Best Of VA Missed Connections October 2 – October 8

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There’s a chill in the air this week, but if you need to warm up, things are always hot and heavy in the Missed Connections. We’ve got some pretty zany highlights this time around, but the wackiest of them all might be the couple who wants to test drive a sleeper-cab semi truck by getting down to business in the bunk. Either lot lizards have to get really creative to advertise these days, or that truck is never moving another inch once these two park it behind their house.

If you’re hunting for cheese or salt n’ pepper in the aisles of your favorite grocery store, someone might just be looking for you this week. Of course, there’s always interest in purple-haired rockabilly girls — even if they do smoke (bleh), but the desire to steal the innocence of a lady who’s pretty in pink is one we haven’t heard since the days of Molly Ringwald.

Finally, this week brings us the answer to a question we’ve never thought to ask: What if that Bouncing Souls song “I Like Your Mom” was actually being sung to a black lab? Does that make it more or less weird?

These are the quotes from our favorite 80s movies, Virginia.

Mixed Homeless Heath Ledger (Rite Aid on Broad)

If you followed me home I would keep you.

Delightful conversation (VB)

Ms. Emily, just a note of thanks for the very pleasant and delightful conversation we had over a very “interesting” subject. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such an enjoyable interlude in my daily teaching routine.

Your charm, poise and outgoing personality mark you as a lady, and I mean that in every construct of the word, who will go far in life and who will bring warmth and happiness to all whom you meet along the way.

My best to you always.

Kroger Willow Lawn, salt-n-peppa (West End)

Slim with close-cropped salt & pepper hair, 4 p.m., you kept looking to see if I was still smiling at you ; ) What color was my hair? Gosh you’re handsome. Coffee? M 4 M.

Everytime you hear Britney Spears you think of me…

Dear JMG

I feel ridiculous writing this, and I’m sure you will never see it. I loved you when I was 16, and I loved you again when I was 24. You came home and I guess I wasn’t what you wanted. Since then we both got married, we both had babies. I’m now divorced and I assume you’re still happy and married. And I truly hope you are. I just want you to know I miss you and your friendship. You are an amazing man and I pray one day when life moves on wed be able to speak again. You cross my mind very often. And every time I pass a blue blazer I smile. I always have missed you, and always will.


Purple hair rt3 (Mathews)

You were driving a blue car, smoking a cig. wearing a bandana in your purple hair. Wasn’t sure if you were going for a rockabilly vibe but it seemed like it and I need more people in my life with similar interests.

Couple wants to checkout your sleep cab (Dublin Hotel)

Hey, so we are still here at our hotel. Last night flopped, so me and my gf still want to check out a sleeper cab before we buy one. Any truckers staying close to Walmart in Dublin? Maybe at the truck stop across the street? Will need to try different positions to make sure it fits all her needs. Hit us up with a pic of the stick shift and I may send her to get a feel for the gears. Of course I’ll send a pic or two so you can see her coming. She’ll let you know what she likes about the sleeper cab so show her everything. Ready NOW.

P.S. We’ll consider going over the details in our hotel room, if all else fails and you’re not an asshole. Thanks in advance

A Passing Moment (Winchester)

You had a high heel mishap while entering the country store saturday evening. We had a passing moment outside as you recovered from your stumble. Wanted to chat but circumstances were not favorable. If you reply, tell me the type and color vehicle you were driving.

Gallery 5 Greg (Richmond)

We talked a bit, you complimented me and very gently took and kissed my hand. I was preoccupied looking for my friend, but wanted to talk more, shall we?

Where can my Baby be? (Bon Air)

Where can my GG be? We just drifted apart, but I’d give anything to reconnect with my turtle fan. It was my fault. Would really love to catch up. My kingdom for a chance.

Gorgeous brunette

Fueling your truck at wawa. Tight jeans and a pink and black shirt. Your smile makes you even prettier. I’d like to see you again. Interested in a date? Tell me your truck tag

In search of help. (Lynchburg)

Older guy seeking woman 55+ for help with a project I have in the works.
Details on request.

Missed you in the cheese section today.

Food Lion Westover Dr today. The dairy section by the cheese. I said to you that I hope you don’t think I’m following you. You had on pretty much all black with a black tshirt that said “Comcast Cares”. Blond hair and a very nice body. Probably a shot in the dark but you never know.

Blonde with old black lab roseneath (Scott’s adittion)

You are the finest thing I have ever seen. I’m always driving by while your out there with your well behaved very old black lab would love to chat. I’ll be his new dad

Hand on hip (RM)

I loved the way you stand with your hand on your hip. Remember I called it sassy. Hit me up lady if you think this is you!

You are all I think of. (Carney’s Point)

I miss my husband and my baby girl. I am lost and desperately want to know if they are okay. Our anniversary is coming up and I want to be with you. If anyone knows Wayne please tell him his wife loves him.

Petite in pink in NFCU Providence rd (Kempsville)

You were in line Wednesday at the navy federal credit union on Providence Road. You were in line Wednesday at the navy federal credit union on Providence Road. You were petite, brunette, cute as hell and wearing a pink workout top and stretch pants. As I walked out I had my hands full and said hi, you smiled and said hi as if to say you want me to steal your innocence. I do too

The ‘fix me’ pixie (Va Beach)

I closed my social media where we used to talk but I’m sure you’ll find this too. Shoot me a reply so we can set something different up.

M4W Hillwell and Hanbury stoplight smiles (Chesapeake)

This is the longest shot ever, because I bet a woman of your caliber is taken, but I have to try. I was taking a left onto Hanbury and you were going straight on Hillwell around 3:45-3:55pm. We looked at each other and you smiled and started playing with your hair. I swear you were showing me you didn’t have a wedding or engagement ring by the way you did it. You were wearing a ring that looked like a flower or something colorful. If you stumble upon this please reply! Let me know what you were driving so I know it’s you. I remember the color, make, and model.

Joker movie afterwards talk AMC 18 (Virginia beach)

We sat next to each other and talked some after the movie getting out after midnight. You said DC couldn’t be as cool as Marvel for the after credits. Message me and let’s reconnect to see what we could be missing

You mouthed H E L L O (Crab Shack)

You (attractive caucasian female, with braids and blue eyes) walked by our table a number of times, and must have recognized me checking you out. Just prior to leaving, you walked by the table, turned your head towards me, and silently mouthed, what I believe to be H E L L O. It was a pleasantry, that I wish, could be more, such as your whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

Top Photo by Mr. Choppers, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia

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