Best of VA Missed Connections February 20 – February 26

by | Feb 26, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

If you’re seeking wisdom this week, you might want to check out the Missed Connections, where we’ve learned that people don’t change — they just keep on using an anonymous internet service to tell the world about their crushes on customer service employees.

For example, this week we’ve got employees from libraries and office parks, a change from our usual selection of bartenders and fast food workers. There’s plenty of the usual lust going on out there, too, along with at least one dude who doesn’t want to pay for Ashley Madison, if you know what I mean. Meanwhile, if you’ve got vanity plates about your love of fishing, you should scroll down, because someone might just be looking for you.

One quick word of advice for everyone, though: if you’re going out for a night on the town in a skimpy bodysuit, you might want to keep an extra-close eye on “the girls” — dudes out here have dashcams.

Keep it discreet, Virginia.

Walking (Forest hill park)

It was a beautiful day for a walk. We were each alone. I think you caught me checking you out when I was taking photos. If you’d like to take a walk together let me know what i was wearing and taking photos of.

***If this is not for you please do not respond, I am not gay nor am I interested in anyone’s services.

Coffee connection (Mech/ Glen Alle)

Mwm seeking mwf coffee bud…someone passionate about their brew that would like to talk life over a cup with no expectations except good convo.

Ronnie (Richmond)

Hey I last spoke with you a few months ago. We met up a few times. You came to my place twice and I was well overdue for a visit. We walked through Byrd park where you showed off your pull-ups then had breakfast. Let’s do this again. Jen.

people don’t change (Richmond)

you are right people don’t change unless they really want to.. takes alot of effort

People don’t change

People worry, What are they worryin’ about today? Seems like there’s a good reason To worry.

I’d sit around- listening to your story

If I wasn’t in such a


RE: People dont change (RVA)

People do change, But the more they change the more they stay the same..

Sunday Night at the Library (?!) (RVA)

You helped me check out some books at a surprisingly full library this evening. I imagine you won’t see this, but in case you do, I really enjoyed our banter and would love to continue sometime. Tell me which class you need a paper topic for so I know it’s you and maybe we can chat a bit more!

Wawa Forest Hill Sat am

You were pumping gas in a blue buick, couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. Would love to learn about you.

Walking dog (West Ghent)

You were leaving the dog park while I was walking on the sidewalk. My dog wanted to sit and watch your dog walk by. Our dogs should play sometime! 🙂 reply with type of dog I have or what I was wearing.

Missing the lust and desire, M4W (Central Cville)

Where did the passion and desire go? Married man here looking for that spark that has gone. Is there another married woman who’s lost hers too and needs help finding hers? Looking to find something discreet, secret, and delicious. Is that you? Maybe it can be us and what was once missing can be found again… Let’s not let life pass us by.

Salon Anderson highway ( Powhatan ) (Richmond, va)

Older blonde at the salon getting you’re hair done by Shawnee. I sat beside you, we looked at each other and smiled. Love you’re necklace. Maybe we could get together and talk sometime…

Wow! (Norfolk)

You stopped by my job today… 12:30ish…ran inside to grab something and came back out. Me and a co worker were sitting in the truck out front. I couldnt take my eyes off you. Chances of you seeing this are nill but i had to try.

Looking to reconnect with my couple friends from 2017(Richmond)

We used to get together as couples for drinks in hopes that we would hit it off and the friendship would develop further, but for a specific reason we were never really able to hit it off and the friendship fizzled out and never got to the next step. We all knew what the issue was but you guys were very nice and polite and I always regretted that because of her the relationship never turned into what we hoped it would. We kept in contact for a bit after, then I ran into you two out and you guys confirmed what I already knew and said if things ever changed you guys would be interested in reconnecting. Well things have changed, we split and I am now trying to reconnect to see if we can get the friendship to the next level. I have tried to email you guys at the last email I had, but it has been a while and I am not sure you still use that address. We met on Craigslist back then so hoping you’ll see this ad and reach out.

Twin hickory Library (Glen Allen)

I saw you last night at the library and must say that I am very interested in getting to know you!!I didn’t have enough courage to reach out to you before you left but I will say that I will not let the opportunity pass if presented again!!!You were driving a Mitsubishi lancer es,you had a black coat with white trim around the cuffs!!!If this is you please respond with liscense plate number and I’ll know for sure it’s you!!Look forward to hearing back thank you

You tried to get in my car (Wawa on Ferrill Parkway)

Saturday night, you were dressed in a skin tight body suit. You came out the back door trying to wrangle your tit back into your outfit. You walked behind my car to talk to your friends in a white SUV, then tried to get into my car by mistake. Your other friends honked their horn at you and you jumped in their car and drove off. Thanks for the laughs. I hope you had a fun night.

