Best Of VA Missed Connections November 6 – November 12

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We voted last week here in Virginia and this seems to have had an effect on the Missed Connections this week. So if you worked at the polls last Tuesday and found yourself eyeing a handsome young voter, then you just might have a post waiting for you below.

We’ve also got flexible dead ringers for Drew Barrymore, lusty UberEats drivers, and plenty of Kroger shoppers keeping the larder stocked with love. And hey, if you’re Connie who drives the BMW and shops at the Food Lion, it seems you’ve got your own little fan club going this week. Make these men some meatloaf already!

But hey, if you’re going to use a 50-cent word in your Craigslist ad, we just want to warn you to look it up first. Because let me tell you, it’s doubtful anyone’s dress is particularly famished (which means hungry), no matter what color it is.

Get those dictionaries out, Virginia.

My crazy straight friend (Henrico)

He alway wore a shirt that said I’m not gay but 20 bucks is 20 bucks. Lol

Cute Brunette Election Worker (New City Fellowship Polls) (City of Fredericksburg)

I came in to polls at about 6:30 P.M., wearing heavy gray coat, had a mustache and goatee. You had pink nails and black nylons. Your name was Exim? You told me but I’m not sure how to spell it.

You’re a good looking gal. Didn’t get chance to go back and talk – drinks sometime on me? I live just around the corner.

Ms. Fancy Pants

You used to call me that. I have missed hearing that this past year.

I hate the way things ended between us. But i guess when one person wants to be in a committed relationship and the other doesn’t, it’ll never work. Just wish I hadn’t of fallen in love with you. (you never knew that part)

Even thou we met here, I’m sure you don’t look at this anymore. I just needed to vent.

Uptown Wednesday (Chesterfield)

Drew Barrymore look alike

You are pretty flexible and I bought you a drink. You are gorgeous and easy to talk to. Your name was Kara? Cara? Tara?

Parked next to you at WAWA (Hull street)

To the beautiful woman who pulled up next to me at wawa , we exchanged eye contact and you smiled , I wanted to say something to you but I was too shy. You had Tennessee plates. I know this is a long shot but if you see this I would love to buy you a drink or hang out. What was I wearing so I know it’s you.

BMW driving Connie (Midlothian)

Friday night 6ish at the Midlothian Blvd. Food Lion near Salisbury. You were going home to make meatloaf, I gave you few tips. Wish I had offered more. We talked about Jazz Fest, you did that in New Orleans. You driving a black BMW. I would love to have more conversation

Connie at Salisbury Food Lion (Salisbury/Old Buckingham)

You were making meatloaf, tired of chicken. I don’t cook at home because I do that all day long. You driving a black BMW, smoldering, beautiful eyes. I offered to cook for you, that offer is open anytime. You really woke me up.


Gordonsville Food Lion (Gordonsville)

Saw you today in the soup isle, I bumped into some and they fell, I apologized, you said it was all good.

If you see this, hmu


Beauty at Kroger (Brandermill)

To the absolutely beautiful woman I saw at Kroger today around 5pm. We shared looks and smiles. I was in a bit of a rush, so I couldn’t stop and say anything. I know this is a long shot, but hoping you see this and we can get in touch.

Older white man at Kroger (Broad street)

We were both in Kroger around 10:40 this morning and we kept running into each other. Every time you would look and smile. I was the girl in the yellow sweater, hoodie, and patterned leggings who looked like I just woke up. If you see this and still thought I was cute, hit me up 😂

Kroger Rio Hill

You were at Kroger 11/5 long black hair Levi jeans driving a Nissan. looking amazing!! If you think this was you and your not attached get back to me.

Dick’s Sporting Goods parking lot (Charlottesville)

You were at Dick’s a long while back. We chatted, looked but didn’t find what either of us wanted to buy. Walked out together and had a nice conversation in the parking lot. I wish we’d exchanged contact info, but we didn’t. I know it’s a slim chance you’ll see this, but if you do and remember me get in touch.

Alex B, off Coalfield (Midlothian)

Wow… All i can say is you are AMAZINGLY gorgeous!! I delivered you food last week, and I could barely speak when you opened the door! Wish I could’ve said something at the time… doubt you’ll see this but had to try. Tell me what you were wearing when you came to the door, or what food you ordered so I know it’s you!!

Milli Coffee Roasters (Charlottesville)

I wish I had an opportunity to speak with you today. I would have asked for you number. You are a beautiful asian female. And you were not alone.

