Best of VA Missed Connections December 24 – December 31

by | Dec 31, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Since we last brought you our weekly Missed Connections roundup, we’ve moved from Merry Christmas to Happy New Year, and from freezing temps to a surprising post-solstice return of springlike conditions. That’s led quite a few people to break out the warm weather clothing, which can include sandals… the mere thought of with draws weirdos inexorably toward Craigslist.

But it’s not just foot fetishists out here in MC-land, we’ve also got quite a bit of Christmas spirit lingering throughout the final week of 2019. If you bought a stranger a pizza over the holidays, kudos to you; what’s more, someone in the Missed Connections just might be looking for you. Plus, we’ve got awkwardly charming holiday geekiness, friendly Honda repairmen, and gorgeous Taco Bell frequenters (so you know they’ve got good taste).

I sure hope you guys have gotten all the foot talk out of your system this week, though. If it starts being like this every week, I’m gonna be a bit skeeved out.

Happy New Year, Virginia!

Toes in December (Short Pump)

What a nice surprise for these warm days in December. Makes me want to see some sexy female toes out and about. Mature, generous male wants to pamper and play with your feet.

From painting your nails to sucking your toes, I love it all.

Shoe size in subject line will get my attention. Come on ladies, let me at your feet !

Where is my package

You delivered once, but I guess the holiday rush kept you away…..I hope to unwrap that chocolate again.

Lonely (Midlothian)

Lonely during the holidays would love to find a friend. 

Pizza rocks (place 4 g)

I am thankful on Christmas that you got me pizza when I was without food. When I think all is lost, someone shows up and helps me. I think your name was Jaimes and you had a place near where I was. I have to get my plan together soon, to live for another day. So I can pay it forward to the next person. Would like to be able to gmail you if you can. Should be able to do some work to your car or something for your kindness. Thank you again and have a great Christmas. 

Missing my foot goddess (Rva)

Missing my beautiful foot goddess, hopefully I can reunite or meet someone new. 

When a fine woman with shy smile comes along (540397 Culpeper Road)

You bumped into me accidentally and were embarrassed I guess. I was about speechless because of your smile and fab hair. It was hard to talk because you surprised me. You really alone Christmas? I am dumb because I am too and your bumping into me I didn’t say same here. Never posted or asked, but would you like to just walk somewhere pretty and talk? Promise I am kind and will make you smile again. Who wants to be alone anyhow? I hope you see this, and since I had guts to post, maybe you will respond. You seemed playful so – dare! New years coming and 5191 is the band playing at the winery. You have snuck and got my number. I hear they have new ducklings this year!!!!! 

A truck for Christmas…

We talked for a minute a few nights ago… I want to talk more! Tell me about your truck so I know it’s you.

New in town (Richmond)

New in town looking to go out with some other party goers .. ready for a good time to bring in the new year 

coffee awkwardness at 7-eleven (Museum District)

That awkward shuffle we did around each other while making coffee really made me giggle the other day (Friday? Saturday?). So did your pikachu lanyard and spiderman wallet. Wanna go… grab more, um… coffee?

7-11 Cashier (Corner of Main and Harrison Street)

I was in your 7-11 at almost midnight on the 21st. You were talking to the other cashier and it looked like you were preparing to go home. Our eyes met a few time. You are a brunette woman with beautiful brown eyes and I wanted to say something to you but chickened out. If you see this, remember me and are interested give me a shout. I’d like to get to know you.

Female foot models wanted (Hampton Roads)

Searching for women over the age of 18 who have pretty to decent looking feet who wouldn’t mind modeling their feet. Modeling feet includes pictures and videos and that’s all. Toe nails don’t have to be painted, nor is a pedicure needed (it can be provided if desired), and size of feet doesn’t matter. Please no mangled and extra toes, skin conditions, or missing and extra toes. Any race is welcomed to apply, and finding someone in the next few weeks is important. If interested, please email me and include age, foot size, and picture of feet if you have it. Please also have a pair of flip flops, sneakers, heels (closed and open toe), and flats. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. 

New Years friendly party (Fredericksburg)

The wife and I were downtown Fredericksburg back during New Years You were an older gentleman the wife had dark hair and everything seem pretty cool with good conversation but we lost your contact info. We are staying in Fredericksburg New Year’s weekend again just wanted to see if we could find you…long shot. If this is you send your picture for confirmation

Restroom second time

This was the second time I ran into you, the last being tonight. You were working. You were standing still and I went into the stall. I came out and we glanced at each other and you went into the stall. You were on your phone again. Was it meant for us to meet? If you see this tell me what I said before I left.

