Best Of VA Missed Connections May 22 – May 28

by | May 28, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

It’s really hot this week, y’all. I’m talking about the temperatures outside, but I could also be talking about the Missed Conections. Now that we’re past Memorial Day weekend, I think we can all agree that it’s officially summer in Virginia, and you can tell from this week’s crop of anonymous internet flirtations.

For example, we’ve got a Tidewater resident hunting for a nanny who brought her kids to the beach. They’re offering a 5 star dinner as a reward just for information on this lady, so imagine how baller the actual date’s gonna be! Then there’s the woman who was barefoot at work — which may be a good way to attract attention from potential suitors, but the last I checked, it was still “no shirts, no shoes, no service.”

Some people out there are missing their college days, while others plot to run away and join the circus. And of course we’ve got a death metal fan looking for headbanging love and plenty of grocery-store flirts. Imagine the possibilities.

Beat the heat this week, Virginia.

Today at VCU

I just wanted to say that I had to walk through the VCU campus today and good God!! Wow!!

I’m an older white guy, almost 40, and wow!

One can only dream.

Adorable cashier (Fresh Market, Carytown)

You were really friendly and complimented my t-shirt. Could not stop checking out your curls and round ass…

Would love to get a coffee sometime

Curly Haired Cutey at Food Lion (Janke Road)

You were in line behind me and we were talking about the weather.

Really didn’t know how to ask for your # but thought you were super cute! Let me know if you want to grab a beer.

Blue eyed Cutie (Food Lion Montpelier)

To the cute lady wearing a skull t-shirt and white converse….your laugh and piercing blue eyes paralyzed me. You were there around 3:30 on Friday….tell me what you helped me find so I know it’s you. If this does not work I just have to hope to see you there again.

I looked into your ignorant soul and screamed

You fuckin racist

blue lunchbox on Cherry St.

You used to walk by in the morning, say hi on your way to VCU. When you gonna come see me?

711 (Chester)

I was at the 7-Eleven Tuesday night and you accidentally got into the wrong car you were a nice looking blonde and you got into my car I would like to know who you are.

Guy at River Rock (Downtown)

Had a brief conversation with you at River Rock on Brown’s Island. Seemed like a good vibe and like you wanted to take it further. I’m a white guy, you are also, similar build. Shoot me a reply if interested in talking more.

Black dress colorful jacket silver suv (Sliding hill gas station)

You were absolutely captivating when you walked up to the drink machine . I damn near dropped my cup.

You walked out just after me and as you were walking to your car I waved. Should have tried to say something but it looked like you were on your way to work, I did not want to make you late.

If this is you message me With the make of your SUV and tell me what the design was on your jacket so I know it’s you. Would love to get lunch or dinner sometime.

Fatboy’s (Carrollton, Va)

You had that cowgirl hat on and the way those shorts accentuated your walk made my heart go boom boom. If you’d like to chat and feel my heart go boom boom let me know. You’ve seen me back to back.

You were barefoot at work (Work)

Came into your work this evening and got lucky enough for you to help me you’re so cute let’s go out sometime put in the message where you work at

Sandston hottie (Sandston)

I saw you get out of an older silver honda van today on defense Ave in Sandston. You had a wife beater and gym shorts on. Nice tan too. Buzz cut. I watched as you met some guy and went in the house. Not sure if you were fixing something but I saw you carry a bucket in.

Contact me. I want to talk to you.

Black Kia Soul (Powhite`)

To the lady in the black Kia Soul driving toward Chesterfield on

Powhite that looked at me while passing me then again. I would like to get to know you. Tell me what kinda vehicle I was driving so I know it’s you.

Nanny, Monster truck, help me Richmonians! (Virginia Beach)

OK, people of Richmond! I met this totally hot and sweet woman (nanny) in VA Beach last weekend. She lives in Richmond. We spoke for 20 minutes and like a dufuss, I didn’t pursue (for whatever reasons… I don’t know) and I have regretted it ever since. I know she has a a fun-loving young daughter about 9 years old. Oh, oh, did I mention she has big ones and is around 42 years old. I don’t know her situation and would like to know. Help me with this. I will take you to a 5 star restaurant!

