Best Of VA Missed Connections October 14 – October 20

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It’s the last gasp of warm weather for the year, folks, and before we all inevitably end up quarantined in our houses once again, the time is right to get out there and make a Missed Connection of your own! Some people have been doing that this time around, including plenty of beachgoers and dog walkers smiling at each other when their wives weren’t looking.

The Missed Connections see you, and here at RVA Mag, we weed out all the posts about cleaning out clogged pipes so you can find the best of what this section has to offer. This week, we’ve got auction hunters and Trader Joe cultists, lots of attractive ladies walking tiny cute dogs, and a novice farmer looking for a Bo Peep to tend his as-yet-unpurchased sheep. I’m kidding — I have no idea what kind of farming the guy wants to do. But I do know you can’t smoke inside the farmhouse.

One word of advice, though: if you’re advertising that you’ll take someone to dinner, it seems like a good idea to offer something a bit fancier than Burger King. That kind of first-date impression doesn’t generally lead to a second one.

Splash out a little, Virginia.

Haven’t we been here before? (CHARLOTTESVILLE)

I’m not sure if this is really the “right” place to put this, but I am just looking for someone in the area who would like to chat about the universe and the meaning of life and all the boring stuff between. In a way, it is a “missed connection” though…

If – for some reason – you came across this post (perhaps while trolling to see what “pipe cleaning” services are available today) and you’re not just looking to get laid but actually have a meaningful conversation: please feel free to respond.

Older man (Richmond)

You were really helpful and I wanted to say thanks.

I mentioned your white hair and we joked about your big belly.

I hope you have a great weekend!

I believe your name was Emily at the auction (Richmond)

I know you’ll never see this, but I couldn’t help but stare into those amazing dark brown eyes. I’d bid the world just to share your gaze…

Trader Joe’s Southside

I believe it was around 4:30
We passed each other a few times and again on the way out of the store.
You have grey hair and were maybe 50’s to 60’s?

I’d love to talk or get together if you’re interested let me know
Tell me what I was wearing..

Lake Anna (Louisa)

We were hanging out on the water this past summer with 5 or 6 couples from the neighborhood. Could not help but notice everytime our wives were away you were interested in talking to to me. I lost your contact information. We should stay in touch.

You were the best (MIDLOTHIAN)

You are the nicest guy another guy could meet. You were personable, gentile and very sincere. I hope you see this and you wonderful hands will reach out.

Where is my queen (Virginia Beach)

Your gentleman is awaiting the return of his queen. We use to spend amazing times together and the ones to come will be better. Let’s go out this weekend. Or do whatever you want. I will shower you and treat you like the queen. You are

Fall colors (Parkway)

Basic hiking partners showing the ropes between buds

lady with the cute white dog (Va Beach)

To the lady I sent to norfolk for a light bulb, just wanted to say you made my day. Would love to get together over coffee.

Beautiful Lady walking tiny dog on greenhouse (Virginia Beach)

Hi, we said hi to each other while you were walking your tiny dog, I wanted to chat with you but didn’t have the nerve to speak. I’ve been thinking about it for two days now. Maybe next time I guess. Hint; I had cables in my hand.

Lady chicks Beach (Virginia Beach)

Beautiful woman that was walking her Corgi on 10-12-20 on Ocean View Ave in Chicks Beach. I want to stop and say hi but was running late for a meeting. I believe you were wearing a pinkish red shirt the sun was going down at the time. I would love to chat with you sometime if you’re not attached.

Wawa on E Hundred Rd- Blonde cashier (E Hundred Rd)

I was in your store tonight and you were my cashier. We had a couple of eye contact moments. I thought you were very pretty. I was wearing a hat and wearing glasses and a mask. Let’s chat. I remember your name so tell me when you answer.

To the tall guy working

I was driving by your house on Barclay Avenue to see you working and I saw you waving at me.

I want to help with you at the house & any other task that is needed. I’ll even pay for your lunch, preferably at Burger King. I have over ten years of experience and won’t burn a big hole in your pocket.

My name is Scott.

Please don’t flag this post, as this is a legit post and I’m not looking for anything sexual.

Country lady wanted (Emporia)

Just purchased a small farm in Emporia Va and looking for that lady that wants to live the country life on a farm. I am a retired gentleman that wants the best out of life and live stress and drama free. You you are interested text me and lets talk. If you smoke I will ask you to smoke outside. My name is Chuck

how are your piggies today (richmond)

You used to have me over & I took take of your piggies. If your still around or want someone for the job, please let me know.

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