Best of RVA Missed Connections: November 21 – November 27

by | Nov 27, 2018 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Looks like the holiday season kicked off with some serious weirdness. If you’re haunting chain restaurants and frequenting Wawa lately, this week’s Missed Connections might have a message for you… and this week’s posters aren’t holding anything back. From drunken mistakes involving bodily functions gone wrong, to gay cruising at a Chick-Fil-A of all places (I can’t decide if this is terrible or awesome), this whole week is a hilarious hot mess.

Maybe things will calm down a little next week, but until then… let’s get weird.

I’m sorry (Richmond)

I’m sorry that I blacked out and took a shit in your dresser.

I understand why you won’t talk to me anymore but it’s just you cross my mind every time I pass the gnomes

Hope all is well 

You: Mr. Game Master (escape room)

I ran out of escape rooms for you to guide me through, miss you, want to do one together elsewhere? You know my name, do you still have the business card I gave you?

Chilis (hull street)

Good grief!! Now that’s a fine butt! You know who you are and good grief what a fine bubble butt you have. I got to watch you the whole time I was there. Those jeans looked like they were enjoying EVERY min of it. Thank you!!!

White Guy Blue Shorts Black Friday Chick Fil A (Forest Hill)

You came into CFA right after I did. It was a bit cold out, but you wouldn’t know it from the way you filled out those blue workout shorts. Looks like you lean a little to the left…

If you’d like to warm up together, let me know.


Is your dog still alive?

He seemed sweet.

Bryan Park “big guy” (Bryan Park picnic shelter)

You were a male at Bryan park a couple of weeks ago. We were hanging around the shelter. You had just adjusted the big bulge you had, but someone was driving up. I thought we might’ve had something. HMU if u happen to read this!

Thank you… (Home Depot paint 3:30ish- Midlo)

… for showing me that women over 35 can still look like they care. I couldn’t take my eyes off you when I passed in both directions. Wow….

Krystal (Away from our town)

It was cold outside, but you were HOT. Sorry about what I said about your ex. You’re WAY too good looking for him!

guy seeking girl 30s-40’s – talk/lonely 🙁 (norfolk)

Title:Guy seeking girl 30s-40’s – talk/lonely 🙁

even though I’m awesome, I’m *somehow* overlooked, despite being good looking, in shape, in cool clothes, fancy cars, etc. I’m sure this will be flagged – WHY? Isn’t this MISSED CONNECTIONS? I miss a connection – I’ve been here for years, haven’t had one yet. There’s a love doll on eBay ending soon, I’m soo tempted to bid, to at least have company, someone to at least look at me.


Thanks. Glad a young person busting it for a check despite health issues is someone you’re privileged enough to mock. It’s all motivation to me, so I appreciate it. Also, I sincerely hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Very few are the number of people who can show respect and kindness to those who aren’t currently at their best, so I’m especially thankful to them. <3 I’ll remember you once I’m back to feeling myself.

You’re a thick bbw in west end (Glen Allen)

I’ve seen you a couple times at Wawa by carmax you are an absolute delight to look at and fantasize about, thank you! If only you’d say hey or message me here

Kohl’s – Midlothian (Midlothian, VA)

We shared a few knowing glances, smiles, and winks. I was out buying my niece some clothes and happily saw you stroll into the fitting area….tall gorgeous dirty blond/redhead. You made those jeans look like they were custom made just for you and the green top….mmm, what can I say!!

Someone motioned in our direction and you started laughing….remember what she said/was doing?

Shy seeming guy with dog that barks a lot

I see you around sometimes but I don’t know how to start a conversation. I feel like there is a mutual attraction but I’m not completely sure. You were wearing a brown coat this morning. Is it mutual?

Subway (13142 midlothian turnpike)

was in there today my total came to 1978 you said great number because that was the year you were born i said no way are you 40 years old you said i hear that all the time i said i was also born in the 70’s you seem very cool i would like to hang time time hit me up if u see this

Earmuffs with color hair (Wawa at Staples Mill)

I cannot believe I chickened out and did not have a conversation with you. We kept I contact going between us the whole time while you was getting gas in your red car. I must say you look cute with your glasses on.

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