Best Of VA Missed Connections January 20 – January 26

by | Jan 26, 2021 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Here we are for another week of Missed Connections, where the pickings get steadily slimmer as the sadly-departed cesspool that was the Casual Encounters page on Craigslist continues its gradual takeover of what we once knew as one of the most fun internet pages to read. SESTA/FOSTA, what have you wrought? Endless posts about pipe, wood, and tacos (please stop ruining one of my favorite foods for me, internet idiots).

OK, enough complaining for one week — let’s talk about the diamonds we were able to locate in a very rough corner of the internet. From green Mustang-driving hotties to Mazdas at the Dairy Queen, a lot of action is taking place in cars these days. I suppose that’s no surprise, since COVID is worse than ever, and anyone worth meeting is mostly sticking to their own air space.

There’s plenty happening in the outdoors, even on dreary rainy days like this one, as we hear tales of bikers and birdwatchers making eyes at one another. And of course, there are the quixotic, seemingly doomed missions that might nonetheless work against all odds. This week, it’s someone looking for an AM radio DJ who was on the air in Richmond over 30 years ago. If you ask me, you might shoulda started your search a little sooner. But what do I know?

Open the door, Virginia.

Biking at Pocahontas (Chesterfield)

We were both getting ready to ride and we were parked next to each other today (Saturday). You’re a female and I’m a male. We chatted a bit about the weather and our dirty bikes. I believe you were with your son and I wasn’t comfortable asking for your number in front of him, or if you were even available. Wondering if you’d like to ride together sometime?

A+ Pink Shoes Camouflage Pants Exxon at Buford Tuesday Night (Old Bonair)


Last night Tuesday I commented on your pink shoes. A+ You a tall blond wearing a mask.

After you left the counter you were filling your windshield wiper fluid Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I should have offered to help you.

We should meet you for coffee or drinks

MGM white beauty (DMV)

You look at me I was playing slot machine
We have look to each other
You were walking out from the casino
I would love to talk to you beautiful bebe

Birdwatcher at Rockwood Park (Chesterfield)

You were the cute blonde gal that was looking up a tree at a woodpecker that you pointed out to me. I wish I would have stopped hiking long enough to strike up a conversation with you. Do you remember what kind of bird that I said I had seen ? Hope to catch you birdwatching again.

Green Stang Hull St

We were at a stoplight on Hull St next to the Sheetz. I was scrubbin in the backseat of my boii’s pickup lookin to holler when you looked my way. I saw you giggle. I’m tryna see that giggle the rest of my life. Drop that green stang hard top mama and let me love you.

Fun Times in The Artech (charlottesville)

Walking from the lobby to their apartment at about 1:30am this morning, two girls dressed for the club, things maybe didn’t go quite their way. One girl to the other, the whole way down the hall, is saying, as if on a loop, “Open the door, bitch. Open the door, bitch.” It was so good it was as if she were auditioning for a part.

I am looking for Cody

Hey Cody this is Mike, remember me, lets get together again if you are not Cody don’t contact me, i do not like BS

1988-90 Female AM Radio DJ (Roanoke/Salem)

Female AM Country radio DJ. You played the Statlers for me. Hope you are well. Maybe drop me a line?

Waved at me (Colonial heights va)

I’m coming from the round about and as I come over the hill to the light where the Waffle House and Dairy Queen/ Jersey Mike’s is, I glance over to my left and see this beautiful older lady driving a semi suv like a Mazda Tribute size. She waves at me and I waved back. She also smiled at me. I was a Black gentlemen and she was an older Caucasian lady. If you can tell me the color of my car I would love to get to know you…

Home Depot employee (Chesterfield)

You sold me some appliances today and hit on me pretty good. Even tho you do t make commission you wanted to take to me to lunch. I think we should get down and dirty I want you badly. I know your a freak I can tell. If this his you tell me your name so I know it’s you.

Photo via Ricky.chee_03/Instagram

Marilyn Drew Necci

Marilyn Drew Necci

Former GayRVA editor-in-chief, RVA Magazine editor for print and web. Anxiety expert, proud trans woman, happily married.

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