Best Of VA Missed Connections March 10 – March 16

by | Mar 16, 2021 | WTF?!

A year later and we’re all still here, posting Missed Connections from the safety of our quarantine bunkers and counting the days until our vaccine appointments. This week, though, you can spend a few moments taking your mind off the lingering anxiety by indulging in tales of possibly stolen motorcycles that may or may not have pulled up at the gas station blasting go-go.

Maybe you don’t know go-go music though — maybe you’re more of a French horn player. If so, no worries; you just might find your classically trained soulmate on Craigslist this week. Failing that, keep an eye out, whether you’re at the gym, the cell phone store, or the park. There are hotties everywhere.

That said, guys propositioning each other in the park seems very last-century from where I’m sitting. And I can’t imagine the guys making those propositions are checking Craigslist later. But maybe that’s just me.

Keep walking, Virginia.

Ebony beauty at Steam Bell 3/12 (Chesterfield)

I had the pleasure of seeing your beauty at Steam Bell while a band was playing outside. Couldn’t take my eyes off you the whole time.
You danced a couple time and I watched you and was thinking I’d love to get to know her.
So I’m looking for you. And maybe get the chance to know talk to you.

To and Fro (N Arlington)

you were just a swinging to and fro! Loved watching and you seem to enjoy being watched based on how much more swinging you did!! lol. You out on this beautiful day in your grey sweats and just having a happy time. Take a another walk then take a break on my porch with me for a glass of wine and chat

Chubby Guy at the Park (Fairfax)

Gave your proposal some thought, at the time I wasn’t ready. Ready to explore.

Missing motorcycle (Newport News)

Let my buddy take it for a ride and he didnt come back. Anyone seen a blue supersport on jefferson. Its very loud. Just want to know if hes alright he just wanted to cruise.

Powhatan YMCA (Powhatan)

Just wanted to say to the blonde that came in there this morning with the light colored leggings….good god. I could barely focus on my workout. You were with a smaller female partner. But damn. Amazing. Thanks for the motivation.

Covid sucks. I miss having a workout partner. Have to continually fight the urge to quit. Talk about being in a headspace.

Great Conv on AT, Scott Mountain (Afton)

We chatted on the trail near Rockfish Gap about the Royal Orchard property aka Scott Castle, Dupont Castle. Did you google it? I’d be curious your take. Fun history.

Let me know… why not hah


You visited me at a cell phone store (Hampton)

A piece of information we put in let me know you were proud to be a big beautiful woman and I loved your energy. If you see this, message me

Classically Trained at Giant (Haymarket, VA)

You asked me what I played when you saw my shirt and I was confused at first, but I really am a classically trained french horn player. When I came back out, I was hoping I could buy you a coffee but you were gone. Really sorry I missed that opportunity.

GoGo Cycle (Manassas)

You rolled into the Exxon on Sudley Road on your motorcycle blasting GoGo music and I was immediately smitten. You: tall snack of white chocolate in a leather jacket and helmet. Me: mom in the minivan. Would love to connect if you’re interested. Please reply with one thing you noticed about my appearance or something else distinctive about our non-encounter to verify it’s really you.


Saw you at hibachi a few days ago. You had a backwards hat. I tried to get u to notice me,, Especially after I saw the rainbow wallet in your back pocket. I don’t think you did but figured I’d at least try. Chapstick.

Ettrick Deli (Chesterfield)

To the lady who opens your delivery driver (BM) finds you attractive and would love to tell you among other things… we normally see each other on Friday briefly but it’s the highlight of my route. If anything is possible please let me know somehow.

Top Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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