Best Of VA Missed Connections: October 13 – October 19

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Welcome to Missed Connections on a crisp fall morning that reminds us all how soon Halloweek will be upon us! If you don’t have a costume, don’t worry — you might just have enough resemblance to a somewhat obscure movie star that you don’t need one.

As for Craigslist, it’s got the usual supply of awkward comedy gold, from intentional upskirts in the park to pimped-out Harley riders. And of course, there are the usual contingent of wild tales that may or not be true, including a makeout session in the front row at Blue Oyster Cult and some married people getting freaky outside the matrimonial bonds. Don’t worry, we won’t tell — at least, not if your relationship is “ethically non-monogamous.”

And by the way, if you know you were rude during your one in-person encounter with the person you’re posting a Missed Connection for, it might be a good idea to work on your approach style before you try to track them down on the internet. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Be your best self, Virginia.


You: Tall, redheaded & beautiful
Me: Wearing a mask that concealed a very warm and interested smile when I our eyes met.

Missed connection? I hope so. Put the name of the bagel shop in the subject line!

Blue Oyster Cult Show on OCT 15 (Leesburg, VA)

Good Morning, Liz. We met at the Blue Oyster Cult show in Leesburg, VA last night. You and your BF stood behind me, waiting to get in. We talked about the 3rd world, our daughters, and of course rock shows! You’re a nurse and from Baltimore. You used to work at Shock Trauma at UMD Hospital. You live in Bethesda, MD

During the show you came down to the front and stood beside me. I asked you where was your husband and you said he’s only my BF. I knew we connected while in line, and we sealed the deal while bonding in front of the stage…sealed with a kiss. I may never see you again, but it’s worth trying. Peace, El.

Oct 17 Giant route 17

Incredible long shot because you don’t seem like you’d check these places out… but wouldn’t know if I didn’t try.

Roughly 1145am this morning… we passed each other a few times and ended up checking out alongside each other. I’m a wuss so I couldn’t find the courage to say Hi before I left… but you sure made me smile!

You were in a ball cap, flannel + jeans.

Send me a reply with what I was wearing, I’d be humbled to meet you for coffee.

You looked like Minnie Driver (Hampton)

You so looked like Minnie Driver, but I was too embarrassed to say something. You made my day and just hope you have a great day!

Great Clips

I came in with my little one for haircuts last week when you were closing. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about how breathtaking you looked. Your eyes are absolutely stunning.

I was rude and didn’t ask you a lot of questions while we were chatting. But I would love to talk more.

Wegmans Fairfax Monday morning (Fairfax)

I was a tall, WM, thin, athletic build, blue eyes. We around the Fruit and Veggie section. We both looked at each other, but then I got a call from work and had to take it. When I was done, I couldn’t find you in the store. I’m sure it will be tough to reconnect, but thought I would check. You had dark hair, had yoga pants and long sleeve shirt. Was definitely a cold morning. hopefully you will see this and reach out.

We lost touch!


You: A little younger and possibly sent some amazing pics with all our emails

Me: Just went away for a week on a vacation

Miss you and hopefully we’ll reconnect.

MJ…IDLES at 930

We met at the Sunday show…you were next to me on the balcony. Should have asked for your # or given you mine. I failed. If in the 1 in a gazillion chance you happen to look here…email and tell me something about me so I know its def you.

Top of the muffin, to you!

Impersonating Roy Kent (Silver Spring)

Wow, I haven’t posted on here for a long time…

So we had a great time talking on the phone today. My wife stepped away for a while because, surprise, we’re ethically non-monogamous and she could tell I was having fun. 🙂 But it wouldn’t have been appropriate to bring it up in the context. So here I am… posting in Missed Connections… like Al Gore is still running for president…

Dating or not, you were just a riot. If you’re still doing geeky tricks with letters and wearing silly costumes, it would be great to chat.

If this is you, tell me what my next costume is going to be.

Comment to the Harley Rider (Alexandria)

You will probably never see this but I had to post. I was the your comment “pimped out guy” on the Harley that you pulled up next to Telegraph Road. Although I’m a married guy I was flattered by the compliment and would enjoy the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee with you.

Walking down Town Center Parkway, 5:00 PM Wednesday (Reston)

You were walking down Town Center Parkway at the intersection with Sunset Hills Road. Your hair, your eyes, that skin – you were magnificent.

I tried not being obvious about checking you out, but you had a sly smile on your face that I think means you knew.

You gave me a peek at the park (Arlington)

We talked for a while before deciding to meet separately at a park. Neither of us were certain what the other looked like, except that I’m male and you’re female. We communicated at the park only through a messaging app as we tried to locate one another. Once we did, I took a seat on a bench. You took a seat on a nearby bench within my view and we flirted from a distance. I messaged you to uncross your legs and you did. I messaged you to open your knees and you did. Your skirt sagged between your legs, so I messged you to adjust it so that I could have a peek. And you did.

Reply with the current time and which park we met at.

Wawa (Rt10)

You had nice nails nice hair nice look with a custom license plate on a brand new Toyota

In and Out at the RED BARN (Powhatan Co.)

I was coming out of the Red Barn you were going in I said hello how are you doing you said said good, when we left the parking lot we both headed west on Old Buckingham Rd. if you remember where I turned, stop by and say hi, you are a wm about 5’6” to 8” toned body, beard, wph twenty some maybe thirty.

Your Birthday is Almost Here Kimberly (Fredericksburg, VA)

Don’t forget this year. I won’t.

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

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Marilyn Drew Necci

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