Blues Traveler concert 11/6/19 front left stage (Richmond)

Looking for Nicole, you were next to me on the left at The National in Richmond, on the left front part right next to the stage. We clicked very well, and I regret not getting your number. I hope we can reconnect

Looking for Justin (Yorktown Virginia)

We met about 5 or 6 years ago. Your name is Justin and you lived with your family in Yorktown, when we first started to talking you were still in high school and when you graduated you wanted to study fashion. I found you at a Pier Party one summer and ran into you at some of clubs around Tidewater. We chatted for a few years. I had your phone number but it was changed. I the main reason for the message is just to see if you are okay. You were a friend so if you see this, please let me know.


Walking partner (Patrick Henry Mall)

I am a retired man and am looking for a partner to do morning mall walking. Exercise is important. Use it or lose it.

Married dad talking to student (Charlottesville)

We chatted at Miller’s and I know you wanted more, and I would definitely give it to you. Tell me what you were wearing and let’s get together.

Bath and body works (White oak)

I wanted to apologize to the cashier for starring to hard. I have never seen someone has gorgeous as you and couldn’t help but stare. I won’t put your name out there but it started with a R. This was yesterday around 4:45-5.

Woman working at the YMCA (Ridgefield)

You are the woman with the dark hair, you were working on the computer yesterday, November 10th, at about 10:30. I offered to help…. You’re gorgeous. Maybe we can meet?

Truck driver at Flatrock (Powhatan)

Truck driver picking up a shed thank it read a miller trucking or transport heading east on rt 60 I pulled over so you could get by we both smiled and waved at one another I was hopeing you would have stopped and chatted if you see this I know it’s a long shot what color car was I driving ,thanks if you see this add and hit me back.

Costco on Glenrock Rd. – f/m (Norfolk)

You were in front of me at Costco – buying only one thing – Crest teeth whitener. We exchanged a few words. So… let’s chat a bit more. If you have snap or qwikmeet tell me your handle.

Woman getting coffee at 7-11 Ridge Rd.

You made my day with your smile-so much that I needed to leave. Thank You-That is all

Jessica at 7-11 (By Germanna)

You are astonishingly beautiful. I come in there at least twice a week and would like to get to know you, if you’re single. I’m Tommy and a white male.

Cute guy at the Home Depot (W. Broad st.)

To the cute middle aged guy in the jeans and sweater with black hair, we were walking out the door near each other. Tell me what you were looking at when I first saw you. I hope you see this and respond. If you’re on okhookup tell me what name you go by.

History (Glen Allen)

M4F you came into my room. We talked about some commonalities. Loved our convo, your smile and eyes, and our hand shake.

Prove to me that you know who this is…. 🤔

Crackerbarral (East Richmond)

cute guy in mens room asked me about my watch. HMU

Anna …Gamestop (Cosners Corner)

I’ve come in there a few times to get rid of some games and you’ve helped me once or twice. I’m a mild gamer, nothing too hard but I just wanted you to know that I think you are astonishingly beautiful and I wouldn’t mind talking/getting to know you. I hope to hear from you.

To the beautiful blk woman that came thru the drive thru (Richmond)

Hello, I hope you get to see this you drive a grey odyssey Honda van and we flirted with each other today. Told you I would make you do something. And you said you needed to do it badly (lol) if you think this is you . Tell me what we talked about and exactly where I work. Would love to make it come true

Beautiful blond broad street verizion (Henrico)

Today around 2:50 to 3:00 pm you a beautiful blond, wearing a famished brown dress came into verizon. We made eye contact quite a few times. Me: I was standing at a counter near the accessories. Had glasses on. Prove it’s you and tell me what color or kind of shirt & or pants I was wearing. Should have spoken to you as I didn’t see a ring, but I had to go. You are very attractive.

Stopped by for a class

I stopped by for a class. You had short blonde hair, were wearing grey “pink” coat and had on black pants. We exchanged a few what seemed to be interested looks at each other. If this is you and you’re interested, comment back with what I was doing and what I look like.

Cosner Park Playground

You were at the playground today with a young boy & two smaller girls. There was a party at the community center but you weren’t a part of it. You drove a silver 4 door car, had on slim fit addidas bottoms & flip flops. You were sexy AF!!!!! When I walked out you ran out in front of me to get your son & said sorry. I’d love to chat with you, see where things go, if you know who I am then describe me…….

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