Best Of VA Missed Connections August 28 – September 3

by | Sep 3, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

School’s back in here in Richmond, and if you’re riding the bus, you just might find yourself in the Missed Connections this week. After all, we’ve all gotta get there somehow.

We’ve got a bunch of fun stuff in the good ol’ MCs this week, from house flippers who want to flip more than just houses to athletic hikers and flirty Food Lion shoppers. Plus a lady forklift driver, which is a rejected Prince song title if I’ve ever heard one, and a Vietnamese food fan who really just wants to check out everyone’s feet. Putting the sandals into early retirement might not be a bad idea this year.

Finally, if you’ve got some donuts your hookup partner isn’t into, the RVA Mag staff is always hungry. But you can spare us the spit.

Get sugary, Richmond.

You want me to spit in your mouth… (Fan)

But you never eat the Sugar Shack donuts I bring over when we hook up. What gives?

Area 51 (richmond)

To the young lady who opened the door for me at Area 51, I was in a hurry to work and would love to chat with you. You were in a white and car and I was in a ????

On the #20 Orbital Bus (Going to Cary and Shepherd)

Hi there, if you actually somehow see this I asked you for help with directions and you were very kind and helpful. I wished I would have asked you your name and told you mine but I’m a little on the shy side. If you see this message me I’d love to hear from you and talk sometime.

Smiling on the pulse bus (Willow lawn)

You have buzzed hair, piercings, and a Rollator walker, I was having a really horrible day but you smiled at me and it really helped. I wanted to say something to you but I was nervous. feel free to reach out if you see this

Red house (Chester)

Green shorts

Caravati’s (Richmond)

Jimmy….I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the conversation we had. You were so helpful. I couldn’t stop looking at you. You have an awesome personality and I was dumb struck staring at those blue eyes. I could have stayed all day. You’re very sweet and I have had you on my mind. Just had to tell you that you left a great impression.

Hot girl with dog named Izzy (Shockoe Bottom Old Stone Row)

I was by your apartments today for a water leak. I spent some time talking to you and petting your dog Izzy. I was speechless you were gorgeous we should take Izzy for a walk sometime and then hang back out at your place.


You were with 3 of your friends. You were the girl wearing the pink shirt. I thought I overheard you saying one of your friends had ugly feet. Well, you on the other hand had some of the nicest feet and arches I have seen. I’d love to massage your beautiful feet and give you a free pedicure.

Gorgeous woman at Dairy Queen (Ashland)

You worked the drive thru of Dairy Queen in Ashland on Wednesday. I thought you were hot. We traded a long look and a smile. Would like to see you again.

Dorey Park beauty (East End)

I was with a group at Dorey Park on Tuesday and you were with a friend and her daughter. You are a beautiful brunette with tattoos on your arms and legs. We shared several conversations and a wave. I left without getting your number but would really like to see you again. If you remember, let me know what group I was with so I know its you.

Three Women, All Very Pretty and Fit (Westover Hills)

You were on a hike together. I took your picture while shamelessly flirting. Happy to serve as your guide for future hikes. Tell me what we talked about.

Lady house flipper at lowes (Forest Hill)

Pretty, petite white lady I spoke with in the return lane. Tall wm here. Wish I had given you my card. I’m offering my services to help with your flips. 

Food Lion friend

I come into your job quite often and we kinda know each other’s work schedule.idk if it’s just me but it feels like we want to say what we feel but never always smile when you see me and we always joke around when we would always say something about my music. Idk if you would ever see this or even respond but I hope you do.if so tell me my work schedule so I know it’s you.

Macys south park (S Chesterfield)

Cute strawberry blonde that works at macys 

you are kinda short with a cute smile and a great looking body 

would like to find out more about you

Short haired blonde Chester Food Lion (Chester Food Lion)

I saw you in the Chester Food Lion Friday evening. You had short blonde hair and you were thin and pretty. I wanted to chat with you and thought about it as I left. Then I saw you leaving in a car. I know the color and make so use that when you reply so I know it’s you. You saw me too….. 

Cute girl at Cracker Barrel (Mechanicsville)

Cute girl at Cracker Barrel this morning (Wednesday) that i shared a smile with this on my way out. 

Would love to talk to you. 
I had a red shirt/backwards hat


I shook hands with you this morning would love to buy you a drink.

what color pants were you wearing

Searching for Kimberly Walker

Trying to find Kimberly Walker who was originally from Aylett. We were long distance friends back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Just drifted apart and life went on. I spoke with you about 10 years ago out of the blue and you were happily married and doing well. Heard that your husband passed last year and would like to reconnect. Your Dad worked for the railroad.

RVA Staff

RVA Staff

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