes, as everyone says, it’s a long shot, tell me the color of the felt on my pool table so I know it’s you.


Need classy good looking man for recon (virginia Beach)

I am looking for a white male, early to mid 30’s. Educated, charming and drives an upscale car to catch a cheater. Message me if interested. Will pay for results.

Fighting with your boyfriend at 130am (Newport News)

Hello Dont know if you will see this or not. But your a short haired blond. You and your boyfriend were arguing last night at 130 am. Across from my house. I seen him slap you,and push you. You don’t Deserve that. You should find a real man. Men don’t treat females that way. This happened on Charlotte drive.
I seen him slap you,and push you.I went to get dressed and I was coming to kik his ass,but by that time the two of you were gone. I just hope your ok.

Top Photo by Livi Po on Unsplash.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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