Best of VA Missed Connections October 9 – October 15

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Did you do well with pop quizzes back when you were in middle school? If so, you might just score a passing grade on this week’s Missed Connections! You’re going to need to remember what color shirt she was wearing, what car he was driving, and what hand they ate with, but fortunately that last one’s easy — if someone’s even mentioning it, it’s always going to be the left hand.

This week also brings us tales of high school bullies plagued by regret later in life, rural lesbians looking for love (I’ve been there, sister), and a tale of what might have been road rage at a Hopewell Burger King. After a week off, we’ve also got the return of our favorite gas station/meat market, Wawa. And as usual, some third-rate dodgy online-hookup site gets dropped in at least one post. I’m always convinced those are stealth advertising, but maybe I’m overthinking it.

One word to the wise before we go this week: you won’t have to post a Missed Connection for someone whose car was broken down if you stop and try to help them. If you didn’t follow up on those locked-eyes moments by busting out your toolbox, pal, you blew it.

Get the jumper cables, Virginia.

got a gloryhole? (henrico)

looking for a gloryhole in henrico county. you must host. anon only. do not message me if you don’t have a GH.

Camo sweater (Brown’s Island)

I was walking from Oregon Hill with the goal of getting to the pipeline. The folk festival was going on and I noticed you had seen me while I was walking along the path between belle isle and browns island. We slowly walked next to eachother while passing the bridge over. I wanted to ask for your name, you were quite a cutie. I hope you enjoyed your night

I want so say i’m sorry for picking on you in high school. (HHS)

I cant believe im doing this. But we had a few classes together and you never knew it but I really liked you and I didn’t know how to deal with that emotion so I would pick on you. And now I regret it. I’ve tried reaching out to you. but no response. I’d really like to meet up and catch up and see how you’re doing. I was a WM you were BF.

Cotton Candy Girl (Toano)

To the girl at pumpkinville in toano making cotton candy. You are beautiful.


This is a long shot but worth a try. I’m look for the beautiful woman who her and I made eye contact with while smiling at each other. I tried to find you in the parking lot to give you a compliment but unfortunately I didn’t see you. If you happen to read this please tell me the color shirt I had on.

First Kiss (Richmond)

You were my first man to man kiss and I lost your contact information. It happened in your office. I am in Richmond.

black Honda….I’m sorry. (Chester)

In little black Honda, brown hair and glasses. I tail-gaited you down Rt. 10 this morning. Sorry, I was running late to get to Hopewell. Was going to apologize, but you turned at Burger King. Not sure if you waved or flipped me off. Either way, I’m sorry and would love to buy you a drink. Tell me what I was driving to prove it was you, and lets talk.

Looking for friends (Cumberland)

I’m 46…

lesbian looking for like minded friends. I live in a very rural county and it’s sooooo hard to connect with people in my community that share the same interests.

So, here I am….on Craigslist…

I’m artsy, love to fish and open to trying new things…

Interested? Send me a message

EDIT: Do not reply pretending to be a woman, if you’re married or a straight man…thanks

Red dress at 7-11 (richmond)

We only spoke for a minute but there was definitely a connection. You’re heading to the beach tonight. We should get a drink when you get back .

Beautiful mom w/beautiful tats at Meade Park (Woolen Mills)

Earlier this afternoon, playground at Meade Park. You were with your daughter and we chatted briefly. Ring any bells? Loved your smile. Guessing you won’t see this but worth a shot!

Walking your dogs (King George)

You are stunning! I love catching you walking your dogs in your sweats. They fit perfectly and show every sexy curve. You are blessed with an incredibly delicious body that screams sexy. Hope you see this and are at least curious.

Update- no sweats today….jeans and your partner. Ugh

I think it was Kim/bob evans (richmond/broad. glenside)

I was in earlier today having lunch and just wanted to say how cute you are and such a pretty smile,,, I was too shy to say! if anyone sees this that knows her,,please tell her,, just wanted to say! oh she’s AA!

Doug from Charlottesville looking for Ashley in Richmond

I never wanted you to break up with me don’t know what happened please get. Back to me

Van broke down, downtown

Your hair was blonde and blue (I think it was blue) and had a tattoo on your thigh. You were with your mom or grandma, something like that and your van broke down. I heard her talking about the radiator when I walked by.

We locked eyes a few times. I’d love to talk if you see this

gym shower (downtown)

enjoy our talks in the shower. if I am picking up a vibe let me know the subject of our most recent conversation, man

Looking to explore the area. (Powhatan)

New to the area looking for someone who knows the area… Anything fun to do, must see, etc…

To the red head I work with

You’re awesome. I love seeing you walk through the door every day. I wish I was in a position to tell you how I feel but I probably never will be. Also I dont have any friends here to vent too so I might as well let it out to the entire internet. You’re cute, funny, and always know how to pull a smile out of me even when things are going so great. Your the kind of person I wish I was with. I think we would be great together. Ah well….

Bonefish Grill – Red Motorcycle – Friday 9/20 (Charlottesville)

You paid for my lunch on Friday 9/20 and I didn’t get a chance to say thank you. We sat at the bar next to each other but I’m super shy. Wish I had spoken to you. Let me know if you are right or left handed and what I ordered, so i know it’s you.

UPS Store Jeff Davis Chester (Chester VA)

The sexy brunette that works there. You have a gorgeous smile and friendly personality. Not sure if youre flirting or friendly. Im hoping its flirting. I come in a few times a month and always hope youre there. Overheard someone say you are going to be promoted to manager. Congratulations if thats the case. If youre interested in talking please email me and let me know what I am usually sending out.

WaWa last night. (Short Pump)

Your first name starts with an E. You like my outfit and asked me if I was a manager where I work. I told you, “almost”. Your dad was a singer. I found you attractive and I felt like you wanted more and you didn’t say. If you’d like to exchange numbers message me. You are very cute and I hope we cross paths again. Or come see me! You know where I work.


Buffalo Wild Wings -Cary Street

We were waiting for lunch together and walked back to your building together. I should have asked for your phone number. Send me an email on here and tell me which building I work in.

panera delivery driver (Col heights, VSU)

I have seen you off and on, as you drive through the VSU campus.. your cute and very nice… a very lovely looking women…

I dont know if you are single but if you are, then lets talk.. I would love to get to know you..

Friday evening at Chili’s – f4m (W Cary St.)

You were seated in the bar area Friday evening when I came into the restaurant – we made eye contact a number of times.

Send me an email or your Nsameets iD and let’s see where it goes 😊

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