Best Of VA Missed Connections March 31 – April 6

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This weekend made it clear that spring has sprung, and if there’s one thing this week’s Missed Connections make clear, it’s that everybody’s in the mood for love! Well, to be fair, that’s every week in the Missed Connections, but this week found a marked lack of the usual goofy banter and joke posts. People are ready to get down with it, and I say more power to ’em.

People seem to be spending more time at the park now that things are warming up, which is probably why we see an excess of frisbee golfers, dog walkers, and park joggers in this week’s crop of MCs. But of course the checkout line meet-cutes continue, inevitably bringing us back once again to Walmart, which is STILL not back to always-open status. Bummer.

One final note before we dive in: if you need any further hints about the sort of desperate economic times we are living in, look no further than the guy who has fallen in love with the receptionist at the plasma center. When you’re a regular at the place where you sell your blood, that’s a sure sign that money’s tight.

Get that paper however you can, Virginia.

The tattooed friend you used to video chat with.

Remember when we used to video chat? Sometimes we would just leave it on while we were at work, as if we were working across from one another. Sometimes you made me videos from your home office when you were supposed to be working. On the rarest of occasions you would let me watch you smoke because you knew I loved to. Remember when you made the video for me from your car telling me how people thought you were so proper and sweet and you told me all about the bad girl side if you nobody knew? I lost you and I can’t stop thinking about you. You will never see this, I am just not that lucky but here is hoping you do. You live outside of Richmond. If this is you tell me something only we would know and put your hair color in the subject so I know it is you. Here goes nothing.

You were driving a truck behind me on W. Broad (Short pump)

You were driving a truck behind me and as I turned around from the backseat, we locked eyes and you waved. We were on West Broad St., passing Cabellas (I believe). I was in a white Toyota Camry.. only to lose you at the next light!
Hoping you see this 🙂

Dog Walker, Lake Monticello Neighborhood (Lake Monticello)

Me: Handsome, older, very fit runner with hipster scruff. New to the area. You: Similarly masculine while exchanging a knowing nod and a smile.

If this was you (or if you wish it was you), hit me back and see if we might share interests.

Missing my military friend (Norfolk)

I used to come over to your house when your family was on vacation. We would hang out in your living room with the TV going while we both explored opportunities that were otherwise denied to us. You were a young guy, caramel complexion and a hard body. I was an older guy, not quite in military shape, but you didn’t mind at the time. It’s been a few years since we met up last, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I’m hoping you’re still in the area and still check here from time to time. Or if you’re just a younger guy who’s bored tonight.

yesterday HOME DEPOT TAYLOR RD (Portsmouth)

Yesterday, I was checking out at HOME DEPOT as you were coming in, you had a small frame to yourself black curly hair maybe latin maybe light skin whatever it HOTTTTTTTTTT !!! If you are interested in meeting up for some M2M fun hit me back the way I’ll know its you as I was getting in my car you walked by pushing your cart what was on the cart. We can meet at a public place or my home

Pratt Park 4/1 (Fredericksburg)

Was playing frisbee golf with some friends yesterday and we made eye contact for about 10 seconds while you were jogging by. We exchanged smiles instead of numbers. Hopefully you are there next Thursday, I’ll definitely say hi then.

Woman at BioLife Plasma (Richmond)

To the charming woman who works at Bio Life Plasma front desk.
You like jokes.
You know who Larry David is.
It would be fun to chat more, hear more of your jokes.
Arrange a party like NASA?
Planet a cup of coffee? Lol!
I think you will remember our hellos.

Vapor Chick (Glen Allen)

I saw you at Avail Vapor on Brook rd yesterday at around 4pm. We were the only customers in store at the time, you said hello as I walked out. I was in a hurry but noticed you drive a blue car. I’d love to finish that conversation!

you looked cold (n arlington)

its a cold day to be out running, but there you were running around things just swinging and a smile a mile wide.
I was impressed even though you were cold it didn’t show. Would be happy to have you run over and again only this time stop in and warm up.

Sunday, Clearbrook Walmart (Roanoke)

You were in the checkout lane in front of me. I was the white guy in jeans that couldn’t stop looking at you. You were the fine Black lady with a younger lady and a child in the shopping cart. There were no belt dividers in that lane and we joked and laughed together about you guarding your doughnuts so I wouldn’t get them. You had a very sweet and sexy voice. Wished I had talked to you more. You will most likely never see this and I most likely will never see you again. My Loss

Gucci belt (Rocky Mount Walmart)

I was absolutely stunned by your beauty! From your brown hair, blue shirt, class ring, Gucci belt and lower…all the way down to your sandals. I couldn’t stop looking at you…THAT’S how amazing I think you are! If you hadn’t been with your family, I might have said something more than “I think that means it’s free!” Hit me up, please…

Are you there, June? (Fairfax)

Hey June, it’s Jim. We used to meet up at the park off of Melville. And also on a path behind some houses at night. Are you still around?

Photo by Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

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