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I don’t know what it is about this summer, but a lot of people seem to have the post-Fourth Of July blues in the Missed Connections this week. Lovelorn poetry, bitter goodbyes, and solitary laments are thick on the ground in this week’s trawl through the world of Craigslist. But don’t get too sad — there’s plenty of amusing hijinks to keep your attention as well.

For example, we’ve got the guy looking for a TV commercial hottie he met on a cruise… I’d love to hear the full story behind that one. And we’ve got a guy who blew it and forgot to get the girl’s number at FW Sullivan’s — an age-old story we’ve all been part of at least once. Meanwhile, if you like cartoonish metal from Scandinavia and the Far East, someone in the Missed Connections is looking for you! Please forgive those of us who had to google to find out what you were talking about.

We always get the Dr. Seuss references, though.

Get your metal on, Virginia.

OMG Babymetal and Avatar

Could this be a show made in heaven? Who all is going?

You smell nice 

Family dollar on mercury. You passed me a couple times. Your cologne made me notice you. After the leg tattoo. Pulled off in a silver truck. We looked at each other. I see you. 

Not Green Eggs! Sam! (Huntington YMCA) 

Dressed in black. I always notice your pleasant calm demeanor. You are truly a wonderful person. I imagine your parents can’t help but to be very proud of you. 


I miss CraigsList (West End)

I miss CraigsList…the Personals section. It wasn’t perfect by any means. I miss the really nice guys I met. Anyone else feel this way? 

Lost best friend (Richmond) 

You were my world, you were my best friend and the love of my life. It is so hard for me to wrap my brain and heart around the fact that you are gone. No, it wasn’t because of death, but because of the choices you made. I don’t even know how to process it all. I wonder if I would feel better if I knew the real reason why or had the answers, but I know you wouldn’t ever give me the respect and closure I deserve.

Last Summer 

I’ve been thinking of last summer and the time I spent with you and the fun we had. I still think about you everyday. I miss you very much and I’m sorry things didn’t work out. Sometimes I feel I made the wrong choice. I want to talk to you and give you closure but I’m sure at this point you don’t need or want it. I wish friendship was an option for us but I’d end up getting myself in trouble. Just something about you.

Hope this summer is treating you well.

Do I Love or Hate you (Chester) 

My heart and head can’t decide whether I should love or hate you. You literally put me through hell emotionally. Every memory or thought I have feels tainted by deception. Everything you put me through says that you never loved me, yet I still think you will show up at my door and end this nightmare. I know this change is gonna take time, but you were my life and now I really don’t know what to do. 

50’s to 60’s man at Depot (Midlothian) 

I told you I liked your glasses. 

I would like to buy you a beer sometime.

Young woman with double labret piercings (Short Pump) 

Hi, I came into your store the other day and you helped me locate a few items. I thought you were really cute and tried to make you laugh, even succeeded on one occasion. I’m quite a bit older than you so it’s a long shot, but I thought if you were interested we could grab a drink and chat. If so, tell me the name of the store and what I bought from you.

sex and the city (scuffletown) 


I feel like we met at the wrong time, I hope one day you see this

I’m looking at the moon
To try and get a glimpse of you
It really does look so beautiful 
I hope you can see it too


Older black man at the music store (Richmond)

I saw you at the music store today and was hoping to introduce myself. I was checking you out and I suspect you knew it. I was the older white guy in the blue shirt and white shorts. I went next door to the other music store and just missed you as you were leaving and was hoping to make an introduction. Please contact me if you think it’s you.

We hung out at FW sullivans (The Fan) 

We hung out a few friday’s ago at FW sullivans, for maybe an hour. I thought we exchanged numbers, but we did not! 🙁 m4w 

Down by the River M4M 

We talked about bikes. If you were sending me a signal tell me what you said and I’ll tell you what you were doing.


To the woman on the FAST FIT commercial. We were both on a Bahama’s cruise out of Norfolk in May. We made eye contact several times and I felt a connection. Me… wm, mid-50’s, in good shape.

Would love to actually talk to you.

Trader Joe’s (Charlottesville) 

So you will probably never read this and I’m kicking myself for not saying more to you, but you were my cashier today and you had the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. You’re name began with a B and I would love to get to know you more… I was wearing a gray shirt and glasses.

Saw you at Colonial Heights Publix (Colonial Heights) 

I saw you there in the frozen food isle all dressed in your black dress. Then I found you near the pharmacy and i walked over there to see if you would follow and you went to the next isle….i passed in front of you.

I wanted to talk to you….you are about the sexiest thing i have seen in a long while.

I would love to get close to you.

Please say hi. 

Food lion (Montpelier) 

I always see you in food lion I’m in there frequently you work there you are dark skin tall female about 21-28 I don’t know your name but I always try to get your attention when your working if you see this I know it’s a long shot but maybe it will work

Girl in purple scrubs (holland rd kroger) 

We were both attempting to get gas but pumps weren’t working.Your demeanor was so friendly and your wave as you drove away was so enthusiastic i thought (maybe) if you see this please email me.i’d like to talk or get coffee whatever suits you.

Girl with red cap at Lift (Richmond) 

You are so cute! I love your red hat! Let’s meet for coffee sometime… at Lift?

Salem bro’s (Pg) 

We talked a little bit at store me blue truck tell me more so I know it’s you,yes people play games on here but real here hope you see this

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