Best Of VA Missed Connections March 3 – March 9

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If you’re looking for your silver fox, this week’s Missed Connections might just be the place for you. We may still all have a few more months before things can really go back to normal, but a year into the pandemic, a lot of us are busting at the seams, and our lusts are spilling over into the world of Craigslist.

But there’s still some pretty entertaining stuff going on in the MCs as well, and whether you’re into Patsy Cline or Bill Withers, you’ll get your fix this week. We’ve also got people seeking out alt-girls, girls with purple hair, and girls with wedding rings who still flirted. Well, at least in the possibly overactive imagination of one particular Craigslist poster they did.

Of course, my advice is to always assume that the girl with the wedding ring is just trying to be polite, but hey — it’s your funeral, pal.

Keep it chill, Virginia.

L.A. (Colonial Heights)

DANG! Those spiked heels were just enough to tarnish your halo yesterday. Glad I know you. Wish it was more…

Girl walking behind me at Roots on W Grace St (Richmond)

We got our food at the same time and we walked out together, you were walking right behind me and said-“I promise im not following you.” All i could manage to say was a some jumbled up nonsense, then i said have a good night as you got to your car

Looking for Frank (Midlothian)

You silver fox. I miss you and hope we can reconnect soon. I feel very empty without you, for obvious reasons.


Patsy Cline, March 5th, 6:29pm (Winchester)

Just the two of us there, remembering Patsy at 6:29pm, the exact time her plane went down.
Would like to talk more w you.

Dollar General (Chatham)

I’ve frequently noticed you in my neighborhood convenient store (Dollar General) off of 41.
You are about my height, about 5’10”, dark purple hair, and are usually in a hurry and sometimes with your daughter?
I have never seen you with a man, nor see a ring. Are you taken?
I usually drive a big gray truck, black hair, mustache, and wear jeans and a jacket.
Let me know if you’re available for a cup of coffee, or a beer (I do not drink but will have no judgment if you do). I hope to hear from you soon.

Missed ya at garden city blvd (Roanoke)

I was sitting in truck at drove by in your big truck and parked got out and came over but I drove off to fast and didn’t see ya Steve.I didn’t know it was you
Time I went up turned around came back you left plumber dang
I was the guy with red
Hope you see this

At The Farm (Herndon)

We locked eyes while our families were at Frying Pan Park yesterday March 3rd. We definitely locked eyes and had enough time for it to linger. You were wearing a light blue jacket. I was in a navy jacket. If you see this, message me, attach a pic on the first email

This is a M4F posting. This is a reposting that was flagged by some nosy snowflake

Ain’t no Sunshine (Arlington)

We jammed to this song at Guitar Center 7 corners and I should have asked you if you want to jam sometime but I did not. So if you see this add just reply and tell me what two guitars you tested that night so I know it is you. I think you said your name was Nahant. Hope you see this.

All girls Happy Hour

I’m the MBM you were the MBF(I saw your ring) hanging out with your married friends/coworkers. You have a diverse group of friends. They all look cute. It was happy hour or girls night out. We kept eyeing each other and I motioned for to meet me near the bathroom so I could speak with you. I supposed you didn’t want to risk anything front of your girlfriends. I’m hoping we can connect.

Unique, Out of Place (Merrifield/Falls Church)

You were shopping at Unique with a cart, looking at some tops near the back corner. Your silky hair was tied back and you were wearing a light blue top and black jacket. I think you might have been wearing contacts.

I was walking to that corner and our eyes met right as I was near you. It was brief because you shyly turned away. You seemed startled, but also curious..

Just wondering what’s wrong. I’d love to talk to you. I can be gentle too.

This was on March 2 in the afternoon.

If you see this, don’t be so shy this time. Include the store where I saw you and something about me so I know it’s you.

Cute alt girl (Alexandria)

you’re so pretty 🥺

we locked eyes as I drove by, I was literally breathtaken by you omg

this was around 3, your family was unloading their car; this was in franconia/alexandria at an apt complex

i’d love to get to know you 🙃

Top Photo by Hans Veth on Unsplash

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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