Best Of VA Missed Connections: November 3 – November 9

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Welcome to another week of Missed Connections, where we learn the thing we’ve always known about moving: it sucks to do it alone. In fact, it sucks so bad that you might resort to Craigslist and fake a romantic connection with someone who broke their arm just to see if their friend with the truck is still available. I mean… maybe that’s what’s going on. And honestly, I wouldn’t blame ’em.

I might blame the guy who wishes he went home with the woman who was getting married in the morning — though not as much as I blame her for asking him to. There are no heroes in that story, but I admit I do want to know how it turned out. Then there’s the saga of Mary at the airport, which seems to me to have escalated very quickly. Did I miss something?

Considering this is the Missed Connections, I suppose we all missed something. Or someone. Or maybe just a lead-in to a classic porno scene. Mr. cupcake deliveryman, I’m looking at you.

Make that connection, Virginia.

Penn State at The Grill (Patterson Avenue)

You are an incredibly attractive lady who came into The Grill last Saturday night (10/30) with your Nittany Lions shirt on. You asked me if the channel could be switched to the Penn State game from the World Series, which was fine with me. Unfortunately, my date was siting between us so I could not strike up a conversation. Would really like to touch base with you.

You were getting married in the morning (Gent)

You were partying with a group of girls in a popular hangout restaurant in Gent.

As we left you asked me to come home with you that you were getting married in the morning.

This was really a long time ago.

What restaurant?
How did it go?

changed plans (RICHMOND)

We had planned to meet Saturday to clean up attic space and remove boxes. You were in an accident and broke your arm…bummer. I wish you a speedy recovery. I accidentally deleted your email. Do you think your friend might still be able to help?

Great Legs, Yellow Coat (Target Libbie)

We made eye contact coming into the store from the parking lot and again while I was getting a cart. I was wearing a flannel and jeans. You were wearing a yellow coat and leggings. It’s criminal for you to wear such tight pants. I saw you cut through men’s with bras to try on while I was looking for shirts… I hoped you were looking for me. I would’ve loved to give my expert opinion on which bra looked best. If this is you and you remember me…

Kat in Marching Band (Homecoming) (CNU)

We talked for a while when you were hanging out in my department’s area with a Truly that you had gotten from somewhere. We talked mostly about pets.

You were going to be a CS major I think, but then ended up in Neuroscience when Calculus didn’t go your way.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought we were kind of connecting? Eh, if you do want to go out with me sometime, let me know.

Sweater Skirt at Church (NOVA)

You’re beautiful. You smiled at me when you caught me sneaking peeks at you.

You told me you liked my beard and that you like older men. Then we were interrupted and I never got to ask for your number.

I hope we get to meet again.

guy at Walmart gas pumps offering nature getaway (Abingdon)

At Walmart around 2p.m. today you were the guy that backed your blue Tundra in to get gas and I was across on the other side of the pump in my old chevy light blue pick up. You were about 5 ten maybe 160 would be my guess with dark hair, camo ball cap, mustache and beard. You had fishing gear in the back of your truck.
We made eye contact and started a conversation and you said you would take me fishing sometime and show me the ropes. I said I wouldn’t mind just going for a ride someplace solitary in one of your isolated fishing places and just sit on a log and take things in. You said how about now you knew a good place for me take something big and important in by a stream and I said I would be right back.
I went to get my change for the gas but decided to go to the men’s room first and when I came out there was a long line at the register so it took awhile to get back outside and you were gone.
I know this is a long shot but if you happen to see this, reply and lets get out someplace where I can relax and see the surroundings and work something out.

hay larry leave her be (reston virginia)

shes lesbian

A Special Cupcake Delivery (Fairfax, DMV)

You’re a gorgeous woman that answered the door in a robe. You winked and smiled at me while you signed for your delivery and told me you liked my tats. I noticed you looking out of the window as I drove off. Maybe we can schedule a special delivery or something.

We used to meet on weekends

We used to meet on weekends at a parking lot. We would exchange for an envelope with your perfume on it. We lost contact after you got your wisdom teeth taken out. If you’re still around I’d like to connect again. Message me the park lot’s store that we would meet at so I know it’s you.

Parked next to each other at Brewery (Leesburg)

I (m) parked next to You (F) at a brewery on Sunday. We were unloading our stuff and taking out our relatively young kids out of their car seats and into the stroller. Made a brief comment to say “start taking them to breweries young” and had a small laugh about it. Would’ve really liked to talk to you more maybe grab a drink. If interested What Brewery were we at?

Dancing Saturday night in Occoquan (Woodbridge)

I met you outside of a club down on the Occoquan river. You are a beautiful asian gal, with a classic name starting with “L” … I am a tall white guy with a beard whose name begins with “A”. We talked about hanging at the old 930, DC Space, and the Vault, and other old places from the 80’s

I think you are beautiful and hope you were just on a date and not in a serious thing. I saw you the second you walked in and wanted to meet you: I still do. I wish I had asked for your number, but thought it would impolite to hedge in on your evening.

I hope you see this and give me a call because I really felt an immediate connection.

Familiar face at the airport today (DCA)

Missed saying hello to you while checking in at the airport today. You and I were checking our bags at the same time, I thought you looked familiar. You had a black mask on with red writing so I couldn’t recognize you. Definitely should have said hello but we got separated as I was in a hurry.

I remember you from somewhere but can’t figure out where.

Let’s catch up.

Mary from Delayed SW Flight from Dallas (Arlington)

I was seated next you on the very delayed SW Flight 3756, Monday, November 1. I wasn’t bold enough to ask for your number. i was captivated by you—your attitude, your dry sense of humor, and realism. i hope we can hang out again. you’re a rarity. If you this see this, please let me know where you were coming from.

Re: Mary

You don’t know me at all or my struggles or my faith or my political decisions, nothing.
We never met, just as I’d never meet anybody I’ve chatted with on CL.
I can’t believe I let my life revolve around this crap.
What the hell is wrong with me?

Trader Joe’s (Alexandria)

I locked eyes with you and you said, “Saturday night, huh.” Such a nice surprise… I loved your eyes and your sense of play. Tell me what I asked about so I know you are you.

My gorgeous ER doctor (Falls Church)

We met on here two years ago. We had a few intense nights. Some great conversation. The world has changed so much and for every reason why you have been in the line of fire. I hope you are doing well. I wish I had known how to say goodbye better. Many regrets.

Photo by Jennie Brown on Unsplash

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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