Best of RVA Missed Connections December 5 – December 11

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It’s been a messy couple of days out there on the streets, Richmond — and if at any point you shared a laugh with an intriguing stranger over how poorly everyone else was driving, this week’s Missed Connections might be for you.

Those of you who are good samaritans shoveling people’s cars out of the snow might also find you’ve picked up a secret admirer. And if you’ve been dressing to kill at the local jazz clubs lately, or going around offering people money to punch your friend in the face… believe me, people have noticed. Getting your car towed always sucks, though, so chase your blues away with a romp through this week’s Missed Connections.

My little elf helper in Forest Hill (Forest Hill)

I saw the nicest young man shoveling show on a street today, and he was dressed as an elf! What a nice thing to do – and boy were you cute!

Not sure which way you swing but this old Santa would like a lick on that candy cane… hope to see this good little elf helping out again! You can always sit on my lap for your Christmas wish 😉

Laughing at cars sliding around on the hill

People are idiots, I’m glad we agree, lol. It was a hysterical conversation we had. Wish it had been longer. Two cars in your garage, so I made my assumptions.

If I was incorrect about your status, please connect. Tell me your name.

Cute girl in TCC VAC class

You offered me $20 to punch your friend in the face. You were fine as hell and I thought about it the rest of the day. I should have got your number. Hit me up if you see this.

Burger King

Very nice hot ass girl behind the counter at the burger King on Broad street. You were a little firecracker talking to your co worker when I walked in. When you turned around to get the food I got to see that fine ass of yours! Damn fine. I was the guy with the beard and the flannel jacket. You made my day.

Pregnant in suv (Food lion/ mill creek)

We cought each other’s eye at the stop light, I saw you rubbing your baby bump! You looked amazing. Then the light changes and we looked at each other as we pulled away smoky and waving…. I wanna talk to you! I have a very specific vehicle… tell me what it was… I hope you see this and feel the same….

Missing My Queen! (RICHMOND)

My Queen has moved away and I am in need of a replacement to worship. I am 58, WM, professional, solid build.

If you are new or experienced, I am good either way. Alpha females are encouraged to respond.

towed car (monument ave)

Your car was towed today. You took my number but didn’t text me tonight. You should reach out

male tailor measurements for men (charlottesville)

You needed me to come by your house to take your measurements for a made to order suit. As I was getting your measurements of your inseam you sure seemed to be enjoying the experience but didn’t want to be inappropriate. Let me know if you need me to come back and finish the job.

Shopping cart (Grandview Nature Preserve)

Accompanied by your small black-ish dog (sorry, I don’t know breeds worth a damn), you were picking up driftwood and/or shells for what I imagine is some art project; I was walking the beach while attempting to play Pokemon Go for the first time ever. I made the comment about the fact that you could use a shopping cart, and then when I saw you again you reintroduced the shopping cart line. The suave thing (and typical thing for me to do) would have been to at least offer to carry some of it for you back to the car; unfortunately, at that exact moment, what I was really waiting on was for you to go *away* so I could disappear into the marsh and release a bladder that simply was not going to wait much longer. Of course, by the time I got on the right path again, you were long gone.

I don’t know that you or I are interested or even emotionally available for a relationship, but I did enjoy our brief flirtation.

Northside Park blonde and hubby (Norfolk)

Hey…that was hot!!! The both of you are big time turn ons.

Im hoping to see yall again.

Let me know what kind of vehicle yall were in.

Blonde in Red Saturday Night (Vagabond Richmond)

It was Saturday evening downstairs at the Vagabond. You were already there when we sat down across the room. I was wearing the camo hat (took it off at the table, of course). You were wearing the hell out of that red dress at the table with your four friends.

I can approach anyone, any time but I couldn’t even breathe when I looked at you. It has been 9 hours and you still have me rattled.

I have to see you again.

If it’s you, tell me what color jacket you were wearing.

3 ladys having good time at food court 2 days ago (chesterfield town center)

33 of yall having fun and my buddy yelled at you. If you wanna hang out and meet eachother I will be working on my diesel trucks at home with some good ol boys id like it for youll to stop by. Its in Chesterfield. Im single getting ready to start my life career in a month and would love to date.

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