Best Of VA Missed Connections October 21 – October 27

by | Oct 27, 2020 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Welcome to another week of Missed Connections, where we find the anonymous denizens of Craigslist asking: can this year just end already? Here at RVA Mag, we are definitely feeling burnt out, Missed Connections posters — rest assured, you are not alone.

That said, we don’t just have Christmas to look forward to, we also have some fun treats this very week. For example, the guy (person?) hitting on their stepmom, about which all we can say is “OMG.” Or the dudes cruising grandpas at Home Depot — which, I must admit, sure seems like a good place to find a grandpa if that’s what you’re in the market for. And of course, there’s the down-low cruising scene in the ammo section out at Green Top. It begs the question: what are y’all compensating for?

All this plus Doordash driver meet-cutes, Beastie-loving Honda drivers, and people who really just want to compliment a woman on her dress (not that there’s anything wrong with that). This week is a real bonanza.

By the way, I don’t know who needs to hear this, but “towards” is not spelled like that. Just ask everyone’s favorite Richmond garage-rock band.

Gently with a chainsaw, Virginia.

Anyone else burnt out? (Henrico)

I was just wondering if there are people out there that are just burnt out by everything that is going on in 2020. Maybe you’re burnt out on friends, family, job, life whatever and you need someone to just vent with that is can bring a fresh perspective. I know I could use someone like that. Anyway, I think we could all use a good laugh.

Cute girl at Powhatan state park (Mechanicsville)

Long shot but why not. I was with my two dogs walking to my car. I saw you at the map board walked into a trail then back out. We said hi to each other in the parking area as you walked tords the trail I came from. You are stunningly beautiful! You were wearing a white shirt, black pants. Reply with what you noticed about me.

Bryan Park Couple-Sat (Bryan Park)

The couple strolling about Bryan Park on Saturday afternoon. I really liked the dress she was wearing and would have liked to have said that in person and be my model……BUT, unable to say. Take care!!!!

Stepmom do you need help? (Stafford)

I know you and dad aren’t so Hot right now. He has told me, plus it is obvious when I come over, your body language rejects him every time he enters a room. Maybe I can help, no one will have to know. Its not like I am not old enough now and you deserve to be happy.

Hottie in the Honda (Magnolia Green – Midlothian)

I had the windows up blaring the Beastie Boys……you were turning left into Magnolia Green and my light turned green to go…..I wish my light was red longer.

Gloucester Starbucks (Gloucester)

You bought my coffee this morning and that really made my day. I did follow you to thank you. I’m glad I caught up to you. You are gorgeous. I’d love to buy coffee for you one day, and hopefully have a nice conversation. Thanks again. I hope I see you again.

Inquiring Minds

Why is it when a genuine post gets posted it gets flagged for removal but posts on here about people wanting to hook up and cheat on their spouses on the down low never get flagged? Just curious…. And slightly irritated…

Grandpa (Midlothian)

I want to say thank again for helping today.
You were at the Home Depot in north chesterfield and helped me in the plumbing department.

Maybe I can buy you a coffee or a beer?

Send me a picture soI know it’s you

Older/ Grandpa (Richmond)

I am sorry to say I deleted your message to me.
This is the man who was interested in finding the chubby grandpa at Home Depot in Midlothian.
You helped me in the plumbing department.
I hope you see this soon.
I hope you will send that picture so I know it’s you.

older man wants to take a boy fishing (Norfolk)

older man wants to teach a young man who didn’t have a father how to enjoy the outdoors fishing and camping

Midlothian Walgreens (Midlothian)

You had beautiful black hair, and were watching me from behind the counter. I was wearing a black long sleeved shirt. I kept seeing you look at me and I could not help but return your gaze. I am sure you have a lovely smile behind the mask. I was having a rough day, but you made it considerably better, thank you!

Construction clean (Chesterfield)

I clean new construction homes and you’ve been there a few times looking very handsome. I hope you read this and feel the same. If so hit me up, tell me what you were wearing today

Lionshead barber shop (Ocean View)

One of the Female Barbers that works there. Your name starts with an A. You’re very cute and we’ve talked many times when I come in there and we’re on a first name basis. I feel like there is a connection being we both of kids the same age and we always make a lot of eye contact. I’ve had a crush on you for so long now. I was in the shop this past Saturday the 24th

Hope this makes it to you

Northern Neck Guy (West End)

Looking to see if I can reconnect with a guy who was in Green Top Sporting Goods a few months ago on a Sunday. We were both looking at the ammo selection and you had been to the Bass Pro range on Saturday. Older guy here and you were younger. We talked and there was a period we both wanted to say more but didnt; lots of people around, plus I you mentioned someone else was with you. Wish we had exchanged txt and hooked up later. There is a snowballs chance in hell you will see this but havent seen you back and want to.

Busch Gardens (Williamsburg)

We were on the same line earlier. When I was on the ride, we had an eye contact and we both winked on each other. You were with the kid and a guy. Hit me up, if it’s you! Tell me what was I wearing!

Met at Honotoki (Virginia beach)

We met at honotoki teriyaki. We were both doing doordash orders, you were driving a white Volkswagen, I was driving a silver mustang. I was wearing a black and white checkered shirt. You initiated a conversation with me out of the blue but I didn’t realize till after that you were interested in me. If by some chance you see this post, email me. Tell me your profession so I know it is you, you mentioned it to me in conversation And doordash was just a way for you to make extra money on the side.

You were the best (MIDLOTHIAN)

You are the nicest guy another guy could meet. You were personable, gentile and very sincere. I hope you see this and you wonderful hands will reach out.

Virtual or in person? (Newport News)

That’s the question right now – to meet virtual or in person. I can say that I’m a guy that has tried them both and can make either enjoyable. However, in my opinion you can’t beat personal interaction. If you’re a gal who would like to discuss this I’d love to hear from you.

Blonde at Short Pump Publix this morning (Short Pump)

I’m sure this has no chance of succeeding…but…

You…blonde, print top, black slacks, yellow handbag…this morning (Friday) at Short Pump Kroger.

Me…khaki slacks, black golf shirt.

Something about you says you’d be interesting to talk to…

Email me here…yes?

Missing your 3rd dimension, all that makes you F. (Suffolk)

All summer I dreamed, imagined, sunk deeper into my thoughts (and lawn chair 🙂 while laying out, absorbing the humidity… thanks to Covid, the only girls I watched were two-dimensional. They still excited me (perhaps a bit too much) and now, as it grows cooler (stopped raining, FINALLY) my lonely days just seem like that- alone. I don’t completely mind, and perhaps I am very cautious, but I’ve known people who were very sick with coronavirus – and won’t let that happen to me.

It is wonderful though… having some kind of connection. Emails, texting, sharing secrets, pics, laughing and flirts. I miss that, I think, more than anything else at this time.

I’m out there, 40’s WM, attractive

And would like to get to know youuuuuu…..

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