Best of VA Missed Connections June 12 – June 18

by | Jun 18, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

It’s too hot outside to walk — we all get that. But if you took an Uber instead of hoofing it this week, you just might find yourself in the Missed Connections, where it seems all the lovelorn Uber drivers of the Commonwealth have chosen to congregate this week.

But they’re not the only ones seeking their momentary crushes; some are looking for airline buddies, some are looking for fellow Wawa coffee lovers, and some are seeking tearful karaoke singers.

Some are writing the poetry of failure in the age of social media. (That’s deep, man.) Meanwhile, some just want their cars detailed by a handsome tattooed hunk. And some are still seeking that person they sat near at a Frankenstein stage play several years ago. Hey, hope springs eternal!

One thing’s for sure — the arrival of the Kings Dominion Missed Connections lets us know it is officially summer.

Ride the rollercoaster of love, Virginia.

Your uber drivers (Va)

If you take uber and you think your driver is cute or cool
You should give them a missed connection on here
They may feel the same.

Doesn’t matter the age difference
Or gender
Or race
Or marital status

Let them know on here and make them feel good

Uber Driver with Beautiful Eyes (Richmond)

I drove you home from an afternoon party with some friends. You said I had beautiful eyes. You are a general manager at a local restaurant. I thought you had beautiful eyes too. If you’d like to grab a drink and chat message me and tell me which restaurant you worked at.

Uber Deiver (Midlothian)

Uber driver here, I picked up a nice young Asian fellow last week in Midlothian and drove him home. We had a great conversation on the way and thought I felt a little chemistry but wasn’t sure and didn’t say anything. Now wish I had guess this is a long shot if you happen to see this give me a shout and lets continue the chat.

Quick Smile at Matchbox (Short Pump)

We just exchanged a quick smile, but I swear my heart skipped a little beat when we locked eyes. I turned around and so did you, but then didn’t see you for the rest of lunch. I think you were wearing a hardywood ball cap… if you’re out there, let’s grab a drink!

Happy fathers day to all single dads out there

Just wanted to wish a happy fathers day to all the single dads out there that don’t hear from their own children. Yes, I am one myself, and I know how gut wrenching that can be. I wish us all the best!

6 Bears (Stafford)

To the handsome man on Fathers Day at Bruch with a friend. We caught eyes a few times. Anyways I thought you were cute.

Where did you go? (Norfolk)

Peggy you brole my heart when you left

I bought you coffee at Wawa on Rosemont today (Rosemont Virginia Beach)

I saw you when we were both getting coffee today and you got in line behind me. You were surprised and thankful when I bought your coffee. I am kicking myself for not asking you to go sit down for coffee sometimes. If you see this and reply tell me the question you asked me that I kind of short answered. Or any other thing that would let me know it’s really you replying. I did see the color and type of vehicle you pulled off in so that would be a good verification. I doubt you’ll see this, but if you do I would be so excited!

I Hope To See You Again (Charlottesville)

The last time I saw you, you were tearing up while singing The Rose at the Shebeen. I hope whatever you were going through is easier now. I remember wanting to make you laugh but not knowing how. I know who you are and what you have done for C’ville, but I still don’t know how to say hello.


you sold me a picnic ticket (Mary Baldwin)

You sold me a ticket to a picnic at Mary Baldwin. I think your hair was dark. You had your glasses on, and I thought you were cute. You were very busy.

Also. I think maybe we saw the National Theatre Live Frankenstein at the same time, a few years ago? Specifically in Greensboro, NC or thereabouts. I cannot for the life of me remember exactly when, or what theater (you will, because you seem like you would). But we were both there, for both nights. I didn’t know who you were, but we were both there.

I liked Jonny Lee Miller as the Monster better.

I hope I find you.

To that really cute girl in kings dominion (Richmond)

To that really cute girl I saw in Kings dominion in a group of 3 or 4 other girls, saw u in the beginning of the day behind u in line and at the end of the day on the bench near intimidator. Hope you see this 🙂

Auto Detailer and Gutter cleaner (Walmsley)

Hey man you changed your number. You used to come by and take care of the car and clean the gutters when needed. You were young, energetic, talkative and liked to have fun. You had the chest tattoo. If you see this holla back.

Spirit airlines Beauty (Richmond)

Just wanted to let you know that you are one Beautiful lady. Saw you on the trip down and on the way back as well 🙂

Aldi Colonial heights (Colonial heights)

Beautiful lady at Aldi’s today. We exchanged a few glances but I was too rushed to stop and talk. If you see this, give me a line.

Failure Celebration (Richmond)

Sometimes the small failures in life add up to be one big cluster mess. Other times they slide by only affecting one or two folks on your social circle. This is for all the times I misconnected with you.

Notifications clog my mind like a cork stopping a fine bottle of Rose.
Alerts, Text, Emails and Calendar events start and end my day.
Organization is always the end goal,
and being on the same page is what I am told.
Calendar lines of blue, red, green, purple, orange and brown
Seem like a like a Subway map to get you cross town.
Dates and times are are one click away.
The woods are calling and so I must say,
My 5 year planner will keep me up to date.
But even still you wont know my fate.
So learning our calendar and replying to invitations,
Will not only improve our joy and libations.
I can see a day where paper will go
and the colors of the rainbow will show.
you all where I am and where I am going
and maybe you’ll even know when I am mowing.
Thanks for your patience and working with me.
Remember the days of my Env 3?
We will get this together, you’re one step ahead.
I am trying you see, don’t count me as dead.
Just know its not yall, its me.
and in the next calendar year maybe we will see
A beautiful beginning with Blue Skies and me.

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RVA Staff

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