PS my dash cam recorded it, but your modesty was preserved.

Birthday Boy! (Fredericksburg)

It’s my Birthday! I need a companion! Shit, I may need 2 companions! I’m freaky, but not a freak! Not some weirdo or creep either! I’m good looking, not arrogantly so, and have my own shit! Tonight, none of that means 1 iota! I simply want to have the best time possible! And, I want to have it with strangers. Who/what you need to be: I’m not picky, if you want to have a good time, hit me up. You must be a female. You must be between the ages of 30 and 50. Now; if you’re a sexy G’Ma, or a lonely late 20 something either be funny, or have a great asz! I drink (tonight) and am 420 friendly so if this offends you…”walk on by”. I prefer thick women with nice butts and smaller breast. You don’t need $, don’t have to be a beauty queen, and can be and do just about anything you want tonight as long as it involves having fun. Seems a woman with attachments would be ideal….

Married/Relationship – Hell, tonight I will make an exception! (Just don’t tell me) Important: You will not be asked to do something ridiculous or anything you don’t want to do. I’m grown, I have a real job which requires high level clearance, and like I said need a “fuck it” night! If this sounds like your type of hype, this is my real number and my real email address. This is 100% 4 REAL! And yes, send me a recent full body pic.

Ron- [phone number removed — but it’s still in the ad linked above. -ed.]

Cute blonde caterer at Stony point Office park (Chesterfield)

You are a fit, attractive blonde in what I guessed as your mid to late 20’s, dressed in black. I was wearing blue sunglasses which I could not take off because my hands were tied up. You were pulling a heavy cart for a catered lunch, I held the door for you and nearly dropped my boxes. You were so polite, and made the comment of how strong I must have been to catch the boxes. Your gratitude and the compliments you gave me was a huge boost to my day! I am glad there are nice people out there like you, have a nice day!

Lost My Peeps (Greenbrier)

Having moved here from California to take care of my mother, I made good friends along the way in roughly the last four years, but we have lost all of our contact information. The pleasure was all mine, mostly anyway. So, I’m posting this in hopes that you remember me and contact me so we can rekindle and continue our friendship.

Women going intoPanera (Mechanicsville)

Thursday afternoon I just came out of Panera, you was going into Panera, we both said hi to each other and you ask how I was doing… looking for more discussion with you, we could meet at Panera for a meal and conversation…

LUV2FISH or LUV2FSH ginger (Richmond VA)

Saw you around Richmond. Nice!

Time and time again (Charlottesville)

I’m so tired, but can’t sleep. My body is in so much pain. I can never get comfortable. It is a constant struggle. I’m so alone. I just need someone to make conversation with. But, that is almost impossible to cone by these days. I miss the one who got to know me. Asks about my day, let’s me complain about not sleeping, etc. I’m just exhausted, and rambling at this juncture. Must stop before I make it worse. Maybe, just maybe, I can sleep. But, I doubt it.

I want to apologize (Charlottesville)

My circumstances as they are have resulted in me living in my vehicle. I park in public parking spaces. I try to be discreet and low key. I don’t litter. I don’t panhandle or ask people for spare change. I don’t ask for cigarettes, I don’t smoke. I don’t ask for anything from anyone. I don’t steal. I don’t drink and am not on drugs. For that matter no addiction had anything to do with me becoming or continuing to be homeless. I do have problems. I have fallen through the cracks. I have tried to get help. Very little is available due to the specifics of my situation. I am not a felon. Further I am not a danger unless trouble comes looking for me. I do look rough. Even scary at times. You would too if you had been through what I have. Recently a woman on her way to work saw me waking up and from the look on her face she was scared. I know it can be scary to encounter someone who looks like me and realizing I’m homeless and not knowing what I’m going to do. I often get looks of disgust from people. I am more used to being looked down upon as opposed to scared of. Or maybe it is more comfortable with. I don’t like making people feel uncomfortable or scared by accident. Intentionally is a completely different story. I do apologize for not being able to take better care of myself than I am. I am reduced to living in the footprint of one public parking space. I know someone going to work needs the space more than me. I have nowhere to go. I’m sorry.

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