Best Of VA Missed Connections January 16 – January 22

by | Jan 22, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

If you need meat, you go to the market (shout out to Ray Manzarek). And maybe you go to the Missed Connections, to catch the attention of that cutie you ran into by the steaks. But if meat isn’t what you’re shopping for, that’s OK — we’ve got interactions of all types in the MC’s this week.

If you love cars, you’re in luck this week — whether you drive a Mustang or a Mazda, someone might just be looking for you. And no matter what side you take in the Sheetz vs. Wawa wars, you’ll probably encounter a cutie at the convenience store/sub shop of your choice.

But listen, if you’re shopping for underwear, or looking for the kind of accidents that don’t necessarily happen in cars, you might want to be a little discreet. Trust us, the whole state’s reading these.

Stopped at Kroger coming from Winchester (Jeff Davis Kroger)

Talked to you in the meat department at Kroger. You were on your way home from Winchester and you didn’t want to drop your dog off before coming to the grocery store. I wish I had said more…maybe you’ll see this.

Mustang girl at wawa (Hampton park magnolia grn)

You were diagonal at the pumps from my truck. Black mustang in amazingly fitting jeans. Had a friend with you. Happened to leave the same way. Thought u may have been checking me out too. Got distracted trying to find my phone cus it was ringing and then my light changed. You were phenomenal. I’m sure your not single but I’m not sure if I care hahaha

Morning coffee fantasy (Norfolk)

You…are all the angles I never knew fascinated me. You breathe, your chest rises and falls. I can see your shirt strain and I lose my breath.
You don’t see me. I’m background art in the scenery of your life. Or you’re scenery in mine, only a spotlights lit you and -you- are magnificent, casting shadows on everything else… you’re all I see. I close my eyes and there you are burned into my retinas. I don’t know you. I don’t want to. You’re beautiful and if you do see me, if you speak you’ll just ruin the dream. But while I’m here sitting at this table that might as well be a mailbox, a trash can, a tree, (that’s how much I stand out in your eyes) -you are mine.
You sip your coffee. Oblivious. Your fingers are thick. They’re masculine, sexy. Even sexier is how you’re still managing to be gentle with that beat up china handle. You could snap it if you tried. Like a twig. You’re strong. My fingers are slender and would fit perfectly between yours. My grip tightens around my cup thinking about that. Cold china squeaks conspicuously waking me up.
I’m empty and need a refill.
I can see the steam rising from your cup. I need ice cubes, and you drink it so hot. Im hiding my smile. You’re so hot, drinking fire…you must be a dragon…god I love you.

Blah (Charlottesville)

What more can I say here. Just feeling blah these days. Anyone else at this point too? I hardly sleep anymore no matter how tired I am. I don’t eat much anymore no matter how hungry I am. Lost in a world of sadness and misery. Change your circumstances everyone says but no one realized how difficult all that is. Anyone out there feeling me?

Your comments (Louisa)

You saw me at Sheets in Louisa last night and couldn’t keep your eyes off of me and finally you made a comment as how I was dressed.

If you are the one and want to see me then reply back and what your comment was so I know it’s you

Enterprise girl driver took us to Charles Barker about 5 days ago (Virginia Beach)

I was in the back and you talked about how you have lots of accidents and they just sneak up on you. I caught what you were saying. I’d love to see you have an accident ;). There’s nothing more of a turn on. If you see this then message me. Definitely interested in making you have one. This was probably about 5 days ago. I was riding along to help out my old man

Map isn’t accurate so don’t worry about looking at that. We talked while I transfered things about what I did for work


been a while, but here goes.
I recognized you from long ago (early 1970s) but didnt know you then. You are from CB, I used to spend summers there.
A year or so ago, in Halls, You were with your dad. Maybe he had dimensia? You were wearing a denim skirt maybe?
I was looking at you, thinking she’s cute. We made eye contact and you smiled. Thats when i recognized you and have been thinking about you ever since, hoping I’d run into you again around town. Did you work at Mr. Jones’s game room?
signed: not a Lifetime stalker.


We took a ride and chatted about our Mazdas. Wanted to see if you had time to hang out this weekend.

rt 17 wawa

I always see you and never say anything. I’m hoping you see this and send me a message. You’re always smiling and so friendly to everyone. You’re a beautiful woman. You were wearing cowboy boots this morning with jeans, and a black jacket. I was standing by my truck in the parking lot when you got in yours. Let me know if you would be interested in getting dinner sometime.

girl in chspk

Missed a connection with a girl in chspk who sold me her underwear hmu lets do it again

Pat misses Tiffany (VB)

2 like souls whose paths were destined to cross..
It started off as a professional relationship. It remained that way for over a year. As it went on, we both felt that there was something more. We both had much to risk.
I remember asking you if I could read your palm. I just wanted to touch your hand… I know nothing of chirology, it was a chance to be close to you and feel for a spark. I hoped for a spark but, what I got was more than a stick of dynamite.
I remember asking if I could kiss you. Oh…. the taste of that first kiss…..
Your perfume was on my soul from that point on… all afternoon I could smell the sweet aroma of T.

The end of P and T was painful. We both suffered..
I still suffer.. I miss the LEGO boys too.
I hope you have found some happiness.

As I write this…. I feel as if our story may still have more to say.. time will tell.
I forgive you. You are released from any guilt for any actions taken. We both deserve to be let off the hook for the past. If there is more, the universe will pass our croths again… I hope so.
I dream that in another universe P and T like in a treehouse ❤️

We used to Skype

Looking for Jim. A guy I used to Skype with. We’d talk about our wives While we Skyped.

Make a lesbian want to change

You were at the Home Depot on broad. I have only ever been with women. You helped me load my car and I wanted you right there. If this is you…message me

Fighting Creek Park (Powhatan)

Mid Day, Much Older lady. I’d say 50s? We passed each other. Made eye contact, Smiled. Long short for sure. I’m a younger guy but was really attracted to you. Idk if you’re married. Let’s get together? Hell if any other matured finds this intriguing hmu. Thanks.

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