Best of VA Missed Connections April 3 – April 9

by | Apr 9, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Everyone’s headed out for fun in the sun this week… and when they get home, it sure looks like they’re heading straight to Missed Connections. And sure enough, things are getting weird.

This week’s bumper crop of Missed Connections brings us a fascinating parade of humanity, from emergency room ladykillers and drive-thru Valentinos to park cruisers and recovering porn addicts. And as always, we have to give an honorable mention to Wawa, whose local locations are apparently the most sure-fire people-watching spots in the metropolitan area.

We only have one warning for you: when you’re leaving Wawa with a carload of pals, make sure you don’t shake your LaCroix. Those things are just like sodas, and you will get a shower.

Pass the towels, Virginia.

Cute brunette with carbonated water drink (Scott’s Addition)

Evening, April 7th

Was in the car that drove past you. Exchanged a moment of eye contact right as you twisted your bottle cap, making the drink spurt everywhere. You laughed. I laughed at you as well. Your smile = beautiful. Looked like you were coming back from the gym, purple and black getup.

Hey Cindy (Midlothian)

We used to have such a great time..You the older mature teaching your younger boy toy. Oh how i miss those times we shared. I know why we had to stop.I’d like to reconnect if possible. If you see this. Hmu 🙂

Bon Air MILF (southside)

still around?

your hung boytoy is looking for you

Powhatan Wawa

Looking for the guy in the black Ford truck. You weren’t my type but you held the door for me and called me ma’am and even told me to have a nice day. Tipped your baseball hat and that smile! Hope you find this would like to maybe take you out for a beer and get to know each other. I know I’m much older than you but a lady’s got to try!

Bryan park, Saturday , male freind (Richmond)

We met at the park Saturday, am the guy in the blue shirt and you wanted me to come to your house but I didn’t. Wish I had . If you see this and still like to know each other more, hmu

Memorial reginial (Meadow ridge rd)

We was in the er at memorial reginial on Monday I sat across from you and made eye contact several times but never had the nerve to really talk. Not to mention you being pregnant and beautiful

Postbellum same shirt

We both had on the same shirt and you bought me a drink. Tell me what you were carrying. Hopefully we can hang again

Lady in front of me at BP around 430 (Downtown)

You had braids and pink nails and I had my body armor on. You were lovely with your cute shoes and so polite. I wish I had asked for your name and hope to see you again.

Brunette in red mini van Wawa Richmond Airport (Wawa Sandston Virginia)

Hopefully you’ll see this. It was around 9:45 am Saturday April 6 that I noticed you in line. I walked away but waited by the doors. You are absolutely stunning, petite brunette. We smiled a few times to each other. I wished I said hi to you.

Walking your dachshund (Brandermill)

We live in the same neighborhood. I see you walking your weiner dog. I drove passed you the other day and you said hi. I think you are sexy (even though i know you are a grandma!) Hope you see this and smile.

Video game gal (Bojangles Forest Lakes)

You work the drive-thru you, always joke and laugh about video games and my tattoos. We have the “same name” tell me what that is so I know it’s really you.

Blonde at New York Deli Saturday night. (New York deli)

You were the gorgeous blonde who almost hit me with a fork. It kinda seemed like it was on purpose! Haha

Young man seeks reboot & fitness partner

Hello, thanks for taking the time to click on my posting. I am embarrassed to be doing this and hopeful that some good comes of it. I had been addicted to internet “adult material” for about 10 years, and have been off of it for over 2 months now. Over the course of these 10 years, my brain became wired to enjoy the films more than actual women. This has made life increasingly difficult now that I have realized what the material has done to me.

I am curious to know if there is a woman out there that would be inclined to spend time together and help build healthier neural pathways to reboot and rewire my brain back to normal. If for any reason this does not sound like it’d be a good fit or you don’t want to help, we can agree to say no. However, if this is exactly what you’re looking for, it makes sense, and you feel comfortable, what do we do from here?

Red truck Texas tags m4m (Newportnews)

We hang often been feeling a vibe from you since I met you we smoke together often and play video games tell me wat 2 fight games we play so I know it’s you . You are military

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