Best of VA Missed Connections June 5 – June 11

by | Jun 11, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

This summer is getting rolling, and things are heating up in the Missed Connections this week. Unfortunately, things don’t always go smoothly — which is why people end up here in the first place.

This week, we’ve got someone who appears to be looking for a dungeon master — in the role-playing game sense, that is. Which still sounds dirty, now that I think about it. There are also people trying to meet the girl of their American Dreams by chatting with customer service representatives about their favorite fantasy films.

Also, the plot of a 90s one-hit wonder by Geggy Tah plays out in one of our favorite missed connections this week — but chances are if you’re under 35, you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about.

Make moves, Virginia.

Tats on Cherry St. (OH)

Tattooed, handsome man walks by my house in the mornings – curious? SWM is !

We rode the elevator together (Richmond)

You had a pup and a pretty cool leg tattoo. Tell me what it was so I know it’s actually you.

Dog barked at you (Richmond)

Hi, black shirt with hat, sorry my dog barked when she was startled as you turned the corner. You seem like a dog person and I would have let you say hi to her!

Flag Stop girl with DU shirt (Parham)

Cleaning next to you and might have been caught checking you out. But, call me crazy, you were doing the same. Except with an expressionless serial killer stare. I mean. I’m into it so it’s all cool. But a little bit of a mixed msg. Anyway, I like your clean and tidy ways. Shoot me a msg if you are interested.. Even if you are a serial killer 😉

Beautiful blonde in the dark green mustang

You literally took my breath away looking like an angel with your blonde halo of hair and beautiful face. I pulled in beside you in the parking lot at Outback, watched as you got out and confidently strolled thru the restaurant, completely unaware of the other men that were eyeing your beauty. You must’ve been on a date, the gentleman with you looked so nervous. I don’t blame him. Women like you are rare here. I could kick myself for not asking you for your number. Your license plate says you’re not from VA and I highly doubt a woman of your caliber would ever look on here. But if you see this and would like to get to know each other, reply with what state you are from.

❤️warm (Hull & commonwealth centre)

You were so beautiful.

Dragon (DM) (Dinwiddie)

I wrote you a letter…. msg me if you want it.

Lowes cahsier- D (Mechanicsville)

You are incredibly beautiful and always so cheery. LOVE your eyes and would love to make your acquaintance outside of work. I am the generous type.

If you think this is for you and think you know who I am (since I always come to your register) let me know what I bought last night (Monday 6/3)

Or, provide your real name to prove you’re real

Guy at Chesterfield Mall (Midlothian)

To the dude shopping at Chesterfield Mall. I saw you in Pacsun and then H&M Men. I was a bit shorter, messy bed head look, in navy shorts and dirty white hightop converse. Anyways, something intrigued me…maybe your good looks and athletic build. I stole a couple looks but it was hard to tell if you’re bi/gay so I kept to myself. Hmu if you want, I like your style.

Virginia credit union. Hobbit.

This is a long shot. But I called Virginia credit union and We talked about the hobbit and credit. And also the American Dream. If you do see this, I think your name was Hannah, well. Idk.

Pleated Khakis (RVA)

I see you downtown, in your pleated khakis and tucked in polos. Hair trying to hang on just like your 90’s style. Got a great build and kind smile. Always a pleasure to smile back at you. Say hello sometime – never know what might happen 😉

Lady at stop light who let me cross over (Henrico)

I couldn’t merge over, and while we were at the stop light you let me come into your lane and pass you. You were in the right turn lane. We made eye contact twice and you gestured that you’d let me switch lanes and make my turn while we were at the light.

You had dark hair, wore sunglasses, and drove a car that could be described as gold or bronze or cream colored. I was the guy in the black car with the short beard. This was somewhere near Skipwith Road, but I forgot what street exactly. Just in that area.

Firstly, thank you for helping me. Secondly, You’re such a nice woman, please keep being so nice and cool.

If you want to meet up, feel free to reach out to me. If not, that’s fine, I understand.

Girl from DMV, GET TO WORK (Midlothian)

I saw you at the DMV, You were shirt with dark hair. You were supposed to be at work at taco bell but told them you were stuck in the DMV. I was pretty pissed I didn’t give you my number and I have no other way to find out who you are

McDonald’s drive thru Sat morning (Powhatan)

It is Sat morning and I can through drive thru for breakfast. Your name is Theresa (I believe, hard to see name tag) but you were super sweet and cute with a tattoo on your neck. I told you about an issue I had at drive thru and you beamed that smile and I couldn’t help but turn red and smile back. So, what was my issue I told you about that morning? What kind of car was I driving?

Really hope to hear from you.

Hull St. KFC, Sunday June 9 5:30pm, Ginger Bodybuilder (Hull Street)

You, tall male ginger bodybuilder, red shirt and tan boots/shoes, were waiting for your order. We glanced at each other a couple of times – let me know if you’d like to exchange glances again. Thanks

Lady at Lowe’s Tappahannock Parking Lot (Tappahannock)

Hello to the good looking lady that was standing in the Lowe’s parking lot in Tappahannock on Sunday afternoon. I drove by and we made eye contact twice and smiled. If you by chance see my ad please message me and let’s talk. Thanks.

woman from colanna’s shipyard at kroger (vb)

Talked to you at the entrance to Kroger at Kempsville. We spoke about DoD work and a few other things. You’re very cute. Very huggable. Wish I could have got your name or email address or something. I think you’re very pretty 🙂

Wegmans helping hands (Fredericksburg)

I see you often at Wegmans and we have exchanged hello’s in the past. You are usually smiling. You are tall with blond hair. There is something about you that intrigues me and and I am always left wondering what you are thinking behind that smile. Would love to connect.

Tractor supply show (Pantops)


That was too good to be true.

Anyone else see her or know how to get in touch? Hottest thing I ever saw in public

Power … (Richmond, VA)

of voice … it never fails to make me smile.







Gorgeous woman in full piece white bathing suit (Wyndham)

I saw you two times today close 5 PM walking with a girlfriend from the pool to your apartment. I was in a car waiting for you to pass so I could check you out ( just being honest) as gorgeous as you were always hard to resist and about 10 minutes later saw you walking back to the pool. We both live in the same complex and thought we could get to know each other

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