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Welcome to Missed Connections, where this week we find a secret underground of adults playing dirty versions of kids’ games… or so it seems (there’s only so much you can say in a Craigslist ad). It seems like it might be taking place at a neighborhood Wawa, which is surprising. The most outrageous thing I ever see at Wawa is a really, really long line for the cashier.

Moving on from that, this week’s Missed Connections hold other delights for us, from thwarted oil changes and idle chatter at the post office to hot security guards and tasty snacks at Sweet Frog. It’s all really cute harmless adult fun… at least until someone wishes you would die of COVID, that is. I don’t think they were talking about me, though.

By the way, confidential message to the guy wondering where the streetwalking sex workers have gone… this is just another element of our vibrant community that gentrification slowly pushes out. I don’t know if too many people are upset about this one, though.

Just sayin, Virginia.

Simon Says (Midlothian)

You came up to me at the Wawa and said Simon Says and asked me to do something for you. At the time, I said no, but might reconsider now that I am behind in points. My friend and I (both bi guys) are playing a game of Simon Says where someone will come up to us and say “Simon Says…and tell us what they would like for us to do.” If we say yes, we receive points based on what it is. If we say no, we take points away. It is totally up to us whether we accept or not. If that was you, hit me back, I need the points.

Sweet brunette at Sweet Frog (Suffolk)

Hey I loaded up a cup at the Sweet Frog and wished you were one of my toppings. If you see this hope to hear from you.

Mustard pants

So yesterday made me think you might be into me too. You are an incredibly beautiful young African American woman that works on the same floor as me. Yesterday you had on yellow ‘mustard’ color pants, heels, and I couldn’t stop looking your way. Funny I swear you posted up in a spot talking to someone so you could see me too, or at least you may have caught me looking and wanted to let me know.

Either way you’re beautiful smile gets my attention every time I’m lucky enough to run into you.

If you know who this is definitely get in touch.

What do you think

Only if you knew how much I hate you PGM.I hope you catch covid or delta and just die.


It’s Geologist Doug. Hey we lost touch, but I would love to reconnect and rebuild our lost-to-time friendship. We met at/near the Providence Rd/S.Military Hwy Dollar Tree.

Security Guard Saturday (Lynchburg)

You were the security guard Saturday night at an event. A friend was talking to you and joked that you were my type because I like a guy with handcuffs. But actually, I thought you were definitely my type. Not sure if you were interested in me or if my friend was just trying to be funny. Tell me where the event was if you’d like to meet up. I’m semi-local and down to meet up.

You in: LIFTED black Silverado Z71, custom wheels, cargo shell cover (Falmouth area, Stafford)

Saw you Sunday at 7-11 on Rt.17 across from Geico, you were very tall fit HOT military look guy coming out as I came in – I was very cleancut guy in black Tahoe, you were still in parking lot when I came out – saw you again Monday afternoon, passed you at the stop sign where Enon Rd meets Truslow Rd. Would like to explore you and your big truck and show you a few things only a buddy knows.

Ginger guy at VCU Parham Rd

I’d like to say hi to the ginger guy walking his dog in the VCU parking lot behind Pence Jeep on Parham Rd.

where do all the street girls in vb hang out (vb)

does anybody know where the street girls hang out now in vb. miss having fun with them when you needed a piece of tail. the girls are not around ocean view either where have they gone?

Your curves were perfect!

You were so beautiful sitting there drinking your coffee yesterday. Beautiful eyes, long hair, curvy gorgeous body. Silky blue shirt, black skirt. I took a work call, looked at computer for a couple minutes, then you were gone 🙁

We could be chatting now if only I would have silenced that call.

Woman from the grafton post office (Yorktown)

We talked about too much mail. The Tabb library. I gave you some cards. Wanna talk some more?

Jiffy lube tattooed girl on J Clyde (Newport News)

I hope to find you! We talked a bit about your tattoos and you were so beautiful! I wanted to ask for your number but the lady interrupted us and said she couldn’t change your oil because she didn’t have the tool to take off your filter on your Toyota. Please reach out to me if you see this. I would love to get to know you better.

I’ll never stop (Austin)

Loving you. I will until the last day.

That’s all I’ve got to say.

Photo by Tim Evans on Unsplash

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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