Best Of VA Missed Connections December 11 – December 17

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Christmas time is here, and New Years Eve will be here soon after. But y’all, please do not find your ride home from the holiday season’s wild parties in the Missed Connections. This ain’t the Edgar Winter Group, and there’s no such thing as a free ride.

OK, now that we’ve got that warning out of the way, let’s enjoy the week’s highlights, from hardware store tool seekers to junkyard tool providers. Y’all are obsessed with tools out here. You don’t really know your equestrian terminology though, so here’s a hint: a stallion is a MALE horse, so you might not want to use that term for a woman you’re trying to impress.

You probably also shouldn’t take pictures of girls who don’t know you’re checking them out, especially if you intend to post said pictures on Craigslist either. Let’s dial it back on the creepiness just a bit, folks. After all… it’s the holiday season, Virginia.

Girl at Weezie’s Kitchen Tuesday night karaoke (Carytown)

I was sitting at the bar at Weezie’s during Tuesday night karaoke and you were sitting at a nearby table with friends. We made eye contact a couple of times. You were wearing a stocking cap and I thought you were really cute. I was a white guy wearing a blue shirt. If this sounds like you and if you thought I was cute too, write me back and we can grab a drink at Weezie’s sometime.

December 13, 2017

You’re in my thoughts. Always will be.

Does he ignore you? (Charlottesville Area)

If you are being ignored or just lonely,I’d like to talk to you. I understand the way things go after the beginning good years and maybe we can find a solution. Isn’t life too short to find ourselves not having that nice feeling about life anymore?! Write and let’s talk.

Free ride home. I’ll be your DD (Richmond)

I drive for a ride share on the weekends but I’d like to give some lucky female a “free” ride home at the end of the night. Conditions apply. Message me for details.

Hardware Store (Nelson Area)

I saw you in the hardware store. You were very masculine, rugged, and mature. We chatted briefly and you noticed I was interested in your tool. Something definitely looked like hardware. Would like to meet in private. Even if this sounds like you, please say hello. Be nice to have a Nelson friend.

Affair wanted (Richmond)

Married good looking male in a sexless marriage and looking for another female in the same situation.

Ideally this would be long term and very very discreet. Would have to meet in public place for coffee to talk and see if there is a connection.

I’m very handsome and professional. Clean cut business type.

ISO Lovely Middle Aged Lady

You, dear lady, are someone I’ve seen more than once in a few places. I get the impression that you’re something like me; early 60s, married quite a while to a spouse who hardly knows you’re there, much less satisfy the inner cravings of an aching heart and body. You may not be a beauty pageant winner, but you have an inner beauty that has won my heart. Please write me, and when you do include the name of a color and a vegetable so I’ll know you actually read this. Thank you, my dear, I’ll be waiting.

Utility Worker (Downtown)

Saw you on the smoking block. Did we share “looks” thought you were going to say hello when you walked to the trash can. HMU

Bob at junk yard

You helped by lending tools. You were removing bumper. I was getting seats!

Not looking for sex, just a tinker buddy!!

To Katie (Around)

My God you’re such a stallion! I’m sure you can tell it’s quite the pleasure to soak you in at times. Know that the sight of you is appreciated…especially in your athletic pants….but I do miss the dresses on your curvy girl frame. Hope to see you soon.

TS Dicks Sporting Goods/ miss connections (Fredericksburg/ WARRENTON RD)

Looking for me some good golf Clubs and Balls

Capital ale innsbrook (Glen allen)

You were the cute Asian guy who approached me at the bar, you just turned “21, like 2 min ago”. Tell me what you ordered

Attractive woman at Verizon store on west broad (West end.)

Our eyes met a few times yesterday(Saturday) at the Verizon store on broad, and I am sorry I didn’t come over and at least chat with you and see what your situation was. Hope you see this and we can chat

Matt B (Richmond)

I have seen you around work and you are cute. Saw you at the holiday party today and your were looking real good in your blue suit. If you see this and are bi, gay, let me know. If anyone else knows Matt, let me know

Petite at Chick-fil-A (Chesapeake)

Thank you for waving back at me today at lunchtime. You are a very lovely woman and you truly captured me! Beautiful blond hair and petite little woman. I have to be honest, I’m in a marriage that’s falling apart and I know it’s wrong to look at another woman and gesture. “I couldn’t help myself”. But it truly made my day that you acknowledged me and waved. I hope you’re a very happy soul and thank you for being so beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Merry Christmas to you!

Chubby girl who works at CiCi’s in the Powerplant Parkway area (Hampton)

So you have worked at CiCi’s awhile. I don’t go there much, but everytime I do, you’re working and I just can’t help staring at you. You’re beautiful, that’s for sure. I hope it’s not too weird, but i took a pic of you to help so you’d know I’m talking about you. I tried talking to you personally, but you were so busy bussing. I’d like to talk if you see this. Email me back with a picture of yourself so I know it’s indeed you. Hope to hear from you soon. EDIT: Won’t let me post images.

Monday Monday (Richmond)

You and I used to say how we middle aged men always hate Mondays. Then we used to get together in your office and all of a sudden Monday was not so bad. We used to have a bunch of good laughs and your name is Dennis and mine is John. Do you remember me?

Bella at sheetz (Madison)

I wish we could have talked longer and I’d love to get to know you better… you asked about my sweatshirt, tell me what country it was from so I know it’s you

Pizza Guy (Oilville)

Picked up my order late last evening, you had difficulty with the register. Took awhile for you to check me out but gave me longer to check you out lol. You’re very handsome and I got a curious man vibe from you. I was totally interested but shy. Should have said something.

Saw you at Colonial Italian Restaurant (Colonial Heights)

We smiled at each other in the parking lot of Colonial Italian Restaurant in Colonial Heights on Tuesday afternoon as we were both approaching the restaurant to go in for lunch. You were a cute white female and I was a male wearing a grey jacket. You were with another guy so I figured that I shouldn’t come up and say hello, but then I realized that he might have just been a friend or coworker and I am regretting not saying anything to you. I thought you were really attractive and I’m hoping that you see this so that I can have the chance to take you out for lunch or a drink. If this sounds like you, feel free to send me a message with any questions.

Big Lick Brewery Friday (Roanoke)

You were with a guy, maybe he was just a friend? Ha You are a tall, sexy, beautiful blonde female in your 20’s. I thought we made some eye contact in the glances we exchanged, almost sure if it 😉 Hopefully you see this! Send me a message with what I was wearing 😉

I was with a few female friends enjoying some beers.

Enjoyed meeting you the other night (West Broad Village)

Hi, I was at Park Lane Tavern with some friends the other night and talked to you briefly. You were a pretty BBW (if I may say so when the best intention). We chatted for a while but then you had to go with your friends and I didn’t get your number. I would love to meet you again and talk some.

Female friend

Looking for a clean female friend to have fun with 420 friendly and love to drink and party send me pictures !!!

Missing you (Chesapeake)

We shared so many great memories together. It started because we were lonely in our relationships at the time… but then we grew into a relationship of our own. I never knew where I fit into your life , I guess that’s why I was always confused. Sometimes I think you cared more about me than you thought you could … maybe that’s why you let me go.

I believe you think of me often but you’re not sure how I’d react. I miss your voice and I miss seeing your smile… Those butterflies were always there whenever we met.

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