Room 221 (Henrico, Virginia)

Wish I had taken the time I had to get to know you. Going to miss those gorgeous blue eyes and southern accent. Here’s to hoping you actually see this. I was on the floor below you. If this is you, what motel were we both staying at?


Hello you came up to me talking about leaving for a circus if this is you tell me what color dress you where wearing!

Any heavy metal / death metal fans? (Virginia beach)

There are not many of us death metal fans in general, but I’m looking for a girl for friendship that happens to be into the same music as I am. Would enjoy sharing music, listening and going to metal shows together.

Some of my favorite bands are: Whitechapel, Carnifex, Suicide Silence, Chelsea Grin, Aversions Crown, Fit For an Autopsy, Job For a Cowboy, Thy Art is Murder, Lamb of God, All Shall Perish, Lorna Shore, The Black Dahlia Murder, Winds of Plague, and others.

About me- I consider myself a fairly attractive, clean cut white guy. Professional type appearance but with tattoos. (If any of that matters.)

Just looking to meet a cool girl with the same taste in music. So if any of this sounds good, reach out…..

Older guy with gray beard (Chesterfield, VA)

Hopefully you see this.

I ran into you again last night. You were the older guy with a gray beard and I lost your contact info.

You are around 5’8” and probably weigh between 210 and 240. I’m the younger guy who you said you wanted to get to know a little better. Hit me back if you read this anytime soon.

You never look at me anymore (Richmond)

I used to always feel you looking at me whenever you were nearby. Not anymore. Are you no longer interested?

Cute hardee’s girl (West hundred rd.)

Had went inside to get my order fixed. You were up at the front counter staying cool in front of a fan and man did I think you were extremely cute. I would have told you but I’m a bit on the shy side, so if you happen to read this and wanna go out for a bite or whatever hit me up. Your name starts with an S if that helps.

2 the dorky ladies who found Chernobyl intriguing and disturbing (Va beach)

So I’m a 32 year old dork looking for another dork who was super happy it was Monday yesterday so they could watch chernobyl and see what they thought about it

Target Missed Connection (Virginia Beach)

You worked at Target, your initials were JQ. It’s been a few years since I left. Never knew if you were in a relationship or not. You probably don’t work there anymore. I always thought you were really pretty, guess I should have made more conversation.

Beautiful ts woman at Target (Central Park)

We passed each other a few times today and I felt there was a connection. You looked so cute! You were white wearing all black with your hair pulled back. Tell me something about me so I know it’s you. Look forward to hearing from you. It would be amazing to spend some time together

7-11 Seven Pines (Sandston)

You came in as I was coming out of the isle. We almost collided. You said excuse me and after you passed you looked back and smiled at me. I smiled back. You were getting gas on pump 5 and had 2 prices of pepperoni pizza to go. I thought you were cute.

I hope you see this and reply.

Childrens museum for Kindergarden intro

Saw you with your son in the store area, we smiled at each other like to say hello. My daughter brought you a plate of yogurt, then you you attempted to bring her a plate of pie & milk, but she escaped us. Then we left at the same time, you had a silver journey, me a silver durango. You looked a bit down, just seemed like you would like some adult conversation, maybe more. I have more details if this isnt enough.

Box lunch employee (Towne center)

I stepped into the store about half an hour before closing to kill some time while waiting for my five guys order. You were sweeping the floor. I thought you looked incredible. Would love to get to know you.

Once around the fountain. (Newport News)

A few years ago… we met, got a coffee, and walked around the fountain.

You told me about your interest in cameras, photography, and that guy named Navin.

We hit up El Tapatio then said our goodbyes.

I got really nervous with you towards the end… maybe enough to spook you?

Well. I was in a situation at the time. That might be a better explanation.

Maybe you’d like to meet again? Part of me hopes that you’re a sort like me… looking through these and wondering if it’s about you. I think I’ve provided enough hints.

Reply with something I told you about me.

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