Best Of VA Missed Connections: May 26 – June 1

by | Jun 1, 2021 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

We’re through the long Memorial Day weekend, and that means summer has come… right? That’s what I’ve gotten used to here in Virginia, but from the evidence outside my window, it’s still the last dreary days of late spring. But while you’re waiting for the hot sunny days that are no doubt just around the corner, why not enjoy some Missed Connections?

Let me tell you, things are kinda crazy this week. Over in Staunton, people are talking about teleportation like it’s a real thing. Down in Portsmouth, people with bike racks on their cars are acting like serial killers. Out in Salem, people are spilling the tea about unusual intimate encounters. And down in Hampton, dudes are putting people’s names and identifying info out there like they’re Drake or some shit. I don’t usually censor or alter these ads in any way, but you’re gonna have to click through on that one if you want the real details.

One more thing I’ve been noticing on Missed Connections lately: y’all have been throwing around a lot of loose talk about trans girls you’re trying to get with. As a real live trans girl, I can tell you firsthand that the kind of lingo y’all use makes you seem like you’re just trying to fetishize us, then ditch us — something all of us are way too familiar with. A bit of free advice: you’ll get a lot farther treating us like we’re the same as any other girl. Because we are.

OK, enough of my preaching. Let’s get weird, Virginia.

Teleporting (Staunton)

Anyone know anything about teleporting?
I want to know what I do after teleporting from one place to another. Where would I have teleported from? How do I get back?


We used to work together. I miss our conversations..and you. I’m happy and I think you are too but there’s a big part of me that wishes I jumped when I had the chance. Some connections are one in a million. I think about you often…you have no clue what you did for me by just being there for me in such a bad time.
Ugh. This makes me feel stupid but I hope you see this and know its me. I feel I missed something big with you.

Trans at Apple Store Lynhaven

I just want you to know I thought you were super hot! We spoke about some products but I was wanting to ask more about you. I havent forgotten your name, and Im pretty sure you knew I was digging you, but I couldnt really hit on you at work. I didnt think thats cool. Anyways long shot but hope to hear back.

Beautiful Asian lady who saved me form the rain (Burke, va)

May 28, 2021 it’s rain very hard I was leaving Safeway on Old Keene Mills Rd you where coming in with A umbrella and you offered to walk me to my car. I excepted your offer we walked to the car and like a dummy I got in and drove away only when I got down the road a bit I realized the opportunity that I was missing I made a U turn and went back to the store, but you were gone in the 5 minute it took me to get back

Girl on a Train (Union Station into VA)

Does anyone do this anymore?

Girl on a train. You got on at Union Station on Friday, heading to Virginia for a long weekend.

I think we had a nice conversation. Is there a nice smile hiding underneath that mask?

I know your name, the city where you live, your destination, and that you like most cheeses…

Tell me my name (you said it multiple times either because you’re well taught that’s how to remember someone’s name or you just do it naturally), something unique you’ve experienced on a train, why it’s inappropriate for you to be writing back, and why it’s not inappropriate for you to be writing back.

Sorry it’s a dreary weekend away for you but enjoy it with friends and family!

Megan (Chester)

I know you read this shit everyday. I sometimes miss the way your throat felt in my hand.

Looking For Kayla (Hampton)

So here is the story. I work at a Taco Bell in the Coliseum area of Hampton, VA. When I was working there, I met the most amazing girl. A 19 year old woman by the name of Kayla J***. I fell for her hard, but I could never bring myself to tell her how I felt. I have never felt like that toward anyone before. I think my feelings for her were real. I thought I would have more time to work up the courage to tell her my feelings, but yesterday she didn’t show up for work and today she didn’t either. I don’t want to claim anything, but I think I messed up on Thursday before she left. I think maybe she had feelings for me too, but I wasn’t sure because she was always talking to this other guy who worked at Taco Bell. I admit I got a little jealous, so I started texting a girl I hadn’t texted in awhile and purposely left the phone screen in view when she went to the employee table to check her phone. Her entire demeanor changed after that and she sounded upset when I said goodbye to her when she clocked out. I may have been imagining it, but I need to find out how she truly feels. If any of you know her, please have her contact me through this ad. Or at seven five seven [REDACTED]. I would so appreciate it. She is dark skinned, has black hair and the prettiest eyes. Her laugh makes me weak. This is my last hope. If this fails…

You followed Me ~ Afton Street (Portsmouth)

You were in a car with a bike on the back.
You kept driving ahead and parking off to the sides, until we passed you, then drive ahead and park again.
It was after 9p and too dark to see you.
It was super creepy.
We made a plan, and ditched you before you could follow us home.

WTF? Like, really What The F***?

Im the real me

I know when we’re thinking of one another at the same time, because I can feel you across space and time. You are me best friend and my soulmate. I miss so many things about us. I don’t know what to do anymore. You are a female.

So Good! Off Apperson in Salem (Roanoke)

We met up one late night. It’s been 5 or 6 years. But it was so good I know we both remember like it was yesterday! Hope you see this..we were both ” dressed” ….you led me up the steps from your garage to upstairs bar area and brick fireplace…you looked so hot in black. We sat on the couch together. I have driven by your house a few times during my general travels and have that erotic hot memory of us together every time! Would love to speak with you again. Your street name is a ” theme name” in the neighborhood your in. Hope to hear back.

Walking w no shirt on (Winchester)

It was Wednesday morning around 9:20 am and you were walking with no shirt on and black shorts close to Golden Corral and Costco. Who are u?

Hit my head at work (Manassas)

I took two hard hits to the head at work yesterday in the cooler and I remembered something today.

Inside the Beltway is filled with transplanted New Yorkers and chances are good you’ll find some family who know the story.

Photo by Jack Finnigan on Unsplash

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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