Best Of VA Missed Connections: October 24 – November 1

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Welcome to another week of Missed Connections, where we can all learn, once again, that Halloween brings out the freaks (or, at least, the freak inside each one of us). From plantation ghosts to sexy Velmas, the costumes take all forms, and everybody’s into it.

But it’s not all Halloween hijinks this week. We’ve also got dogs orchestrating a meetup of their owners at PetSmart, cuties doing homework at the grocery store cafe, and plenty of the usual randy joggers and gym rats that keep the MCs over at Craigslist flowing, week after week.

Special bonus this week: people attempting to connect with door-to-door political canvassers. This one will end very soon, thankfully — which reminds me, go vote today! Do your part to save us all from four years of that smarmy yuppie jerk Glenn Youngkin. Taylor Swift will thank you… and so will I.

Get out the vote, Virginia.

Tuckahoe plantation (Tuckahoe)

You played the ghost yesterday and I can’t shake your specter. Care to meet?

Petsmart Let’s Go (Mechanicsville)

I dont know why your dog wanted to meet me but you sure did have beautiful eyes.

I didn’t know what to say lol. I wish I had not just walked away.

FYI, I say the same thing to get my dogs moving.

I don’t know what I expect from this, but it can’t hurt putting out a little goodness to the universe.

Velma at the golfer bar (Midlothian)

On Friday night so I guess the 29th you were dressed as Velma and I think were trying to tell me something I just don’t remember what… Too much of a good time if you remember me describe what I was wearing and we will go from there.

Tickle friend

It’s been years but I miss your fingers on my soles. It was on an embassy suites on broad

Kim possible (Scotts)

You are possibly the most beautiful person I’ve seen in real life . Your friend asked if I was single I am not but I am in an open Relationship but I totally understand if that’s not ok with you I just wanted to thank you for lighting up the room

Sincerely , the white rabbit .

Jogging Around the Lake (Lake Monticello)

I’m the in-shape, older runner with the three-day scruff. You’re clean shaven, fit, and shared a long look. Please say hello next time!

Bayview Calz delivery lady (Bayview)

Hello Tiff..when you took my phone order I thought you had an attractive voice..
Then you showed up at my door, also delivering my order and I thought.. even with silly mask, you were attractive.
You complimented something out front…………
420 frndly??

Pretty Woman Studying (Fredericksburg, VA)

You’re the pretty woman doing Economics homework at Wegmans. I told I do tutoring but you didn’t get the hint

Kristin(sic?) Tally Ho – The Tubes

Gave you a ticket to The Tubes. You are smokin’ hot!
Have an extra ticket to Collective Soul on Nov 7th. If interested it’s yours.
Let’s have dinner or drinks sometime this week to get to know each.


Gone gone (Mclean)

Never see ya round the mkt (Balducci’s) anymore. You were wanting to get together one eve , early summer. I had to go elsewhere..
You called out you’re fav sandwich. I said subs are a good thing.

Political Pollster (Warrenton/Fauquier)

Tuesday about 3, I was the tall guy,,you had on a “vote ” mask. On the off chance you read this, and are working
close by , stop over again ! I would love to talk politics and history with you and buy you a cup of coffee !

Great fur at Golds (Ballston)

I’ve never posted here before, but I saw you at Golds today and told you that you have great fur. I’d be interested in talking more.

Photo by Ashley Knedler on Unsplash

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Marilyn Drew Necci

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