Best Of VA Missed Connections September 18 – September 24

by | Sep 24, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Missed Connections often brings out the weirdest qualities of humanity, but every once in a while, it brings out the best. Such is the case this week, as you’ll soon see. And of course, we agree with the poster — catcalling women on the street is completely unacceptable.

Meanwhile, it seems that the action was hot in the campgrounds around the racetrack during last weekend’s NASCAR festivities, and at least a few people enjoyed the last weekend of summer by sunning themselves on the rocks down by the river. And for sure, a match between a BMW driver and someone who rides a mountain bike with an electric motor seems made in heaven. That said, anyone who’s out here grabbing attention with their car’s squeaky brakes should probably have those checked.

But I always approve of Missed Connections taking place at Waffle House. Next time you’re over there, pick me up a double order of hash browns — scattered, smothered, covered, diced, peppered, and capped. Add some hot sauce and that’s some good eating, y’all.

Take it slow and easy, Virginia.

To the poor person that got cat-called by my Lyft driver on Grace and Ryland st. (The Fan)

I could not believe my Lyft driver thought it was appropriate to cat-call you tonight. I assume he has done it before. I reported him and will follow up on that piece of trash. I think he thought because I was older adult male, that THAT behavior is acceptable. It is not.

I’m sorry you have to deal with that.

Cowboy at Field Day (Goochland)

Saw you several times throughout the day. Cowboy hat, boots…me too, but cowgirl!

Dude at Village Cafe

Dear Mr. Dude at the Village Cafe,

You were sitting at the corner bar stool tonight. I noticed you through the mirror. You looked kind of sad. Wish I could’ve grabbed you a drink before you left. Hope you’re ok.

New Life Thrift

Saw you at the NLT today while shopping. You were wearing blue jeans and a cowboy hat. Great personality and very friendly.

Bro (Museum district)

Hey, I’m a down to earth guy looking for a male friend. Preferably someone who likes to play video games, 420 friendly, open minded, looking to chill during the day mainly. I’m ftm trans, just to put that out there. (i.e. please be open-minded) I’m 30; I like adventures, hanging out, and having a good time. 

Looking for a good connection and friendship! I have friends but no one that I feel I can really confide in.

Age doesn’t matter, just looking to have fun!

Saw you at the racetrack (Richmond Raceway)

We passed each other walking by turn 2 at the track today – I bet you’re camping out here – I’m in lot F – you looked to be in your 40s or 50s and I was into your style. Maybe we should meet up later around the campfire and see what we have in common.

Mechanicsville Target (23227)

You had long hair, a black t-shirt, glasses. So damn hot. I know youll never see this, but just in case…what was on the from of the t-shirt

Rock Hottie (Belle Isle)

You were laying on rock reading this evening, I was about 10 feet away from you with a friend of mine. Couldnt help but admire your beauty and sexy bikini body! Id like to meet you sometime for a beer or bite:)

Waffle house (Henrico)

Waffle around 9oclock driving Jeep wrangler…you will def know who I am…we kept eye contact…I think u waitednfir me to leave. You are a female…lightskin…

Blonde girl sunoco Turner rd/wamsley rd (Richmond)

You were a GORGEOUS European sounding blonde barbie doll. You walked by me and told me I was driving very fast on my bike. You were driving a green BMW. 530pm at sunoco at wamsley and Turner rd. You were wearing blue shorts. I was riding a blue mountain bike with an electric motor. Wearing a flannel jacket and black jeans. If you see this, shoot me an email. I’m kicking myself in the ass for not getting your number, was in a bad mood at the time but you definitely made my day, maybe I can return the favor. Fingers crossed..

Beach house Wednesday (Beach house Wednesday)

I bought you a drink you introduced yourself as Sam I thought you were beautiful would love to take you out to dinner sometime

Smiled and Innsbrook near Cox Rd

We were both walking at Innsbrook around a lake near Cox Rd tonight. We walked past each other twice and smiled both times. I noticed you looking back to see if I was looking. I’m the dark haired guy with the dark blue shirt with white stripes and you are the beautiful female wearing jeans with a smile I’d like to see more of.

Longhorn steakhouse TO GO m4f (Glen Allen)

We shared a conversation about our order. You told me what I should get my kids for dinner. You’re a little bit older but I’d love to have dinner with you. Tell me what I was wearing. I ordered exactly what you ordered. I ran outside to ask you out but you left before I could do so.

World is different (Richmond)

My world is so different without you. I miss you so much! I miss riding bikes! Please reach out to me…

Graduate rooftop stunning lady (Richmond fan)

Stunning blonde lady. 930pm we shared elevator to rooftop. You were with two female friends. I should have introduced myself. We caught eyes a couple times. You were in my head the rest of the evening. Tell me you felt the same connection.

more fun going down the hill (Henrico)

Hey, we passed running up and down that brutal hill near the Raintree swim and racquet club. Do you want run together sometime? I usually go between 10-11 min per mile for four miles. I can adjust but just to give you an idea of where I’m at.

Nissan on Midlo Wed around 6ish with squeaky brakes…wonderful smile!

I turned left and pulled up next to you at Mall Drive to a traffic delay. Gray Subaru wagon was me, Nissan with squeaky brakes was you. We glanced…you smiled. Wow. We shadowed each other side by side for a couple of miles. We kept glancing and smiling. Wow. It came time for you to turn left….you beeped and waved…again that smile. Wow. How silly do I feel for not turning left? Connection or teasing an older guy? I don’t care…made my day!! Send me a note if I can buy you a drink sometime…

Couldn’t stop looking at each other (Hopewell)

You came into my work today. We both sneaked peeks. Let’s get to know each other. Tell me where we were.

U of R (Richmond)

You looked back. If you’re interested in either, hmu. If not me, I can set you up with the other.

Any Navy destroyer vets? (Richmond area)

Any US Navy destroyer vets around? I served on a Sumner class in the mid-60’s. 

Hit me up..we can chat about cruises, good times, bad times…

Gordon, I’m back. (Richmond)

We met on here years ago and when I moved away you even came to visit once. I’m back in Richmond and hoping that you see this so we can reconnect. We used to have so much fun together!

White Shorts In the bottom (Richmond)

I saw you near the Suntrust building near 12th and Main Thursday. You were wearing tight white shorts low cut. As I came to chat with you I noticed you were walking with a man wearing scrubs from VCU. You are a beautiful Asian woman tall and fit. I’m sure it’s a long shot but if you see this .. tell me who the guy was.

Caroline (Richmond)

I moved too fast and it made you leave abruptly. I don’t date much and didn’t know how to handle it. I said things I didn’t mean and I am so sorry for that. I wish we could’ve stayed friends because I thought you were an awesome person.

Lidl on Staples Mill

You are a middle aged man with grey hair grocery shopping in Lidl. I was the guy purchasing wine and we made eye contact quite a few times while I was in the store. If you remember making eye contact with another man in Lidl a few nights ago it was me. I should have introduced myself.

Bailey from dollar store/days inn (Midlothian)

We met at the dollar store last week you were staying at Days Inn. You were soo hot love to chat and meet again?-Steve

Looking for My Girly Girl (Bon Air)

It has been a spell, but I think of you often. We had our moment, but the stars were not aligned. Maybe you were spooked. Wouldn’t it be nice to catch up on D, S, I, and more? You left a lasting Kodak moment on my hard drive. You have been missed.

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