Lady with Honda at BAP GEON (Norfolk)

Looking for Beautiful woman that I helped at Bap Geon Saturday 14th with her Honda so she could make it to a Funeral. You offered me money and I wouldn’t take it so you gave me a hug instead. If you see this I would love to take you to lunch sometime.

fun times again (Chesterfield)

We hooked up a couple times at your place & I was wondering would you like to reconnect ?? Or was wondering if there might be a different woman that likes having her feeties worshipped. If your still here & want to have more fun, just let me know. Or if you want to try to see if we connect, let me know

Looking for a woman

I am a younger white country boy just looking for some new things to learn in the room If you know what I mean hmu with anything females only 

Looking for a girl w a secret (Lawrenceville)

I’m looking for about any girl that secretly likes to be spanked. Maybe not so secretly. Maybe this is new fantasy, or maybe lifelong, or maybe you’re just curious. We may have been chatting and got cut off before. Reply back, and let’s chat and go from there. WM, 51

This connection is missed (Chesapeake)

To have dinner with someone who is genuinely interested and chat about the things that you’re passionate about. Having someone you can trust and setting your insecurities aside , and just being yourself. Not being afraid to fail or being scared of rejection… because you know the other person would never judge you. Not having to chase someone … because they aren’t constantly testing you. It would be so nice to have that ONE great friend who I could confide in , someone that would understand me… and me understand you. In reality —I’m searching for a best friend. Someone who is loyal , someone who appreciates my flaws , someone who sees my imperfections as… perfection. I’m attractive and fit , funny yet practical. Chemistry comes naturally ,could you be the one ?

Golds Gym (Colonial Heights)

To the guy in orange shoes who comes in morning, WOW! U kinda remind me of Prince Royce. Cant wait to see u at gym again. 

I Drove You In My Car (Henrico West Broad Street Area)

So, gorgeous white male with the dark hair, did I misread our mutual interest?….I am a female to weed out the majority on here who are males looking for other males. Believe it or not, there are some heterosexual people still around. Merry Christmas to all.

Erin’s Smile (Newport News)

She comes into taco bell on Mercury in the colliseum area a lot. Her smile could light up the darkest heart. She’s beautiful too.

C (22901)

Please just tell me you’re ok.

Starbucks (West salem)

To the individual who paid for my starbucks this morning…THANK YOU.. it was at 11:47 this morning. Tell me the amount you paid and the car you was driving. Would love to chat… M for Female..

Nelson County Automobile Accident on New Year’s Eve (2012?) ((River Rd) Rt. 6 – between 151 and 29)

Several years ago on New Year’s Eve (2012?), around 1AM, there was a single-vehicle automobile accident in Nelson County on River Rd (Rt. 6 between 151 and 29). A small SUV ran off the road and hit a tree, injuring the driver. There were no other occupants. I was the first person to stop, and stayed until rescue workers took over. If anyone recognizes this event, I’m curious about the driver and her recovery. 

We met on a rainy night in short pump (Short pump)

We met on a rainy night in a parking lot of a sporting goods store in short pump. My email screwed up and I can’t get back into my account ….I hope you haven’t moved on. We made out in a parking lot and moved the car somewhere else and I still regret not putting it in….I hope you see this,this is how we found each other.

PetSmart (Chester)

I’m looking for the female that was in PetSmart today. White attractive female. In the store between 10-2. If its you let me know. I was attracted to you. I’ll let you know who I was when you respond. 

PA Rec Center, Swimmer (Virginia beach)

We always see each other in the locker room and exchange glances … you are a swimmer in your STeam and I would say Hi. Tell me what class of speedo I always use and what is the team name

Car salesman

I bought a used car today from you today. You are a very sexy woman and i would like to hook up with u one night. If you see this, tell me the car i bought so i know its you. You are a ravens fan.

Food Lion (Outside powhatan)

You were grabbing a few items, in express lane. You dropped an item I picked it up and put it on the counter. We made small talk. You were jokingly flirty bud I was being serious. You had on your work gear. If you see this say hi.

Blond at short pump kroger (Short pump va)

We made eye contact in the water isle a few times and after that. You had on black leggings and had an amazing figure, earring in your nose. Very attractive lady.! I was the male you made eye contact with and smiled at. Describe me so I know it was you. Would love to know more about you and your figure.

UVA Primary Care Thursday 12/19 (Charlottesville)

We passed in the lobby, you were watching me watching you; was that a glint in your eyes or just a reflection of the spark in mine? We both smiled, and you certainly brightened my morning. I’m the grey-beard with the walking stick. Would like to actually meet you if you’re interested. If not, then I can understand and respect that, and thank you for the moment. 

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