Best Of VA Missed Connections June 9 – June 15

by | Jun 15, 2021 | WTF?!

It’s another week in the MCU (Missed Connections Universe), and I’m surprised and pleased to report more actual interactions between real people this week than I’ve seen since… well, since the pandemic began. Keep getting vaxxed up, Virginia — it’s nice to experience life after COVID, finally.

If nothing else, it’s giving a whole bunch of people an opportunity to get super weird with it, from borderline-indecipherable rants to strangely spaced perv-outs and invitations to a hotel-room tickle party. Better yet, this week brings us a bird’s-eye view on other people’s drama (which is bound to make you feel a bit better about your own), love among the bizarre tribe of Civil War reenactors, and people trying to use weed to barter their way into a hotel laundry room. For real, y’all?

By the way, to the guy out here acting like bringing up that a woman’s chest constantly distracts him constitutes a compliment — that ain’t it, bro.

Chill the heck out, Virginia.

Saw you at Mill Creek (Semora)

What you said then what you are doing was all it took. Never again from me. Never.

Nicole and the Impromptu Life Story Exchange (Carytown-ish)

Earlier today (Sunday), you caught me on my way out of the store, asking, “are you from Richmond?” An engaging conversation ensued. You got called away for a minute, so I pretended to shop. I wanted to stay and say more than “It was nice meeting you,” but wanted to give you space to finish what you were doing. I exited beneath the awning that matched my shirt.
If you’d like to pick up where we left off, please reply and tell me more about our exchange.

Hunter (Chester Hopewell)

I’m missing my little kit ten and am on a hunt to find her again to see how much she’s grown.

You and I met back when the person als here were more of a thing. It was just a h 0 0 k up, but one that we both enjoyed.

Our age difference was significant, but it was what we were both looking for. I’d pick you up near D up ont and left you s ore. . .while you left me wanting more.

What if,…. (Richmond)

I’m a 51 yr old wm. I placed an ad here about a year ago. You (wf) responded and we met at The Tavern. There was instant chemistry and after a few drinks, conversation and laughs you agreed to follow me home. I want to recreate. Your first name starts with a k. Let me hear from you.

Wayne? (Goochland)

Is your name Wayne? That creep said it was John. You gave me a menthol cigarette that Saturday morning and it seemed that you liked me as much as I liked you, but it was an awkward situation. I told you I was moving and when we left, he said you were staring and smiling and that he gave you my number, but you never called. I have a feeling he lied. I am sure he told you all kinds of stuff that wasn’t true, that’s what he does. No, he wasn’t my bf, he was a predator who charged me cheap rent and expected something more. I have since moved. Been trying to find you for over a month. Please contact me? Can we get to know each other? I never do this.

M4F Target Tues AM (Across Chesterfield mall)

I was just a dad, trying to get a son a shirt to wear for yesterday’s school day for Disney Day. You are STUNNING. I try really hard not to be that guy and gawk…. And really wanted to make eye contact, but, it was difficult. Anyways, if by any chance you see this, message back!

Tickle pal

We used to get a hotel and tickle each other’s brain out. I think he worked at Walmart

Girl w/ blk hair/bangs at Goodwill, Fri eve (6/11) (Millcreek area (?) Goodwill…off of Avon St.)

You had on black Chuck Taylor/Converse sneakers and black shorts and like a white top and you had black hair with really great-looking bangs and you’re so beautiful and you have a really cool aura. I was the tall guy with stubble and like a Nike soccer kinda tshirt and jeans. I really wanted to ask you out but I was reluctant for two reasons: I had a kind of annoying friend following me around the store, not really giving me any breathing room or a moment of silence…and plus it just seemed a little confrontational for me to just go up to you, a stranger, in a store. I might be crazy but I felt like we were both radiating an energy that under different circumstances we both intuit how to just be cool and chill, and you MIGHT have been digging on my look at least a FRACTION of how I was digging on yours. MESSAGE ME! We would be quiet rockstars together. Your eyes were the best. Okay…it was like 6-6:30pm-ish, tonight…Friday night, at the Goodwill down near the Food Lion.

Saw you at the Timberlake WalMart (Timberlake)

It’s been a few years, and I’ve thought about you a lot since then. I saw you going into the Walmart at the same time I was a week or so ago. Saw you again over by the frozen stuff, and then you were at the self checkout next to me. I wanted to say something, but figured you wouldn’t want to talk. But if you see this and do want to reconnect, all you have to do is let me know. I’ve missed you “Fred”.

grow a set

it’s pathetic and sad, but quite entertaining, that all these loser guys post here saying…” i saw you at walmart, you were so hot, if you see this….”…did you ever think to actually talk to the person? gee, what did we do before the internet and phones? you guys are funny as hell, keep ’em coming!!

Angel wings (Virginia Beach)

I took you back to where you were staying at the time in my bosses truck last summer. You invited me in and I came inside but I had to leave to soon. You thought you lost something but it was in your phone case. I thought I had your number but I never found it. The subject is the tattoo on your back. Hit me up so we can get together

Candlewood Suites Sterling

By Walmart.

Me, across the parking lot with all my bags.

You… with a room key to let me into the free laundry there.

It was something like that.

Let’s do it again!

420 holding

Living History (Stephen’s City)

We talked a bit about various guns, history, and other things at the living history Sat. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to ask if you for your number.

Let me know which side I was on in your email. Hoping to hear from you soon

Sorry I keep staring (Alexandria)

I know you catch me looking. I’m a breast guy and you’re just very…. Endowed..

I don’t mean any disrespect, especially with our situations. This is why I’m getting it off my chest (punny) here.

I apologize. I try not to. Thanks for never making a deal of it, especially in front of everyone else.

Again, no disrespect meant, I’ll try harder to keep eyes up and from glancing around.

Top Photo by Bianca Jordan on Unsplash.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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