Best of VA Missed Connections April 24 – April 30

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The weather’s getting warm, and it’s finally time to break out the tie-dyed t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops — and then head for the Missed Connections to shout out all the hotties you’re too shy to talk to. We here at RVA Mag totally know your pain on that score, but a word of advice — try not to lead with your fixation on people’s toes. Tends to end the conversation a bit early.

But seriously, we’ve got all kinds in this week’s MCs, from a rhymin’-Simon tryout with a groaner of an ending to a Dwight Yoakam lookalike from 20 years ago who we imagine can’t possibly be any more bald now. There are also people using lines that sound like rejected Limp Bizkit album titles (who knows, maybe it’ll work) and even a Missed Connection from last week’s tractor pull! Once the dragstrip Missed Connections start showing up, my life will be complete.

Drive it home, Virginia.

Foot Rest (Rva)

You’re a beautiful girl that used to make me paint your toes and would rest your feet on my face. You made me make it worth your time. I want to do this again.

Blonde smoking Outside Hunan (Staples Mill Plaza)

I’ve seen you outside on my way out of the sub shop, I think you’ve seen me.. but I seem to miss the opportunity to strike up a conversation. I’m tall with an athletic build. I’d love to officially meet you..Respond with your favorite type of footwear so I know it’s you.


WalMart, Blackstone, wearing shorts and a tie-dye top. You are the most beautiful woman I have seen in a long time! You made my mind and heart do flips! The odds of you ever seeing this are so slim but I just had to put it out there. This is a first for me.

Nice meeting you (Richmond, VA)

I’m pretty sure I made a fool of myself but you (in all white) had me stumbling over all of my words and thought and memories. Maybe we’ll see each other soon and I won’t be such a dork.

Babes ( CaryTown ) (Richmond, va)

Really enjoyed dancing with you and you’re friend sandwich last night, that was fantastic fun ! You: in a sundress with a beer and you’re partner in glasses and a short polkadot dress. Me: the girl in a pleated skirt with a golden pineapple necklace. Lets get together and do some more twerking one-on-one…you can bring her too…

Beautiful girl (Powhatan antique power show)

You were just as pretty as a country girl comes! If I could take a 1000 things and traits and mold the perfect young lady, I believe you would be it. You brightened my day by just being there and knowing girls like you are out there.

A Tragic Tale (Hampton)

A missed connection did take place, although I’ve never seen your face. I’ve seen you in the park, the mall and possibly more, maybe even the grocery store! You were wearing this and I was wearing that, maybe one of us had on a hat. We made a comment about a song or maybe that the line’s too long. We exchanged glances and flirty looks, our eyes told of fantasies as if we were books. It felt so good to be on the brink, full of excitement, unable to think. I was dreaming when all of this happened, that is the cycle that I am trapped in. I know it’s a dream, I know it’s a trick, I just wish someone would grab my …. Hand.

alum spring park swings (Fredericksburg VA)

We met and talked a bit near the swings you were swinging your nephew and I was swinging my youngest daughter both three. We exchanged names (Justin and Emily) but I didn’t ask for your number :/

Waitress at Silver Diner (Innsbrook)

Hillary, I came in around 10:30am, sat at counter, commented on your headband. Don’t know what your situation is, but would love to chat more and see you with your hair down.

Girl at Diversity (Richmond)

Sorry i didn’t try to talk to you. Blonde hair, glasses with a blanket?

Service Tech at Ford dealer On Midlo Tnpk (Midlothian Tnpk)

You were good looking mechanic at Ford dealer today, spoke to me and gave me a lingering smile when I checked out, felt like a good connection. Would like to talk to you. Your name starts with a “J”. If you see this hit me up.

You were mature and mannerable (N. Chesterfield)

You made me grin when you said that would love to drive your Choo-Choo into the chocolate caboose. You were so bold with it but I was too shy to reply. Wish I had given you the digits. m4m

Dr. J. Sciullo (hull st)


Amy from near mechanicsville late Nineties (mechanicsville)

looking for Amy we dated briefly back in late Nineties Short girl, long frizzy curly blonde hair (if i recall)

we met out in mechanicsville at the country bar, not Midway the 1 further past it. i wore a white cowboy hat, and tore up the dance floor, lol

your BF got pissed and left you there cause you were checking me out (nickname he called me was Dwight Yoakam)

you worked for a chain of tanning salons that were family related?

you also had a daughter i think? and drove a nineteen ninety five/four eclipse? what color was it?

I also would come to the tanning salon on saturday nights to strip and wax the tile floors

Also you would be late Thirties to mid forties? now

Aldi (Forest Hill Ave)

I managed to start but not finish a conversation with you at the checkout line tonight. You had a blue reusable bag and a blue car. If you think this might be you, send me a message with the type of fruit we discussed.

(Universe, do your thing… 🙂

Mary Beth in blue car at the park (West End park)

It’s a long shot. On March 11 you were at a park. As was I. We had a nice conversation. I told you I came to the park every day for lunch. You said you would come back. You may have…i was hospitalized that night and missed the repeat conversation I had hoped for. You were retired from the phone company. I am 55. Hope to see you at Springfield Park again soon…

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