Best Of VA Missed Connections: July 28 – August 3

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Welcome back to Missed Connections, where this week begins with us pondering the difficult question: what does weasel meat taste like? Probably not great, and it might not even be safe for human consumption, but it sure does make for some entertaining late-night banter, if this week on Craigslist is any indication.

We’ve got a lot of entertaining stories about chance meetings this week, even some that have nothing to do with weasel meat. Dudes are jumping on other dudes’ Lime scooters (consensually), Hobbits are throwing themselves at Green Lanterns, TSA agents are trying to hook up with people whose applications have been denied… it’s crazy out there. In a fun way!

People are even using Missed Connections to deliver messages that should probably have just been texts. Which seems less than effective, but hey — at least it’s entertaining, right?

Don’t lose that number, Virginia.

“Weasel meat for brains”- museum district

My friend and I were walking on park ave near strawberry st about two months ago and two guys late 20’s early 30’s were standing by their car and one of you turned to us and said “this guy just said I have weasel meat for brains” and we laughed about it a little.

Flash forward and we still think thats hilarious and it’s become a large part of our lives/ vernacular.

In some way we ALL have weasel meat for brains huh

🙂 anyways we love you

2 Scooter Guys meet 5 walking Guys (Brighwood Park)

Late last night (Friday at ~2am.) two of us (both guys) were riding a Lime scooter down Kansas Ave. and you and your friends (all guys) were walking across the street. One of you was shirtless and commented on my jaw-line, one of you nearly hopped on the back of our scooter. Each of you was sexy af.

I offered to hook up with you another time, so let’s! Reach out if you see this.


Hey girl. It’s your bestie, Ang. My phone is broken! Hey, do you remember that tall, strong red headed guy that we used to work with? Can you introduce me to him? He’s so dreamy. <3



I wish that I had given you my number. (Fairfax)

We were at the store yesterday and actually crossed path three times. The last time we talked about ice cream flavors.


but by the time I checked out, you were no where to be seen.

You were an attractive caucasian lady, not wearing a ring, with a great smile (so glad I could see it without a mask}

In case you did not notice I am not wearing a ring either.

So I know that it is you, please tell me what store.

Interested in chatting and maybe meeting, please reply.

Obviously, the sooner the better 🙂

Help me find Jay (Woodlake or Richmond Area)

Jay you’ve been my buddy since you got on my dads bus. Although you were short and kinda lazy, you’ve always been a good outgoing friend with crazy stories. Then you left your job at Wally then ghosted everyone back in January. Last I heard you were at Hampton renting an apartment. Wish you would pay more attention to your crowd. Reply if it’s you or someone who knows this great guy.

Kings Dominion Female employee (Doswell)

looking for 2 woman who work at kings dominion, both performers at the grand carnival, one with purple and blonde hair a jester, and the other the pink pirate i spoke to both of today and on two other days, love to get in touch!

Peas and carrots (Charlottesville)

We were like peas and carrots. You saved our fortunes . You still owe me a dance . 🙂

Green Lantern make out buddy (Thomas Circle)

You were the tall cutie I made out with on Saturday night in the white shorts all night. I was the hobbit in the blue jock. Really regretting not grabbing your number or Instagram. Let me know what kind of hat you were wearing so I know it’s you.

Dulles TSA

Hi – you application couldn’t be processed today so you left, saying you’d come back. I should have left there and then to speak with you. We had wonderful eye contact behind our masks. Tell me the reason why your application was delayed and I’ll know it’s you. Let’s have coffee…

The neighborhood just after Fawn Lake?

The neighborhood just after Fawn Lake going away from Lake Wilderness 2 I saw the first one of the first houses flying a pride flag out in the front yard.
I’m curious if your are just supporting them or are you an active person in the community?
Anyone else close by too let’s chat I’m looking for a close friend

Missed Opportunity at DQ (Thornburg, Va)

July 27th about 1 pm you were in the DQ by 95. You ordered the chicken strip meal. Wearing dark blue scrubs, which fit perfectly. Brown hair and brown rimmed glasses. We exchanged glances a few times. You used the hand sanitizer near me and stood in front of me rubbing your hands and gave me an amazing view. I saw you leaving and the color and make of your car. You got on 95 heading south. I missed my chance, but would like to connect. HMU if it is you and tell me the make and color of your car. Very handsome!

Wish I asked for your number (Va Beach)

You smiled at me in line at Wawa, and even said Hi TWICE. I was wearing my fire dept shirt, You had a NICE skirt on. Message if you see this

You made my heart beat faster. (Chesapeake Walmart parking lot on 8/1.)

Our eyes locked, we acted foolish, driving in circles. I didn’t approach ’cause I thought you were with your son, in that Lincoln Navigator.
I want to meet you!

Green Line, we waved goodbye together

Total shot in the dark, but you had blond hair, black sneakers with tall soles, and beautiful eyes. Wearing all black, air pods. You were being yelled at by someone and I told them “you’re done, treat people with respect” and we got on the metro. You seemed super sweet and I was so angry at that man for yelling at you

Cute man at Harris teeter on Columbia pike (Columbia pike/Baileys crossroads)

I don’t do this often. I saw a tall, good looking guy (blue mask, blue shirt, I believe). Light brown hair. Around 1140am on Sunday 8/1. I’m too shy to approach. I was wearing a yellow top, greenish Capri pants, dark brown, long hair.

I wish I would have said hello. I was smiling, but of course the mask obscured this.


Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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