Best of VA Missed Connections June 30 – July 6

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Welcome to another week of Missed Connections, where it’s summer, it’s hot, and it’s only going to get hotter. Lake Mead is dry and it’s 115 degrees in British Columbia, but your uncle still says climate change is a hoax. Are we all doomed? Maybe so. But let’s at least make the best of it before the wildfires and rising sea levels take us all out. And we do that by reading the best and wackiest Missed Connections Craigslist has to offer!

This week, that most definitely includes a certain sugar baby who’s looking for an upgrade, as well as someone on the CD aisle in Target who either has constructed the most elaborate double entendre ever or really is an awkward music nerd with a penchant for accidental that’s-what-she-said-isms. I truly have no idea; you be the judge!

You can also enjoy tales this week of termite traps, swimmer stalkers, Teslas with lightning plates, and goth girls with secondhand boots. But don’t get too enraptured with the new mail lady, because you might end up making the internet’s biggest rookie mistake: typing your entire Craigslist post with capslock turned on.

Sugar it up, Virginia.

Man at the bar with his sb (Richmond)

Guy in his 40s that kept staring at me with him sb. I just wanted to say we both know I’m more attractive and you could be my sd instead.

PikNik Biker Boy (The Fan)

We met on the patio of PikNik with my (former) boss/best friend. You had just made a new jailbird friend who also had a badass Harley. You both came back to our studio for piano and we connected over 3-D imagery. What was your name?! You worked for corporate ABC and we had a mutual friend. Would love to run into you again….

Looking for the swimmer (Midlothian)

I must be insane for posting this…but here goes.

You…a lean male swimmer at a Midlothian gym; Me…not a swimmer, but a male admirer.

You…mid 50’s, great lean body; Me…mid 50’s, lean body as well; I see you at the gym early mornings – you swim, I lift.

You…very smart; Me…work with aircraft (not so smart).


If you think this is you..and if you’re interested in me…email me…tell me the brand/color car you drive.

boots wearing girl (Midlothian)

was working in a retail store pharmacy.
you were with a group of friends.
noticed your goth style boots and Green hair tips.
asked where you got your boots that you said got second hand.
hit me up. arrest my atrium.

Mail Lady on Cherrydale Ave (FRONT ROYAL)


Who Cares (Rocky Mount)

This world has become a cold dark place where relationships don’t last people seem to only care for themselves and have no compassion for others.
So I ask who really cares anymore?

green hill portojohn writing (Salem)

the writing on the wall is quiet clear im down just need someone to join

Looking at albums at the Potomac Run Target CD isle (Sterling)

We both smiled at each other when I was checking out the CDs. I am the guy with the running cap. Couldn’t exchange info as I was with family but you asked what my favorite genre was. You said I could bring my collection to put and play in your CD or record player. Hope you see this and write me back.

young white guy with red shorts 9th st and fairfax (Ballston)

Flash flood level rain began and my sister and I put on our swimsuits and ran outside to lay down in it, then got up and ran around the block. Passed someone going the other direction and we cheered each other. I wanted to stop but momentum carried me on.

Might be my soulmate!

Hope you got home safe

Britney….. (Richmond – Powhatan)

I dont know where you went- but I miss you like crazy . I shouldve made a move that day in your van……we talked all the time then ghosted each other out……contact me….nothings changed for me……Shannon

white tesla lightnin plates (Richmond)

my side is finished. its hit that one year mark and i cant help but notice youre never there anymore. no strings attached…i just wanna show up with a yoohoo and do what i do best

Pink hair at Azalea Flea Market

Saw you walking around the flea market at around 9:45 this morning. I had a long sleeve shirt with a tie on, black hat, sunglasses. Wow do I wish I had said hi to you! I’d still like to say hi to you, so hit me up if you want!

enchanting woman at inova (mount vernon)

parker’s lane
so happy I got to see you on our way out!
today you were rocking two braids, blue n black fit.
I’m sad I couldn’t remember your name and that I wasnt close enough to read your necklace but thank you for saying goodbye 🌸
hope we get to meet again some day, hopefully with better circumstances

you replaced my termite traps today (n arlington)

you and your crew came today to service the termite traps around the house. You were a young BM wearing a black shirt cause you had taken off you uniform shirt. Could take my eyes off you and I THINK YOU MIGHT HAVE CAUGHT ME STARRING. gave you all ice water to help cool off, if you come back by later you can have some other refreshing drinks and sit in the air-conditioned house. Hope you see this and hit me back

Top Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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