Best Of VA Missed Connections August 14 – August 20

by | Aug 20, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

It must be a tough summer, because here in the Missed Connections, people are getting downright poetic about their lost loves. But not all the verses are sad — you’ll find REI-inspired poetry is every bit as hilarious as it sounds. It’s also fun to imagine that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are sending star-crossed messages about their lost love through the MCs right here in Virginia. Though, in truth, it doesn’t seem likely.

It also doesn’t seem like mentioning someone’s mom when you’re trying to pick them up is a wise move, but sometimes the brilliance of Missed Connections is in their awkwardness. Whether you’re a Shakespearean scholar or a dedicated home-improvement whiz, it seems that this week, some maladroit cupid might be trying to find you.

Get awkward, Virginia.

you liked my jeans

In Stella’s.

You liked my jeans.

I liked your shoes.

But I liked more than your shoes.

Standing in line at concession stand (Flying squirrels game)

You were directly behind me in line waiting through what seemed to be the entire game while we slowly meandered toward the cashier. After a while we started to have a small conversation about rescue dogs (you apologized for eve’s dropping, but no apology was needed) but went our different ways after ordering. You were gorgeous and would love to take you out. Message me with who I was with and what I was wearing so I know its you. 

Muscle babes 

Looking for the chicks who lift heavy weight.

Your Mom called (Henrico) 

You were purchasing a pint ‘to go’ of Gelati/Ice Cream, and your Mom called, during the transaction. Although a limited exchange, I just want to say, you seemed like a very nice person, both inside and out;)

REI or die (Shortpump)


at rei an encounter twice 
you apologized for talking
you were oh so nice 

another thought has yet crossed my mind. I wish we had talked more maybe we could find the time 

Your smile sedated me 
to a world without pain 
let me know the headlamp by the brand name

a tree by the lake (lost in the dream)

it was about a year ago today, this evening
i had that Pain, that attack
it prompted me to call, hang up and never call back
your voice on the line; my tears on my side. for months I wept

maybe for nothing else, the solitary, lonely place I have always dwelled
lost in my mind or Lost in the Dream
but often it is a prison where I live and breathe
maybe that birdcage is where I should be kept

since that bird, he sung that dramatic song and then lept
all that fantasy in mind and nothing concrete
i saw nothing in writing, not even the key
if it were invisible on a page, so neither you nor I could see

how long would it last? twenty five years, i doubt really
it’s just a blank page isn’t it? was that love scrubbed out?

but i sit in this cell, not knowing of truth or fiction
did my words end up sounding like cold manipulation?
if that’s the case, then i bow down in disgrace
i never, ever would want to take you to that place

no darkness in my foresight, no infinite void that I saw
instead i envision a happy ending for us all
i would write the story, the final chapter that i want
it’s love that I want, and happiness for all i thought

it warms my heart, and it pierces through everything
because i know the love you gave was more than enough
for so long i couldn’t see, that bird was blind, dumb, and mean
he just wanted to believe in that magic, and a song for us it seems…

Thinking Of A Place, where the pitch black met our dreams 
perhaps it is our tree — i hope one day we are perched, singing, to be free.

Singing Maggie Moose & Dolphins (Ashland)

These three items are all relevant to you. 

I didn’t get your name but would like to converse further?

To the wonderful lady I had the pleasure of meeting today (Around)

Honestly today was just a chance occurrence and my goodness it was quite the pleasure. Thruthfully speaking I actually thought you were my co-worker when you arrived(hence the smile in your direction during my good deed for the day). After realizing that you weren’t, I really began to soak you in. I’m pretty sure you could tell that I was beyond interetsed whether it be the gaze or the fact that I just couldn’t quite get it together to assist you all at once. What was I helping you with? 

Here’s a few more things to help:
1. Your energy, smile and attitude definitely match your occupation(thought you might be a nurse. 

2. Redheads are magical. 

3. Curvy girls> Other girls

Belmont Lib (Richmond)

I won’t steal your snacks – or maybe you’ll share? Mike

Jennifer Anniston in a blue dress with macaroons (Fredericksburg VA)

I had the pleasure to meet a charming lady who made me smile and brightened my day. She confided in me that she always secretly wanted to be a missed connection. Unfortunately we haven’t talked in a while, and I miss our chats. If she comes across this ad, Brad Pitt misses her big time.

Shakespeare Festival Got Rained Out (richmond)

You talked to me at the Shakespeare Festival right before a severe thunderstorm came in. You told me about going to the Globe, I told you about the Dock Street. I tried to spot you after that, but failed. And I’m pretty easy to spot, so that’s on you, honestly.

A C Moore (Midlothian) 

We were both shopping in the paint aisle. Wanna get together and paint?

miss my barber (southside) 

I used to come to your place for trim // shave, sometimes enjoying a glass of wine while you were working on me 

I miss the appointments and your attention to detail

To the girl I chatted with on PURE today

You were right, I stole the pic. But you didn’t let me explain why… 

Message me so I get the chance. 

Handsome AA man at the DMV

You were at the DMV today and were super nice. Wish we had talked more. Tell me which DMV we were at and what you were wearing.

Target guy 

This is the girl you had a conversation with while i was walking into target. Hoping you see this. Contact me

Colonial Heights Target

I saw you at Colonial Heights Target, I think it was the first weekend of August. Our paths kept crossing inside the store, each time they did I would notice that we were both checking each other out. You were a very attractive male, maybe between 38-48 years old. I wish I had been brave enough to have said hello. If you think this is you send me a pic of your face. I am a female.

Dark haired girl with Orange V neck and shorts (Food Lion Hopewell)

You were at Hopewell Food Lion shopping around 12-1 Today 8/18. You’re cute. Lets get to know each other. 

Driving west on 64 headed to Richmond today (Richmond)

You drove up beside me. I looked over and thought Wow. You notice me looking and then you looked down checking your top. Amazing.! You were driving a blue escape. Had a big saying on the back of your window and your licenses plate started with Gin. Would sure like to drive by you again. It was worth it. Reach out with what I was driving and the color vehicle. You pulled off onto and exit once you got onto 64/95.

Cutie at Wegmans (Charlottesville)

First saw you walking in the door and then a few times around the store. We made brief eye contact each time. You were a curvy brunette with ripped black jeans, Thought about approaching you and slipping you my number but didn’t want to assume. This was this last monday, July 7th. I was the blonde boy with the backwards baseball cap. Tell me something else I was wearing so I know it was you. Ha! shot in the dark but why not? 🙂

Ashland Starbucks Cashier (Ashland)

You were the cashier at about noon today.

You had glasses and blonde hair…and a pretty smile. Thanks for making the world a prettier place.

Country girl

Lookn for that country girl who likes to play outside…but can dress nicely for inside… 

The two girls hunting bugs at the River today (James River) 

was great hanging out with you and would love to do some more rivering/adventuring 🙂 hope to see you again but of course I was too high to get your numbers. Anyway hit me up if you see this or perhaps we’ll run into each other sometime.

Paper moon (Downtown)

Can I get your number Roxi!? 

I saw you tonight, gorgeous! I figured you would come back to see me….

Food Lion (Mechanicsville)

You were working in the freezer section today. You are very nice and attractive with short hair. I would be interested in meeting.

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