Best Of VA Missed Connections August 7 – August 13

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Summer is all about the extremes of the human condition. Sometimes you’re having amazing experiences you’ll remember all of your life. Other times, you’re just trying to keep from collapsing with heat-induced exhaustion. If you’ve had any of the latter moments this summer (and god knows we probably all have), you’ll relate to this week’s Missed Connections, where the main thing on our minds is just… we need some food!

That’s not all we’ve got this time around — we’ve also got what sure seems like both sides of a country-pop meet-cute, plus some adorably sincere nerd-girl flirtation, and a way-too-relatable story about spilling flour on yourself while trying to catch someone’s eye at the grocery store. In fact, there’s a lot of restaurant, grocery store, and even Sheetz action this time around. Missed Connections are always hungry for love, but this week, maybe they’re just hungry.

Chow down, Virginia.

Where is the food at (Chesterfield)

Where is the food

Pink haired dancing queen

We were stuck in traffic on dock street. You were going east, and I west. Your windows were down and so were mine, and you were dancing and singing in your car like no one was watching. You had a pink furry ball dangling from your mirror and were in a Prius. I would love to take you dancing. If it’s you respond to me with what color your car was.

The Annapolis sweetheart at the Brett young concert (Glen allen)

To the sweet and lovley woman last night at Brett young concert from Annapolis….I would love to talk to you again. Sorry I was to bashful to ask for your number. Lets chat again. 

Sisters looking for man who hit on us at Brett Young concert (Glen Allen)

At the Brett Young concert at Innsbrook on Thursday 8/8, you’re the middle-aged man who was hitting on us and offered to buy us a drink before learning that we’re 20 and 18, and we were flirting back. After we got home, we realized we should have given you a number or something since the attraction was mutual, so we’re trying this. If you happen to see this post, tell us in your reply what band’s t-shirt you were wearing so we know it’s you.


You have to tell me with your words directly to me. I can’t read your mind. So if you really want you have to tell me. Because right now I assuming you’re just being nice to me. I can’t read romantic cues to save my life… 

Caroline red hair from cvill

Your beauty is only matched by your wit and humor. To say you are rare is an understatement, you are in a league of your own and they cannot touch you. You have a sister named k. I heard you were happy now and I wouldn’t want to disturb that but, you should know how special you are.

With love from R.

Happy Birthday (Richmond)

Today is your Birthday and I know you wont answer your phone for me to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY T&T <3

I repaired your car 

You were a very attractive black guy who seemed to flirt when you picked up your vehicle, I’d love to talk over a beer.

CAVA (Midlothian) 

You work at Cava in Midlothian. You seem chill bro and I fw the tats. I came in tn and we locked eyes a handful of times. Not sure if ur interested in dudes tho.

Missed chance at grocery store (Newport News) 

I saw you yesterday in the Asian market. I was about to go to checkout when you caught my eye. You looked incredibly beautiful with a nice smile and slightly spooky style. I walked down an aisle that you were on and pretended to look for something. You noticed me and asked If I needed help. We talked for a minute while you tried to help. Unfortunately, I was a goof and got flour all on the front of my shirt so I wrapped around the corner to wipe it off. I was hoping to pick back up our conversation but then I noticed you head to checkout.

This is a long shot but you’ve been on my mind.

short pump grocery store (short pump) 

you came into the store I work at late, just before closing. Very attractive blonde woman. Drive a white sedan. We had a chat twice and I gave you a compliment. Saw no ring, really hope you’re single.

Kroger Mech’ville Saturday (Richmond)

To the tall big beefy guy at Kroger I’m Mechanicsville who nodded and said hi. Glad I said hi back you were hot.

Kroger at Willow Lawn (Richmond) 

I see you almost every morning at Kroger. I’m usually outside at 5:50 am waiting for them to open. You are tall, young and stocky. The last couple of times I’ve seen you, you’ve been looking at me and smiling. I don’t look nearly as old as I am so hopefully you’ll see this and still know who I am. About 5’7, blonde highlights. If u see this-u know who I am. Let’s talk.

Hancock Walmart (Midlothian) 

We both made eye contact and smiled at each other while checking out at the outdoor section of Walmart on 8/3/19 around 2:45pm. I’m sure you will never see this. You drive a white SUV.

Red headed guy at DMV (I hate the term Ginger:))

I know youll never see this, but to the red-headed guy working at DMV-my god you were so hot, and so nice. Whoever she is, shes lucky:)

Silver hair daddy (Midlothian, VA) 

I met you today. We joked about a military check up. You’re very handsome, Are you free this weekend? You should stop by.

CVS, cashier (Chester)

You were the younger girl cashier at CVS when I came through your line. You mentioned about having to hand out the card applications. I made a comment about not being able to leave until you handed them all out. You were delightful and I find myself still thinking of you. How would you like to have a lunch date sometime?

Sheetz, Brunette (Powhatan)

Around 8ish tonight i held the door for you a (brunette) female. You was gorgeous btw. You said thank you with a smile. I couldn’t stop looking at. You turned around and winked. You got in the passenger seat of a car with another lady. I wish i had of said something, but i think you’re a bit younger then me so I didn’t. If it’s you tell me what kind of car you got in.

Brunette is sheetz (King George)

Smoking hot brunette this morning in sheetz at rt 3 and dahlgren rd certain you had nipple piercings and I couldn’t stop looking. If you see this HMU I make good money and I’m party friendly if your looking for a man that’s even better I’m attractive and hung HMU baby

Ferry Farms Sheetz (Fredericksburg) 

We were both getting gas. You were driving Dodge Challenger. You smiled at me would like to chat with you.

Met at Bodo’s (Charlottesville) 

Met you at Bodo’s on 29. You were wearing a bright green raincoat with a name tag “Karen” . We talked about rainy days, raincoats and your trip to Amsterdam.

would like to meet up (Bodo’s again maybe) and talk about Amsterdam…..

St. Mary’s nurse (Richmond) 

A most handsome male nurse was at the 6th fl. station this morning as I was asking another nurse to call valet parking to have my ct.’s car brought ’round. Gosh, you ARE most handsome, but what could we say there and then? I was the guy in the pink shirt. What color was my hair? Coffee sometime? Mike

You flirted with me in front of gamestop (Mechanicsville) 

…and then we emailed back and forth for a while. I was looking to reconnect if you see this..

s10 (mechanicsville)

I see you driving around in a Chevy S10 lowered. looks really cool. Im interested in meeting you. 

To: A (Heyville)

So I told you I read these because I was hinting around that I wanted to talk to you! I think you are extremely cute and I wanted to get your number! Cute that you consider yourself a nerd and read books! I have a book for you to read! 😚 Take care and I hope it is not another 2 months before we work together again… From: C

P. S. Tried to find your instagram! A posting for a woman from a woman.

I am pretty sure you are straight but I got to try! If I could go out with you on a date that would’ve been amazing?

Noodles and Company (Midlothian) 

We crossed paths yesterday. You were there with your daughter. Said hi, but wanted to say so much more.

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