Best Of VA Missed Connections July 17 – July 23

by | Jul 23, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Congratulations to everyone who managed to survive the intense heat of the past week! If you’re still here, you’ve got a return to the massive downpours of the previous year and a half to look forward to, so uh… congratulations? Before we worry about all that, though, we can dive into this week’s Missed Connections and see what sort of intense romantic heat was generated over this apocalyptically hot weekend.

All the barefoot boys down at the beach have definitely drawn out some oddballs, but the people who come out for a bad-movie podcast might be even odder — in the very best way, of course. Shout-outs as well to the champagne snobs slumming it at the Cheesecake Factory; veuve cliquot and tiramisu is the ultimate in middlebrow bliss, am I right? That said, we’ve even got some Missed Connections for those of us living that Mickey D’s drive-thru life… whether we want to admit it or not.

Gotta say, though, some of y’all seem to think you can still reference “looking for Mary Jane” on Craigslist without anyone catching on to what you’re up to. Newsflash: the cops are everywhere on the internet — ask anyone who’s tried to book a house show in the past 15 years.

Loose lips sink ships, Virginia.

Browns Island (Richmond)

Trying to connect with the guy I briefly talked to on Brown’s Island recently. Talked about doing a bike ride or run sometime, but didn’t have a way to get your number. Felt like there was some definite interest. If you see this respond to me, maybe we can work something out.

The wolf at the grocery store 

You were an alpha among all the townie betas. A warrior after a workout.

I saw you last night but you didn’t see me. I would’ve become a puddle. omg

If no one can match you, I can. f4m

Dark Bae Badass 😉 (South side Area)

Wanna Go Skinny Dipping But Don’t know where hmmm lol the funny thing is what will it be that I run and jump on email me so that I could find out 😉

Barefoot guy$ at river (James River) 

Guy$ Walking barefoot at the river, you had very nice feet. Would like to wor$hip them. Hit me up. 

Buttercup (Colonial Heights) 

I miss you buttercup! I told all the secrets and you told all lies…can we call it even? 


Love and Miss you.


Tattooed girl at the Lyndhurst country store (Lyndhurst)

I was there buying sodas in a uva ball cap. You were the cute tattooed blonde in the low cut tee. If you see this tell me what kind of sodas I got. I’d love to know more about you. Maybe I can come back and talk to you when you’re not busy?

Looking for Mary Jane (Carytown) 

I’m anxious without my friend Mary Jane. Hoping to find her anywhere. If you’ve seen her, please reach out. I’m in Carytown. Namaste.

Man in bright blue Jeep with no sides wearing scrubs (Henrico) 

To the man in the bright blue Jeep with no sides wearing scrubs- thank you so much for tossing my beagle a treat through the window while we were caught in 64 traffic tonight. You made our day! Wish there were more people like you! P.S. She did eat it when we got home 🙂

Girl walking dog near the Wharf/Boathouse (RVA) 

You are a stunner. Saw you look back several times and smiled. 1 a million shot you read this and get back with me, but i am definitely interested 

WaWa Weiner Dog with cute female Master (Suffolk)

On the slight chance I caught that smile correctly, the answer is yes….. yes I would love to have a nice evening of wine, maybe dinner if that gets more time with that smile.

VMFA (Richmond va) 

I know this site can be a shady place to post but i didn’t know how else i might reach you. 

You were at the VMFA today and I held the door for you as we went in and we spoke a few times. I’d like to take you out. I know I should have said something then. If this is you tell me what i was wearing and what we went to see. Or better yet what you told me about the moon. 

Note: If this isn’t you please don’t respond. I am not looking for some cheap hookup.

Lisa at HDTGM (Richmond) 

You were near where I sat and you got up to ask a question. You are glorious.

Squirrels game (RVA) 

July 19 male here….. I saw you. You saw me. We made eye contact. I thought you were hot (literally) and beautifully stunning. Get into something some time?

P F Changs (Richmond) 

Was dining Sunday night. You have dark hair, fresh cut w/ a side part, white and about 5′ 8″. Nice dark beard. Caught me looking at you as you waited tables nearby. You’ve waited on us before. Would like to meet for discreet connection.

You ordered veuve cliquot at Cheesecake Factory (Short pump mall)

You must have been on a date, but she didn’t seem very interested. I however couldn’t help but notice your impeccable taste!

Chipotle (Chester) 

I was in Chipotle the other day and I held the door for you, you were wearing red scrubs.

I think you’re very beautiful and I would love to get to know you.

Please respond to me and let me know if you need anything

McDonald’s drive through (Hopewell)

Went through the drive through at the McDonald’s next to shoneys around 1030 sunday night you were the cute older woman taking the money. You commented on my long hair, would really like to get a drink or something. Hit me up and tell me what sticker I had on my car. 

Grey Mustang (Mechanicsville)

Saw you at 7-11 across from Mechanicsville Kroger. You had on black shorts and t-shirt.

You glanced at me sitting in my car waiting for someone. Hit me back

White Bentley on Woolridge Rd

Saw you driving the white bentley Thursday evening on Woolridge Rd. You were in the middle of the road construction backup. Very nice.

4dr silver audi Krause &rt10 (Chesterfield) 

You where turning left off of Krause by Buger king on to rt10! We gave each other the Biggest smile! I regret not turning around now! You where absolutely stunning! First time trying this! Hope to see you again:-) 4 dr Mazda

Radley Chevy (Fred) 

Your name was Gena I believe. You were smoking & we said hello. I got out of my truck & we talked about your recent trip to Jamaica. I could barely concentrate, your beautiful curves had me distracted. I’d love to chat some more….what was I driving or looked like?

Uber driver (yeah maybe this is dumb haha) (Richmond)

You gave me a ride to work downtown this morning and I felt like we both kind of wanted to keep talking but obviously you had to go and there’s no non-awkward way to exchange contact info or anything. If you felt the same way, I’d love to talk some more :).

Re:uber passenger (Henrico) 

I think may have been me. Was it late, out past Parham? 

Fatigue dress beauty Tom leanords farmers market (Short pump)

I saw you twice we made eye contact. Wanted to come say high you moved fast. I’m sure if you see this you know who I am. Tell me something about myself would love to talk to you. Hope you see this. 

Old Town Last Thursday

We met in Old Town listening to DA. I was with my friend Mr. G. you were there with two friends. I was actually into you, you probably didn’t think so. Near the end of the night one of your friends was getting down I tried to cheer them up. You probably think I was interested in them, your other friend did. I doubt you’ll see this, but thought I’d give it a shot.

Mark ( lowe’s lighting dept.) (Bon air)


thank you so much helping me find the right light for the outside lamp post what a hell of a time i was having, the one you said worked out great and looks better the the old one thank you again , i was the guy with all the tattoos and baseball hat and grasses

Looking for Adam (Richmond) 

We were on a chat line Saturday morning. 7/20 Both out of town this weekend but from the same area. We had a good conversation going and then the system kicked us off. Would love to reconnect. Tell me what area in Richmond you live. My name is Dan.

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