Best Of VA Missed Connections March 24 – March 30

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The final week of March finds us all finally starting to wake up from the endless nightmare of the pandemic — even here in the Missed Connections, where this week we are starting to see actual MCs from vaccination centers. That’s a good reminder to all of you to schedule your vax appointment. Having been to the race track for my first shot, I can guarantee you that you’ll see more people in one place than you’ve seen in a year. You never know what cuties you might meet!

Beyond that, this week finds us in our usual haunts: the gym, the grocery store, at school, at Starbucks, etc. It also finds some of us lamenting the loss of some things we took for granted pre-COVID, from that burrito spot in downtown Roanoke to Walmart’s all-night hours (one of the hidden casualties of the pandemic). And of course, there’s at least one moment this week that will warm the hearts of all who were once involved in Slaughterama.

By the way, if you adopted a Siamese cat a few years ago, you might want to stick around to the end — someone may be looking for you.

Take it like a champ, Virginia.

Bombing Beauty (Richmond, Virginia)

Julianne-Moore lookalike careening down a hill on your bike and wiping out in a very painful-looking way. You took it like a champ. Would love to get to know you xoxo

Mustache Gym Guy near Pony Pasture (Forest Hill Ave)

This feels weird but if you have a mustache and a septum piercing and were at the gym last week (Tuesday 3/16) while I was there fixing the upholstery please let me know if you actually were interested in me (blonde wavy-ish hair in a bandana) or if my boss got me hyped up for nothing

Don’t you?? (underworld)

I bet you think this post is about you

Publix Badass (Cosner’s Corner)

I’m a chick and you’re a chick. We met over frozen edamame beans. You had such a bright personality, like sunshine. We went in separate directions. I went to the produce section and you went to the cheese part of the store. I got in the self-checkout and thought how funny it would be if we ended up in line next to eachother but you weren’t in sight. All well. A moment later you walk by and I tell you to enjoy the edamames. You tell me you’re actually going to be with me in line. I think how strange that is. We talk about tattoos and motorcycles and I accidentally interrupt you because I’m awkward. I thought we really connected. I was kicking myself in the parking lot when I didn’t ask to exchange contact information. “Well it would be super creepy to walk back in after I already left.” The end.

Watching Iron Man in your room (Chesapeake)

You had me come over one night back in winter of 2017, right after New Years. Really nice place in Chesapeake.
Both of us kinda chubby nerdy guys who didn’t do this sort of thing often, so we were on the same page. You still lived with family and you had me come over on a night they weren’t there. Iron Man playing on the TV in the background. It was just the one time, but I’d like that again sometime. If you’re still around, hit me up.

Saw you at FICK CENTER (fredericksburg)

On March 26 you and I both received a Moderna COVID-19 VACCINE at FICK CENTER in Fredericksburg VA. After receiving the vaccine we were walking out together. Someone made a comment concerning my shirt afterwards you and I sparked up a small conversation. If you want to talk tell me what my shirt was and your job field.

Could be very interesting.

John Starbucks at Tysons Mall 2PM (Thursday at Tysons Corner Mall)

Totally a shot in the dark.
Me(M) and my friend (F) were at the mall getting coffee, and she couldn’t stop talking to me while I, couldn’t stop looking at you. You had a shopping bag in your hands I’d say early 30s. You got a medium drink and I was so sad to see you walk away. You looked fun so let’s get together
Thursday March 25th 2PM Starbucks At TysonsCornerMall

Waving boy at uva today 3/29 (Charlottesville uva)

I had blue hair you wore a bike helmet you kept waving at me on every floor. I think you are very attractive.. I hope you get this and hit me back up. If its you tell me what my sweatshirt looked like. Let’s get together chat see if we have a spark

Dear WalMart (HAMPTON)

Oh my dear Wal-Mart, how I miss your 24 hour shopping experience. The late night shopping runs, and the beautiful women that frequented your isles in the early morning hours of the day. Will you ever come back to us late nighters and early morningers.

Blue Ridge Burritos (City Market)

I never knew I needed a Pad Thai burrito until I met one here. Now I walk by the shop in vain and hope someday they will return.

Seeking Siamese cat: Katina

A few years ago, we had a Siamese girl cat named Katina. My daughter couldn’t take care of her anymore so she gave her to her X thinking he could keep her until she could get her own place. His name was Dustin, he gave her away to someone but doesnt know who. Please if you by chance, adopted a cat named Katina (Siamese_female_lilac points) please get in touch with me. She would be 4-5 years old now. Thank you.

Top Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash.

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

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