Best Of VA Missed Connections: October 6 – October 12

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Welcome to another week of Missed Connections here in the good ol’ Commonwealth, where every now and then we get a pretty strong reminder that our newly cosmopolitan state still has some powerful backwoods DNA lurking just beneath the surface. When you see a pretty girl shopping at Lowes with a gun on her hip, you remember… oh yeah, this is still Virginia, where telling someone you like their truck is a successful flirtation tactic.

Virginia gets weird this week, too, what with all the yearning for May-December romances and subtly pervy comments about new ways of “getting exercise” (we all know what that means). At least in the south, we still get to check out bathing beach beauties in the middle of October. But the cooler air is coming soon — so you better be hitting up JCrew for that new fall collection.

Oh, some of you already have? Well, will wonders never cease.

Stay warm, Virginia.

cigarette defender (Neil Armstrong) (Crystal City)

Yo Rocketman Amish dude. Thank you for saving my cigarettes last weekend. Let me know when you’ll be at the best saloon in Crystal City and I will bring my boys, smokes, and more dollars.

girl at lowes with gun on her hip (Richmond)

You asked the guy I was with if we could help you but he didn’t tell me until after we left . This was lowes on brook road about a week ago . I would have helped you forsure you were dressed to the 9s and very beautiful . When we were at the checkout counter I motioned you needed to put your foot in someone’s rear to get them to work lolz Anyways hope you see this.

Orange bathing suit (Ocean View Beach Park)

I was sitting on the beach by myself listening to music and you walked down the dunes and sat relatively close to me. You are a pretty black woman, when I got up to leave you said” You leaving?” I said yeah and that I had been there for a while. I left and started thinking why I did not talk to you more. I found you to be attractive.

Your May to my December (Sterling)

I miss your energy as much as you miss my experience.

We had some good laughs and made some nice memories.

Let’s do that again.

Home Depot colonial heights (Colonial heights)

Even though it was going to be your exercise for the day, I helped to load a heavy item into your vehicle for you. Let’s find an alternative way to get your exercise in….

J Crew Factory (Willow Lawn)

Behind you at check-out yesterday and got a good vibe. You were purchasing some pants. Tell me who you were with. You have great style.

You -Blond guy, grey shorts,t-shirt

JCrew factory (Queenstown)

I can’t believe I’m doing this but today around noon I was in JCrew. You were working and really cute, helpful and you had really beautiful eyes. I complimented your tattoo. You asked me what I did… do you remember? For some reason I feel compelled to see if you get this. Lastly I checked my receipt and your name is Jessica. My email is actually in your system when I checked out so email me! Or respond to this. I can’t believe I’m doing this. But what the hell.

Saw you in the grocery store this past week (Midlothian)

Great to see you but unfortunately I was not able to speak. Brought back great memories of when we met. Even though I am a lot older dude you were a very therapeutic guy and I remember it well.

Looking for m.abby28 (Short Pump area, Richmond)

I replied to your CL posting a few years back. You replied back-to-back which included your email hidden in the reply. I was really thrilled. I wrote directly to your email and eventually I got a reply. We messaged some then we lost contact. I would love if you saw this posting and messaged me. I am not in Short Pump but within 2 hours driving distance south of Short Pump. You were into various uncommon interests not generally considered common interests. That will make sense to you if that makes sense.

Publix Colonial Heights

You commented about how you liked my truck. Would like to talk more if you’re interested

Steve, I am under the pc desk where are you?

Steve you used to come over and smoke with me, sometimes you were in a hurry and just wanted me to be waiting for you in my spot, under my stand up pc des,k with videos playing. you never stayed long but we always enjoyed hanging out together for a few min when we did. I know I sent texts after telling you how much I enjoyed it and haning out with you. but I didn’t mean anything by it… I just had fun and was looking forward to hanging out and watching videos again thats all. I don’t do that with a lot of people or anything if that is what you were thinking. you were the only one. I don’t know why you quit responding to my texts but I wish we could hang out again like old times just for fun 🙂

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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