Best Of VA Missed Connections February 6 – February 12

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It’s rainy and gross out this week, so I suppose it’s no surprise that methods of transportation are big in this week’s Missed Connections. Whether you’re stopping on Afton Mountain, waiting in the drive-thru line at KFC, or chatting about custom bikes at the DMV, cars seem to be a great way to get people’s attention. Do you own a motor vehicle? If so, this week is for you!

Of course, service industry workers remain a perennial favorite object of unrequited attraction from afar, which I suppose is only fair considering how little those jobs pay. Looking to get out from behind the cash register? You just might find your savior in the Missed Connections!

So dive in, Virginia.

Moon Hooch/October (Broadberry)

You are much younger then I and danced next to me all night. I couldn’t make eye contact with you; I was with my niece. But I noticed you, you are a very attractive man and I haven’t forgotten. If you remember, contact me.

Waitress at river city diner (Richmond)

Looking for the tall skinny beautiful waitress at river city diner in chesterfield. We met eyes several times and your smoking hot. If you see this lets chat.

Biker Guy From the Weekly Bike Meet Aug 2018 (Broad St.)

Back in the late summer we met at the weekly local meet up. At the time I had a boyfriend but you said if anything were to happen I should let you know. Well, we broke up and I never forgot meeting you. You said you would give me your number for me to keep in case I was ever single and wanted to meet. At the time I was a good girl and I turned your number down, but now I am regretting not at least taking your number considering how my BF and I split. You had a very popular American made Cruiser. If yo remember me, please reach out. You told me you check this site out often so I hope you’ll see this and reply.

Westlake Apartments Delivery 12/17 Afternoon (Southside, RVA)

Dude, I brought something to your apartment early afternoon. It was all I could do to not stare awkwardly during the entire exchange.

I remarked on your “colorful” pants, though that really wasn’t the word I was looking for. Those things hugged you in all the right places and I could tell you were in great shape everywhere else. And you were a damn nice guy to boot.

If there’s any way you’d be interested in my making an off-the-clock delivery, hit me up!


*if you are not the guy in question, please don’t respond with “I’m not the guy you’re looking for, but…” unless you have something interesting to say.

Met on Mountain (Afton – Richmond)

Hey man… had a chance encounter with you on the mountain off of I-64 last fall. You said you lived in Richmond and were on your way to W.Va. Will be in Richmond this Saturday and am interested in seeing you again.

Cute guy that gave me 3.02$ (Fredericksburg)

You were in my restaurant and gave me $ for a drink. I’d like to talk to you some more.

Cute stocking girl (Ashland grocery)

Cute girl that works at a grocery store stocking shelves 🙂 you smile at me and make eye contact every time I am in there 🙂

If you think this could be you tell me what store and we can chat 🙂

Country Club Gentleman (Pantops)

Gentleman – Come play indoor golf with with your seven iron and hit a hole in one

Powhatan KFC

Had to pull up and wait for my order in the drive thru a few weeks ago. You brought it out to me and commented about my car and we chatted for a minute. I haven’t seen you any more since. I would love to chat more with you sometime. If you would like to also, email me. Let me know the color of my car so I know it’s you.

Lady In Silver bmw with rear windows down on hull st this morning (Hull st,)

Rode beside you this morning, you were the lady in the silver bmw with rear windows down, I was in the black Acura, you’re cute, definately made the drive to work this morning more enjoyable! Email me if this ways you.

Jump Start… (Volvo Parkway)

Jump started you in front Sub-way last night. Glad I could help. Have room for another friend, get in touch. You have my card…:-)

Looking for ‘Mr. Right’ (RVA)

We were mailing back and forth when my post got flagged… I’m not sure if you got my messages or if you didn’t respond because you weren’t interested… your name starts with “c” and you said we chatted before… please get back in touch..

This weather (Charlottesville)

This weather is insane! I am insanely bored and even more lonely. Just wanting communication. I have given up on ever finding love as I don’t believe it exists. But still hoping talk, to vent, to get to know someone. That is always fun!

Custom bike car guy (Fredericksburg dmv)

Met at dmv spoke for almost an hour super cool guy

Goodwill manager? (m4w) (Goodwill off 17)

I came in around 11am Friday morning. I believe you are the manager. You have long dark hair and a really pretty smile. You caught my eye but I didnt want to be weird and just start talking to you. You said something while I was in line which I should have responded (You said, “That is worth its weight in gold”)

If you see this, please reply with what you were talking about so I know it’s you. I was wearing a black hat and white w/ black stripes jacket.

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