Best Of VA Missed Connections March 17 – March 23

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Welcome to another week of Missed Connections, where it is definitely not our first time at the rodeo. If you’re looking for St. Paddy’s Day content, we surprisingly didn’t get that much this time around (I blame COVID, for this and for everything else). But we’ve got plenty of other action this week, so don’t hesistate to dive in, even if the beer’s not green.

From Jamaican girls singing ABBA in the checkout line to cuties in pigtails and overalls, there’s a lot of really wholesome cuteness happening this week (even if there is always an overlay of scuzziness to any Missed Connections post). And from florid lamentations of lost love to straight-up declarations that a nice-looking lady should drop the zero and get with the hero, this week’s selection of Craigslist goodies has something to touch the heart of every kind of lover.

That’s not to mention stories of rescuing dead cars from busy intersections, stage performers having meet-cutes during ensemble party scenes, and bike guys pining for pierced girls they ran into on Belle Isle. Oh, Richmond, don’t ever change.

Let’s ride, Virginia.

Get behind me on this one…. (Richmond)

You said it was like riding at the rodeo, until you fell off. Miss our connection.

Mrs. Right (West End)

I hope all is well and it doesn’t seem likely you will see this, but sometimes its good to get something out into the universe. If you see this subject I think you will easily know that this is about you. I really miss our conversations and our summertime lunches at the park. It was good to have someone there to vent with and we certainly had some other fun times as well. I’m sure he still isn’t treating you right so maybe you still come on to look at these. If you do please reach out Mrs. Right and lets reconnect.

Belle isle today – girl with piercings (Belle isle)

I passed you on the ladder to get on the rocks, we said hi. I was wearing a white hoodie and I had my bike. Would love to talk with you.

Nice lady at T Mobile (Stafford)

Hoping that the nice lady from TMobile in Stafford who helped get my new phone all set up will read this. I was the one that it took several hours to get both phones set up. You were very busy and took the time to help me out. I would like to talk to you more. You have beautiful black and brown hair pulled back into a fluffy bun. Hope to hear from you.

Green Bowties-OneLife (Newport News)

I noticed you getting your St. Patricks Day workout in. You must have ate Lucky Charms or something for breakfast this morning… Becaus you were looking magically delicious!

But seriously though, you should hit me up. I’m in the mood to grab some grub!

Taking selfies in infiniti suv (Mech)

You were taking selfies in your infiniti suv while your husband pumped gas at 711. You looked way too young for him. I’ll help take pictures for you.

Where oh Where Can My Baby Be (Bon Air)

The lord took her away from me. Way too soon. I miss that sly smile, curly locks, turtles, chats on the deck, and soulful company. It would be so different and better now. If only… Take a chance? What I would give for a Rew button.

Party Scene (Sandston)

Hi! We just met on set. We were conversation partners during the party scene. I thought you had pretty eyes. You were so fun to work with and talk to! I hoped I might get your number so we could keep talking, but missed you at checkout time. Not looking for anything serious, just think it would be fun to keep talking and see where things go. Let me know something we talked about so I know it’s you. Thanks!

2 guys that helped push silver car on j clyde (J clcyde in Newport news)

If anyone knows of a military guy pushed a silver Saturn Astra from the street on J Clyde Morris Boulevard and another guy who also helped him please send them my way I would like to thank them. I tried to get money out to give to them to say thank you but by the time that I did they had already left. This happened today March 16th sometime between 2 and 3 o clock p.m. if it is you please tell me what I look like so I know it’s you and I would like to give you some money or something to say thanks.

You looked so cute in those overalls! (Purcellville)

I know you thought you didn’t look presentable today, but I was honestly enamored with your look, you looked so cute in those overalls and pigtails! You pull off the cute farm girl look so well. I would have loved to worked alongside you all day! I wasn’t quite brave enough to tell you that… I hope you see this and know that it’s you. 🙂 See you soon, cutie!

Safeway line Jamaican girl singing Abba (Cherrydale, Arlington)

You: beautiful dark skin girl wearing Jamaican colors knit cap , dressed in black showing your nice abs. Me white guy, black and white ski hat and red and black sweatshirt and dark green pants. You let me ahead of you to go on-line. You sang, and I commented , SPOT ON, you replied about loving their music , and said WE ARE BLESSED, and I replied I AM BLESSED INDEED and in my mind I said because I met you tonight … as I smiled at you through my covid mask. hmu thank you.

Walking with shopping by giant (10 & P)

Mskd in blk jeans black jacket. Blonde hair
You know more than I do any how to comprehend in all the rest of it and make out the info you need me to hear.
Maybe I got it right
Left at giant up a block left again
Row house so side of st, any mid block?
Have I seen you in LA wearing about the same years ago near french quarter who? If so we been waiting to meet for a while.

Leave a paper bag some rocks and an electric candle out by the gate or door .
Maybe with our 1st initials in marker.
Or hmu. Later. 😉

B.C. (Chesterfield)

I miss,

Your smile.
Your voice.
Your touch.
Your laugh.
Mostly your Love.

Time is a cruel thing. It takes away things from us as it passes. Some memories are etched in our minds and souls others fade away.
I have trouble remembering your voice now. The voice I couldn’t wait to hear everyday.
I miss coming to take you to lunch. Reaching out my hand and your instantly filling my hand with yours and driving and never letting go.
I will miss the future we had talked about and messaged each other about.
We knew what we both wanted and had the same thoughts.
I wish I had met you earlier. I wish you had our children. I wish I was your husband. I wish you had my last name. But time has taken that away from us. Memories now. What I wouldn’t give to make new ones. I have waited for you in hopes that one day you would come back to me. Again time has taken you away.
I’m not that same man I was when we where together I’ve changed with time. The biggest change is with my heart. I no longer wear it on my sleeve. I’ve built walls around it. With a door for you. The key is what I’m hold out for you now. The key we talked about the key you gave me at one time.

I doubt you see this. Or maybe you will.

I miss you 😢.

Top Photo by Joseph Keil on Unsplash.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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