Best Of VA Missed Connections: September 29 – October 5

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If you’re someone from the massive service economy that seems to be the only thing keeping America afloat these days, rest assured, someone appreciates you — and whether you’re a flight attendant, a security guard, an auto parts store employee, or a priest, you might find that appreciative person in this week’s Missed Connections. Alternately, you might find your phone — that is, if the post hasn’t been flagged yet.

Even if none of that applies to you, you should really stick around for plentiful tales of enchanting tattoos, painted toes, slit dresses, and the creeps who love them all. And of course, Sheetz, Food Lion, and CVS all figure prominently in this week’s post — further proving that, even with nightlife re-entering the picture, we all spend more of our hangout time in random chain stores than anything else.

One final word to the wise: if you are someone with a calling to the priesthood, you might want to tread carefully this week. Temptation’s always lurking, even on Craigslist.

Stay vigilant, Virginia.

Security at Sheetz 10/1 evening (Midlothian)

To the thin, good looking, tatted and pierced guy – I was in there picking up some food around 11pm Friday night. I was trying to check out your ink and piercings, but jeez, there were so many people there!
We crossed paths as I was leaving, and you said something to me. Can you tell me what it was?
I’d love to see if you have any other tats or piercings!

found phone (Richmond)

Trying to find the woman who forgot her phone in my truck. Please don’t flag this post

dinner WITH Troy next time, please (Church Hill)

“with” is better than “near,” don’t you agree? I’ve waited too long to see you again, come celebrate my last week with me, my treat

Lady with curly hair at LabCorp in Fairfax (Fairfax)

You are the striking lady with curly hair my daughter and I took the elevator with on Friday Oct 1, 2021 around 7am in the building at 8503 Arlington Blvd, Fairfax VA. It turned out we were both on our way to the LabCorp lab. I waited for you after the lab visit and we spoke briefly. You live in MD and work in VA. I live in Fairfax not far from GMU.

I can’t get you out of my head. I would like to connect with you.

PS: I will not forget your sweet compliment for my daughter!

Maru server!

Gorgeous server working at Maru!! You were too fine. I was on a first date. It wasn’t going great but you were so gorgeous. Maybe give me a shot. You were Curvy and beautiful! Hmu 😍

10/3 Outback Steakhouse (Charlottesville)

You were at Outback Steakhouse with a couple of friends when I came in to eat with family. You were wearing shorts with a flowing top and it showed off your thigh tattoos. I was the guy in the Blue shirt. We made eye contact and smiled at each other multiple times. You were in the booth with a female friend and there was a guy on the otherside. I told you goodbye when you were leaving. I came outside to find you when you guys left ut you were already gone. I wish I had come outside faster. You have a beautiful smile, beautiful ink work and I cant get you out of my mind. I hope somehow you might see this. Id love to see you again.

Air Park Auto (Airpark)

Hope those wiper blades were a good investment, really enjoyed our conversation this morning 🤗

Vienna Oktoberfest

A long shot here.
You were at the Oktoberfest in Vienna on Saturday with 2 other friends (one guy and girl) . You were in a knee length green dress with a slit sitting on chairs behind the dining area and enjoying the Latin music band at around 5 in the evening.
Me – a guy in blue denim shirt and jeans.

Our eyes met couple of times and your legs opened for a second. Hit me up if you wanna connect.

Alabama redhead cvs Monday morning (Navy yard)

Loved those beautiful neon toes of yours. Thanks for showing them off to all of us. Saw you inside and then again outside. Let me know if you want any attention paid to them😁

We met at Food Lion

We walked in to Food Lion at the same time and kept running in to each other. We chatted and I complimented you… and your response melted my heart! We checked out and walked out together and I didn’t want to say goodbye, especially seeing your amazing smile. I know this is a ridiculous long shot, but I regretted walking away from you and would love to say hi again.

Priest at DCA (DC)

Hi, a couple of weeks ago my GF and I encountered a Catholic Priest while we were waiting for flights. We had a very good discussion with the Priest about the sacraments, to include Confession.

Both of us – but particularly my gf – are dealing with decades of “Catholic Guilt” and challenges in reconciling our faith with our LS.

We would love to chat more.

Unfortunately, because of all the fakes and flakes out there, we will need to confirm that those who respond are actually priests.

Brew Birds (Stone Ridge, VA)

YOU: Blond in teal leggings with elementary school boy, and driving a Jeep
ME: Gent in purple shirt trying not to stare while drinking a beer. Your demeanor impressed me. Let me buy you glass of wine or a drink?

To: Unappreciated Flight Attendants!

I just had to reach out and thank each of you for what you do everyday! It is a critical occupation, but people treat you all like crap everyday! I am not sure where or why it became okay to treat you all with such a lack of respect!

People get to the airport and check their brains at the door…and their understanding of what each of you do, and why you are really there…and the fact that you ARE an integral part of the Flight Crew!!

Bless each of you!!

Photo by Oskar Kadaksoo on Unsplash

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

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