Best Of VA Missed Connections June 19 – June 25

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If you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, take heart — you just might find it in the Missed Connections. We’ve got a bumper crop for you, from those seeking their only true love to those who really just need a shower.

This week’s column also produced the most relatable Missed Connection I’ve seen all year — the person who thought the guy checking them out might be doing so because they’re ugly. I know the feel, friend.

But I don’t know why anyone would be looking for the stranger who offered them a ride in the middle of the night. Maybe I’ve seen too many horror movies, but if it were me, I’d just be glad I got away.

Anyway, it’s another hot week, so get your showers lined up now, Virginia, and keep on looking for love!

Super hot today .. I need a shower today (Glen Allen) 

This has been a super hot day.. I need a nice hot shower.. my shower is still not working. If you can help out that would be great. Must have a towel also. Email me ASAP!!! I’m a white male 33 

You can watch I don’t care.. lol 

Trying to Reconnect – my only True Love – KC (Cape Story) 

Searching for my only true love n best friend ever (Cape Story)

If you have any compassion, help me find and reconnect with the Only True Love in my 63 years….. Blonde Beach girl, intelligent, totally amazing

To borrow a line – ” She had me before hello”

Best morning ever at Starbucks, 7.5 years ago

Leaning out of the car outside the Altria (Richmond) 

Thanks for the smile. Who the heck are you? 

Chic that vapes (Richmond/Chesterfield) 

Looking for a woman that vapes in the local area, just to have that in common to help get things going with a shared interest.

Cute guy at Babes last night (Carytown) 

On Friday night, I saw you dancing at Babes and we made eye contact a few times. You were wearing a baseball hat on backwards and had on a light blue button up shirt with short sleeves. I was the super sweaty guy in the floral shirt and khaki shorts who got really into Back That Azz Up yet was feeling too shy at the time to say hi. 

Now I’m hungover and regret not trying to talk or dance with you. You were real cute.

Midlo Walmart 

I’ve seen you a few times around Midlothian and Chesterfield in general. Nice truck and love the cowboy hat. You’re not too tall, but I’m short, so everyone seems tall. Dark hair, couldn’t tell eye color as I’ve never gotten close enough. If you may be that guy who has noticed a lady looking your way and you are not attached, it would be nice to talk and see if we have similar interests🙋‍♀️🤠👩‍🌾🐾🌳🌻🍉🌽🏖🏡🚜🛶

Wawa trish (Petersburg) 

I’ve noticed you for a long time. sometimes I wear a cowboy hat . you used to work at the colonial heights one . You’re so beautiful

Handsome guy shopping in Whole Foods short pump 

Very handsome guy shopping in Whole Foods produce section Friday around 6:30pm. We both looked at each other and smiled. I would have Loved to spark a conversation because I’ve been hoping to meet mr right in the vegetable isle lol. If you read this email me with what you where wearing. I thought you were very good looking

space, cowboy (the fan) 

if u come back and squeeze my hand 3 more times i promise i won’t ask the difficult questions. i would plant roots if it meant i could just come home to u and hear u sing that song we like. at long last, we won’t be alone. this is still for me.

You were in an Estate sale (Richmond) 

we both were in the same Estate sale, you in your 50’s , tall man , nice looking? I am in my late 30’s .. we had eye contacts couple of times, and exchanged little smile also. I would love to see you.

Rose, the waitress at O Charley’s in chester 

Rose you waited on me a while back. Could not wait for you to come back and ask if I needed anything else. Yes I did. I wish I would have asked for your number. Hope you see this and get back to me

Waitres name Rose that works at o’charlys in Chester 

Rose, you waited on me a while back and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. I couldn’t wait for you to come back around and ask if there was anything else I needed. I so wanted to tell you yes yes. I want your number….LOL. I WISH I WOULD HAVE ASKED…….

Electric(?) worker getting coffee with coworker. (M) (Henrico) 

You pulled into Dunkin’ in a white work truck with a powered ladder on it. You were very friendly to a point I thought you were into me. I rang you up. If this is you, and you were interested, let me know. This was on or around June 18-20

Sexy Country Cutie 

Couldn’t help but check you out when you jumped out of your truck. Sexy little sundress and baseball hat with a killer smile! You made my day!

Goochland dunkin dunuts (Goochland) 

Very attractive black/mixed guy working the drive through Saturday morning. Haven’t seen you there before, but would love to know more about you.

Gray truck on gaskins (River road) 


10:15 Sunday were driving a gray truck on gaskins road..

I turned left onto river road and you kept going straight on gaskins. We both looked twice. Were you interested in meeting?

woman in pink dress (Richmond) 

You was grocery shopping at Walmart on midlothian turnpike. You had a full length hot pink dress on. You had a blue kids pool in your cart. Would like to meet you. You had beautiful eyes and smile.

Pizza Hut guy (Lynnhaven) 

I see you’ve been looking at me lately when I go on my walks…am I ugly or an enigma? LOL

You offered me a ride yesterday around 4 sometime (Hampton roads) 

I was walking with a big bag In my hand in Suffolk yesterday Im a a bIgger female , you were kind enough to pull over and offer me a ride , but I was close to my house , I must admit you were very attractive …if you see this I just wanted to say hi and thank you again ☺️

You offered me a ride in the wee hours (Virginia Beach)

I saw you for a split second in the store… 

Leaving you offered me a ride. What did you buy and where were we? It was in the wee hours of the morning…

Blonde walking at Quantico 

We smiled at each other, then kept smiling at each other, then smiled even more when we both looked back and realized both of us were still looking and smiling! I was somewhat embarrassed to get caught looking back at you, but at the same time flattered that you were still looking my way as well.

You looked beautiful and I would love to hear from you. Give me some detail so I know it’s you, and let’s talk. 

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