Best Of VA Missed Connections October 16 – October 22

by | Oct 22, 2019 | RICHMOND NEWS, WTF?!

Welcome to Missed Connections, where flirting always seems to equal awkwardness. But we all want to find companionship and happiness — so sometimes there’s no choice but to keep the awkwardness going. If you are prepared to deal with a little bumbling in pursuit of true love, maybe the Missed Connections will work out for you!

This week, we’ve got at least one Missed Connection that seems like it was published before the poster had a chance to finish their thought — where were you going with that hair dye story? We’ve also got plenty of fall themes; warm drinks, pumpkin patches, and Halloween parties. And at least one of our winners this week sure sounds like a sugar daddy who’s ready to spread the wealth — even if you’re wearing sweatpants. Eep.

Now that the temperatures are dropping, people aren’t out and about quite as much, but this week’s Missed Connections demonstrates that the bigtime cold-weather meeting spot is gonna be the to-go counter. Whether you’re waiting for a pizza, coffee, or a McRib (it’s back!), you might just find love before your food arrives. So don’t rely on UberEats too much, lest you end up nesting alone all winter.

Stay warm, Virginia.

You picked up your car today (Mechanicsville)

Maybe a long shot, but… you picked up your car today and admitted to flirting awkwardly. Maybe we can keep the awkwardness going?

pink and blue (richmond, VA)

I’m naturally a brunette, but lately I’ve been having fun dying my hair funky colors such as purple, pink and blue

What I miss (Chesapeake)

What I miss—
Your smile. It lit up every time we met.
Your hair. The way it fell in front of your eyes when you spoke to me. Even though it changed colors each time I saw you 🙂
Your laugh. It was intoxicating.
Your voice. It was mesmerizing as I listened to every word you said.
Your determination. You always tried your best even when things didn’t go your way.
And I miss knowing you were mine… and I miss knowing I was YOURS even more.

Michigan Ciara at Aroma’s (Williamsburg)

We met waiting for your hot apple cider and my Mocha at 2:00 pm at Aroma’s. It was such a delight to speak to you and share interests. I walked over to food counter, and then watched you say goodbye and you walked out the door. My heart sank, and I moved quickly to the door only to find a empty street. A rare chance to meet a soul mate occurs when we least expect it and sometimes an imbalance of time alters the outcome. I would love to turn back time to the beverage counter and I never left it until I had asked you to have lunch with me. I am very sorry I missed that opportunity. Will you give me a second chance?

Snead pumpkin patch saturday

I was waiting for grandson to finish swing in barn upstairs and was leaning against concrete silo. You pretty female looked very unhappy. Had a wagon with 5 or 6 pumpkins in it and you were sitting on bench. You locked onto me once and thats what made me do this ad. What color hat and hoodie was I wesring? I can help you out

Remember camp? (Richmond)

We worked together a couple of summers at a camp so long ago in NC. We were the only two black males. I was so lost back then, low confidence, didn’t know how to communicate. But I was always at least infatuated. I thought you were good looking, intelligent, and had the best calves. I’m sure you are a great teacher nowadays.

I’ll be in your town next week on business and will ask you if you want to have a no pressure meal and drink. It would be great to just catch up. But it’s been a long time and I’m still curious, wondering if maybe you felt the same way?

If you should see this, please reach out. No pressure and no awkwardness, I promise.

Waiting on pizza

Had a conversation with you at chase rice while waiting for pizza. Thought you were beautiful and wanted to continue ….

Younger tall white guy waiting for your food at McDonald’s (Mechanicsville)

You were a younger tall slim white guy waiting for your food in McDonald’s in Mechanicsville .. I thought you were really cute….hmu if you see this

Saw you at wal mart

Saw you at wal mart on sheila lane yesterday oct17. You were a blondish red head white coat. Looking for a hemi cable in the electronics section I believe. Thought you were gorgeous. I was at the talking at the desk. Wish I would have a chance to chat with you. You probably wont see this but if you do I’d love to get to know you.

Walmart Market (Waynesboro)

You are tall and had an Acadia National Park t-shirt on today at the Walmart Market in Waynesboro. We made eye contact while I waited for a white pickup to pass so I could leave my parking space. I should have asked if you were single. Want to grab a beer?

Whole Food Brunette (West End)

I introduced myself to you after you checked out. You know who you are! I still would love to have a drink with you.

You are beautiful!!

you = pretty young Asian woman in Boychix Monday afternoon (Short Pump)

I know this is almost impossible – but Im trying to reach a very attractive young Asian woman who had a late lunch in Boychix Monday afternoon Oct 14

You were with a group of 8 or 10 people . . . . . wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants, yet still looked great ! I was sitting alone, and you walked by and smiled at me twice. I would LOVE to hire you for part time work in real estate, or just hang out for fun and take you shopping !!

If you happen to see this, please contact me – THANKS

Met you at a Halloween Party Tonight 10/19 (CHARLOTTESVILLE)

I met you tonight at a Halloween party thrown by Parks and Rec. I was standing along the wall watching my brother and we met and talked at length. You were a beautiful Asian girl that goes to UVA. What costume were you wearing? If you can answer that I’ll know it’s really you. I wish I got your number because I didn’t want to leave you.

White Jetta tsi (Mechanicsville)

You were wearing a beautiful black dress today. I run into you every once in a while and I never have the chance to say you’re sexy.

Aflac girl at Goodwill (Chesapeake)

I can’t stop thinking about you. Crazy beautiful.

Remember it’s heaven in the shoe department.

Let’s meet sometime.

Thrift store laughs

You bought a funny item and everyone got a laugh. I liked your sense of humor and you seemed fun. Coffee?

CD missed meeting at thrift store (Chesapeake)

You were the older gentleman, i think in his 60’s, that said will go with me to thrift store since i am shy to pick some feminine clothing, you said you have experience in picking clothes for a man, i am the mature man that only cross dresses indoors since do not pass, hope you see this ad and call again for a meeting at thrift store, i can afford thrift store clothing not expensive stores.

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